Ethereal Paramour


The fabric of heaven weaves through my very self

A song is threading through my soul drawing me to wholeness

My spirit braided with body, mind and rapidly beating heart

Invisible fingers twine another within me, filling the vessel of self

Ripeness flushes my skin, my body afire for the cosmic lover


The one whose soul recognises the shape of my own

The one who can hear my song across the weave of time

The one who calls to me with need and desire equal to my own

The wholeness of self allows the connection to be made

Now awakened my spirit will not rest until I am his


words errant satiety Images ‘Underwater Girl’ by Jacob Sutton 

Claim Me


My skin, delicate as porcelain, punctuated by honeyed freckles, trembles at the touch of your hand. Rose flushed lips part in exhalation of desire, that sound unlike any other, part pleading, part exultation, communicating readiness and need. Need for that hand, your hand to claim me, marking my skin with your own leaving me breathless with gratitude and aching to serve you.


words errant satiety image courtesy of Sssssergiu on deviantART

When we meet again …


Sweet Desiree, such beauty in patience and desire …

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bare necessity

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When we meet again, this is how I crave to be.  Exposed to you, through and through.  I want to be vulnerable but as smooth as silk gliding along glass.  I want my curves to captivate you, tempt you and haunt you in the nights between our words. I want my lips to drip your name as my tongue worships your taste.  I want my hair to weave a spell around your hungry fingers, drawing your touch to my humid skin.  I want my eyes to pour moonshine over your flaming sword. I want my tears to quench all of your future fears.  I want my breasts to welcome you home after a voyage that has lasted two moons too long. I want to be your place of healing for the feverish dreams we often share. I want to be your symbol of infinity, of desire…

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