Sublime Surrender…

… has transformed


I am back breathless and more than a little astonished at where life’s journey takes us sometimes. I had an awful situation where the search engine blocker seems to have failed. I was relying on this function to protect my identity and shared a version of my recent tango post on another forum. Someone in my local tango community went looking for, well I am not really sure what they went looking for, and came up with a link to Sublime Surrender which they publicly posted in response to my non-anonymous post. This was on a forum with no moderation on comments. Basically they seem to have thought I had plagiarised but you can’t actually plagiarise yourself now can you? I removed their comment and let them know that the blog was mine and the words were also mine and a discussion went down where they were most curious as to why I did not wish to link these two forums. So I deleted my blog to protect my identity.


I have been feeling very hurt by this whole situation. Mostly because it felt as though this person, an acquaintance with shared interest and I thought friend, was attempting to publicly discredit me. This may have been the case but I am practicing forgiveness in a small town with a small tango population and will do my best to let go of ill feeling but maintain my guard. Lesson learned.


What have I learned? To be more careful and it’s ok to be assertive in response to protecting yourself but it is important to conduct yourself well. I don’t think in this case that my best face was shown so I will be working on mending fences and hold my head high in my tango world. Further; patience, an eye opener for one who thought she was patient (many thanks to my wordpress ‘inspirator’ – inventing a word here conspirator, inspiration you get me and know who you are Sir) but hey, I am a work in progress.


I have also found that I miss this wordpress community and that it is wonderful nourishment for my soul. Many of my new anonymous friends have been very supportive and I am feeling very grateful. I will be reposting many of my older posts and pick up from where I left off…

4 comments on “Sublime Surrender…

  1. dievca says:

    Hurrah! Welcome Back~ If life wasn’t challenging we would all be bored~

  2. marketplaceliveteam1 says:

    Thank you for posting! I had noticed an unusual number of Fetlife posts popping up on WordPress and I was beginning to wonder if rampant plagiarism was running out of control. I hate thieves. Just ask, oh … anyone. But now I see! There is just an unusually high correlation between K&P posts by people who also blog.

    Makes. Perfect. Sense.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is so important to acknowledge when work isn’t yours and give kudos to the original author. But with anonymous blogs and multiple forums… It still amazes me that someone who knows me would look to discredit me but hey like you said ‘I hate thieves’ me too and probably my ‘friend’ does as well. Sorry I have been so slow to respond to your comment, I can be a little shy sometimes.

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