The darkness threatens to swallow us whole, regardless of a luminous gaze. Even on the perfect day the angry heartlessness of the world hangs close with sharpened knife threatening to take it all, we have placed our bid high, perhaps overreached, the stakes are severe and we wait… anxious, hoping for a win or another to meet us that has invested just as much to lighten the loss. Do we speak the same language or was translation lost? And breathless we wait…

Musical offering: Bon Iver

Words and image by Errant Satiety


Sweet fruit

Take your false listener with her sharp poisoned tongue far from here, here where the dust of eons past falls, fruit blossoms passing from trees on sweet winter breeze. Here, where the real not false is celebrated. Quiet your errant speech, hush your lies and half-truths, speak true or be exiled. Embrace the honesty of love. What is given to another is rightly due the self. Do you not see and seek beauty?  Speak softly to the tender self, whisper encouragement; do not defile the sweetness of spirit with harsh fictitious words. What truth can be found within this dishonesty? Look deeply into the self and seek a taste of eons past to propel future forward, not muddy interpretation that sinks self in wet quicksand, but winter blossoms fleeting moments past flush with promise of ripe sweet fruit.

Awakening - Cherry Blossom Sunrise

Musical offering: ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’ Eels

Words by errant satiety and image borrowed from here



The beauty of the world broke over me today. I touched the sublime. An unexpected gift has found me and changed the fabric of who I am. Wherever this has come from, to whom ever orchestrates the colliding of stars, I am eternally grateful.

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.”

William Blake, excerpt from The Auguries of Innocence

photo credit unknown – shared on FaceBook many many times

Vow to the ether

Dawn here

Your name is round in my mouth, soft, sensuous. I keep it inside; quiet, private, for me, only. Slowly I trace the letters of you within me. I want to rush, but not this time, this time I will savour. Your name is safe with me; I will never speak it harshly, with malice or recklessly associate it with fears affiliates. I will speak it with honesty, passion, and the tempered real. When you are here with me I will whisper your name a hundred times, a hundred different ways, but that is not yet, for now I hold you selfishly in my mouth, reverently, tasting your lush beauty and relishing that you choose my name too.

Words and image by Errant Satiety

Three tastes of today…

Milky Way Galaxy Exploding from Mount Rainier, David Morrow

A dreaming

Sleep escaped me. Exhausted I sought her with desperation yet she fled me amused. Words that had been pent up, bound by circumstance, eager for freedom burst forth laughing, cohering with sleep, defying my ability to close my mind. Do not expect a miracle I am all out of those as I reach beyond for a beauty sensed but misplaced, lucid at the edge of the dream world, asleep within the real. I reach for hope in her glorious flight, yet find faith, strangest of creatures to taste today. Deep within me an infant galaxy stirs misplacing time as I walk resurrected holding hands with courage we talk of distant suns and a past remade. As finally my eyes close they are kissed awake by loving sun and I pass into dreaming my life.

Gratitude as a way to walk with others

Beneath the heavy weight of life I learn to swim, I feel the changing tides of sentiment and dance with them. I hear the beloved in every word and speak only of truth and gratitude. Harsh realities soften in waters well tamed, words heard slower so the real is touched not ego. Change is easier submerged in the waters of life; remember the heartbeat that called you into being, the sounds of the world smoothed by the body of the mother who bore you. Fallen we forget and taste bitterness. Fallen we loose sight of the beauty we knew before we were, before we were not. Fall into the deep embrace of the beloved see into the reflection, not Narcissi but the true.

Angel song

At times, when I stop listening I hear them. If I listen forcefully I hear only harsh critic. If I quiet myself the whisper becomes clearer, almost song. Noise crowds them out with hate and malice. I know they are there the dark ones that draw me from myself, and the beautiful that invite me into myself. My soul a metronome, rhythmically tuning between the poles; between the lost and found; between the ache of love and the sting of loneliness; between the nonsensical and the sublime; between faith and fear. Paradoxes all. As the light and the dark, neither one without the other in this strange haunting land. Yet I hear them, the distant stars, the grains of sand; they sing of each breath as a chance to taste heaven within this world.

Words by Errant Satiety image by David Morrow

The Versatile Blogger Award (cheats version)

In an email conversation with another blogger recently I described myself as writing with multiple personalities. Perhaps that counts as ‘versatile’? I was hesitant to complete this mission as many of the wonderful bloggers I enjoy reading have been nominated recently. That said multiple nominations are enjoyable as I found out when I received my second. Thank you Phoenix and Mel for your lovely words describing my blog, they were very much appreciated. I enjoy writing and reading, reading and writing so am deeply humbled and grateful that people enjoy my words.

Obeying the rules… Seven things you may not know about me:

1. I adore Sufi poetry
2. I am deaf in one ear
3. I never finished secondary school
4. Despite number 3, I have degrees in psychology, anthropology and religious studies
5. My taste in music is ridiculously eclectic
6. My son no longer calls me Mum instead he calls me ‘miniature’
7. I am in love with The Doctor, yes I mean Dr. Who.

Not obeying the rules… I’ve decided, as this award is about links and blog traffic as much as nomination, that rather than ‘nominate’ I will appreciate (if your not on my list please don’t be offended because if I am following you I am reading you and loving it!). Here are some of my favourite reads:

Liberate One: Diverse, intelligent, wise. Writes sincerely about D/s relationship dynamics, politics, he is well read and puts his opinion across clearly. Oh and there is the occasional erotic tale… This blog drew me into WordPress where I lurked as a silent reader until I couldn’t help it anymore and took the plunge!

 Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio: The words, musings, poems of a sumptuous artist about life, art and the all-important muse. Beautiful, painful, erotic… its all there and well worth immersing in.

Wuji Seshat Nibada: Sublime poetry. His writing has the heart of an eastern mystic he weaves words like magic, always surprising and beautiful. I am often left speechless.

Must Be This Tall To Ride: Fun, cheeky, honest, a man on a mission to become a better man. Sharing the very real and hard hitting, the small and insignificant, the big questions and the desire to grow and be a good human and parent. He also has excellent taste in music. I think he might actually be a Superhero.

A Faded Romantic’s Notebook: Romantic, touching, sensual, erotic, delicious poems… sigh.

Serendipity/Ink on Skin: An incredible writing talent, dark and alluring, a painful journey through love, loss and life.

dievca: BDSM in elegant style! Diveca finds the most wonderful fashions and accessories to share and writes beautifully about her and Master. If I ever could have a stylist I would be knocking on dievca’s door.

‘Tis Personal: Very real, totally honest reflections on experiences about D/s marriage, life…. I am very much enjoying getting to know this gorgeous lady.

Sea of Desire: Sensual, feisty erotica… just beginning to get to know this one but loving it so far.

Pushingourlimits: Fantastic erotica, with real emotion and flavour. Rich characters that you feel you begin to know and love. Love hearing her real life experiences, her growth, frustration and triumphs. I am excited to spend more time reading and sharing ideas with this remarkable lady.

Rouged Mount: erotic poems, plain old dirty talking, very real musings on very real topics, personal and a pleasure to read whether it’s happy, sad, horny, angst ridden or super sexy. Honesty is always a pleasure.

The Mirror Obscura: Delightfully soulful poetry, multiple layers of gorgeousness, the man has a prolific and verdant way with words.

The Salacious Musings of Eros : A chocolate box of delicious images, waxing lyrical, poetry, quotes… always different and delightful.

Cliterary Review : the creative outlet of a highly sexual being, naughty stories and delightfully deviant imaginings…

Faraway Angel: Wonderful erotic stories and poetry of various lengths, sometimes there are collaborations. Warning her stories are well written and highly addictive…

Poetic Passions: Sensual and erotic poetry, varied and enticing. Just getting to know this blog and am enjoying the ride.

nerd on the bridge – a literary paradox: Another new one for me but here my multiple personalities and secret nerd are deeply happy. The operations manual is helpful for navigation – it’s a time warp in there watch out!

Diary Incarnate: Beautiful writing from a soulful woman. Sensuous and delicious. Another blog I am enjoying getting to know.

A Muse Dancing


All day she reclined upon his chaise lounge nearly nude, beyond blushing. She ached to move after so many hours in stillness. She was only just beginning to know this man, under his intense gaze she felt nervous, a skittish gazelle looking into the eyes of a prowling lion. He seemed to understand much about her without her having to explain. She quietly suggested visiting a nearby bar where good music always played, live and joyous. They could do with a break he said, only agreeing if they were to return, the moon would be full and he wanted to sketch her under the Luna gaze. Laughing she agreed, leaping up to dress. The bar was alive with people enjoying life, dancing to live swing blues, alcohol was flowing, laughter and sexuality in the air. They found a spot at the bar and enjoyed a drink. She wanted to dance he to watch her. He had ideas about taming the wildness in her, not to quell it but to serve him with it. He watched her animistic connection to the music. He thought she had no idea how beautiful she was gyrating, freely expressing her love of life through the music. She radiated life. She glanced up into his eyes often and slowly her dancing became directed toward him. He felt the need to claim her beauty grow, to swell, until he could no longer be patient. Holding her eyes he stalked toward her. She stilled at his approach mesmerised by the look in his eyes. He came so close he could feel her heat, see the trance she was under, sense her breathing change. He simply extended his hand to her silently she took it.

They entered the moonlit studio, he closed the door and told her to strip and kneel in the middle of the room. She held his gaze and knew he was serious and that he had no ill intent. She did as requested, his eyes on her and hers on him. When she had finished this elegant dance of disrobing and settled on her knees, only then did he take his eyes from her and move to put music on. She watched him move curious, and a little afraid at this turn of events. She knew she wanted to give herself to him, this deep, quiet, passionate man whose eyes held a hunger she had not seen before. He turned to her and asked; dance for me again. She sucked in her breath and felt the music, slow seductive jazz. Her heart beat with it and with eyes closed she began to move. Confidence grew and her eyes opened to find him watching her eyes wide. She smiled inside realising in that moment the beauty she expressed with her form and spirit. He started to dance too, he moved with the music toward and with her. They danced, him clothed her naked. He closed the gap between them and their dance became more erotic. She allowed herself to meet his eyes and saw his lust, his desire it was deep and beautiful. He bent to kiss her the fire lit between them was delicious she wanted more she gave herself over to his control, no fear, no concern was within her just the truth of the moment, the honesty of their mutual desire. His mouth brought hers to life, then her soft neck and collarbone.

He left trails of desire with his lips and fingertips stoking her desire to a fever pitch. She was shocked by her need of him, this gentle man who had wooed her with his artists sensuality and music. He allowed her to remove his shirt and discover his flesh with fingers and mouth. He moved her with his body and hands now she, drunk with her desire became more pliant allowing her sexuality free to howl at the moon. His mouth on her breasts sucking deeply of her as she cried out and begged for more. She wanted to be filled with him for the music to never end. His fingers sought her depths but warned she must still dance or else the fingers would cease.  He knelt before her as she danced he slid a finger inside her she further moistened and ground into him. More fingers led to deeper abandon, her hands upon her own breasts, her moistness covering his hand. He kissed her sweet pearl and she cried to the moon please, please I want you to fill me. But he demanded she bring herself in her dance with his mouth and fingers to a sweet climax before he would allow her to be filled by him. Her voice became song as she danced against his offerings riding the sweetness to full. He knew when she arrived as her song ceased to contain words, reduced to joyous exclamation.

Then he stood, her dancing continued with cry of loss for his touch had momentarily ceased but then he was lifting her to plunge her onto his hardness joining them at pelvis. She allowed him to lift her for this plunge again and again before he settled her deeply on him wrapping her legs around his back to continue her wild dance on his cock. Deeper and stronger the waves of ecstasy gathered he held her at her waist as they climbed together closer and closer to the final leap of faith. As she began to wordlessly sing again he felt her contracting deeply around him and together they soared. She collapsed against him embracing, he held her for the longest time as her dance wound down and her ecstatic contractions ceased. Slowly he moved toward the chaise lounge draped in moonlight, lowered her to the Luna embrace and moved away to sketch her while she slept.

Words Errant Satiety, image taken from: here

Fearless Tamer of Men

She walks this formidable earth trembling with humility of beauty. She carries herself softly across earth’s surface pouring her self into each step. Within her heart she seeks only presence of mind, empathy and compassion. Something in her gentle spirit calms the raging. She is a balm that soothes, her voice a lullaby, her touch otherworldly. Where she traverses calm follows in the hearts of men and women. Fearless she withstands the violence of words and gestures, protagonist’s fall to silence, bewildered, changed. Is it the grace of God within a frail fallen woman? One who has come to accept that people trust her, long to whisper their secrets to her eyes shining and fear let loose. Is it a trick of the Fae blood she teases runs in her veins? The how insignificant, important is the realisation she should cherish and evoke this trick of grace with care, with reverence as she tames the wildest of men.