I am rattling around the rooms in my mind today, anxious and irritable. Looking in all the corners returning to the same dusty spots over and over again seeking what is lost. I know it’s in here somewhere if only I could just find it! What have I misplaced? My good sense. My control. I have only been back blogging for a week, and was only really away for a week before I transformed into errant but errant is what I am. As in the straying from the path sense of the word. At what point did I stray? When did I suddenly need, desperately need to have wordpress open all the time so I don’t miss a beat? What pushingourlimits said. Addicted.

Apologies for rampant commenting last night while I supped on wine and pondered grief, love and loss. We always think we are brilliantly clever after the first glass…



4 comments on “Errant

  1. Errant, I that way everyday, while I sit at my desk NOT doing work! Lol!

  2. mala says:

    We’re all addicted, methinks 🙂

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