I live with two alpha males; one my fifteen year old son and the other my Sir in his later forties. Both stubborn they debate intensely, with me as intermediary, all manner of topics. Sometimes I fear they will destroy one another although they do not intend one another any real harm. They are learning to have lighter emotional investment in their discussions. This way they can be more honest and really debate without emotion obscuring the point in question. They are even learning to employ humour, they laugh and break the tension between them. The one thing they agree on relates to me and my health. I have been lectured by both of them this week, each noticing my disinterest in my food, knowing I can’t afford this. Believe me, I eat, so much so I tire of it. They both suggest and rigorously endorse a strict grazing approach. They are right I need to eat small amounts often (which is my usual approach). What was most gorgeous was the two of them outdoing one another to provide suitable grazing options for me. Feeling loved and amused.


4 comments on “Domesticity

  1. dievca says:

    It is nice to be loved!
    15 is a great age — did your son do that “He is really short, then shot up like a beanpole growth spurt?”

    • Wonderful to be loved.

      Yes he did but is filling out now and is already so much taller than me! He calls me ‘miniature’.

      • dievca says:

        Wasn’t able to have children. 3 miscarriages. Taught at one point. 12-18 is my favorite age group. Awkward, Silly, Arrogant, Have the World by the Tail, Finding Yourself, etc.

      • I managed to carry one to full term. I also had 3 miscarriages. I love your description of this age group it is so true! I live it everyday with my son and his friends.

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