Promise – 12 September 2013

I am clearing the table after dinner. It was just the two of us tonight you say ‘thank you for cooking such a delicious meal’. I smile and reply ‘it was my pleasure to cook for you’. ‘I am going to be filthy with you tonight, you had better be ready.’ Yes sir. Breathless with anticipation panties getting wetter by the moment. ‘Come kiss me’ I have my hands full but I come to you, you pull my breasts to your face then abruptly expose one before sucking it as hard as you can. It hurts and it turns me on. Stupidly, I say ‘the neighbours can see us here’ ‘I don’t give a fuck’ you say and suck harder. When you release me you spank my ass hard I stay put, breast exposed, hands still full of dinner condiments. You watch my expression and wait, I count in my head holding your gaze, 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand … 15 one thousand … 25 one thousand … before you replace my bra and singlet to cover me. I think you are starting to understand.

2 comments on “Promise – 12 September 2013

  1. Now that’s my kind of cooking!

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