For mans visceral desire

You have me naked on my hands and knees awaiting your desire. You beckon me to crawl to you. Command me to sit on the kitchen chair with my legs together, the image of correct posture and obedience. You hand me a blindfold then once it is in place ask me to hold out my hands to you as a cup. Cool oil is poured into my hands. You request that I massage this oil into my breasts exciting my nipples with my fingertips. I cannot see you but can feel your eyes on me as I moan with this pleasure you ask of me. Now you pour oil between my breasts it drizzles downwards like a cool moist tongue over my navel towards my aching sex. You command that I keep one hand on my breasts the other is to slowly trace the path of the oil down my body. When I reach my navel you tell me to elegantly spread my legs and open myself to you that you can watch my swelling lips and hooded clit. A single fingertip is to swirl around my clit and the others to part my labia lips so you can see my wetness. Then slowly, one at a time, all four fingers of your right hand enter me your thumb coming to rest on my clit. I whimper and you tell me to be still as you slowly explore my wet swollen depths.


9 comments on “For mans visceral desire

  1. mel says:

    So sexy… mmmmm!!

  2. phoenixasubbie says:

    Just jealous….. and happy for you

  3. mrmodigliani says:

    This just sends waves and waves of electricity coursing through me

  4. Just plain and simple hot!

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