Vow to the ether

Dawn here

Your name is round in my mouth, soft, sensuous. I keep it inside; quiet, private, for me, only. Slowly I trace the letters of you within me. I want to rush, but not this time, this time I will savour. Your name is safe with me; I will never speak it harshly, with malice or recklessly associate it with fears affiliates. I will speak it with honesty, passion, and the tempered real. When you are here with me I will whisper your name a hundred times, a hundred different ways, but that is not yet, for now I hold you selfishly in my mouth, reverently, tasting your lush beauty and relishing that you choose my name too.

Words and image by Errant Satiety


10 comments on “Vow to the ether

  1. mrmodigliani says:

    This is sensitive, touching and deeply romantic

  2. mel says:

    Is that a photograph? Beautiful picture and lovely words. I love your posts!!

  3. jayne says:

    MrModigliani said it perfectly. I love wherever this comes from – that place of feeling for another that inspires words as these The mental aura and sensation of writing from that place is almost as good as the subject you write about -well, thats how it is when I’m there. You reminded me – thank you. Jayne

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