Kura Tawhiti

Slipped beneath the grasp of my thoughts, my reach, and my heart. Gasping for the loss yet he is still here within me as alive and real as ever, yet not tangible, not authentic. Not able to speak outside my memory. There is nothing ‘new’ just repetition of the past, again and again. I ache but he does not feel anymore. I weep but he does not hold anymore. I speak but he does not hear anymore. I desire to share with you one last time. I promised you I would grow wings. I promised many things not knowing how soon you would no longer be here to laugh, to love to dream with me. Where do I find you? What inhospitable holy place can I climb to and find you will answer me? What impossible journey will find me within your embrace again? I know that there is none but one, which I know is not mine yet.


Musical offering


Words by Errant Satiety image from here


4 comments on “Distant

  1. dievca says:

    Ohh, it’s beautiful. The ache~ it’s there being acknowledged, as it has to be~

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