Summer Heat


I have been working in the hot sun all day by mid-afternoon I have had enough. I am longing to wash the sweat and dirt from my body and relax. I am tempted to rely on the shower inside but it is too hot and my thoughts turn towards the tiny swimming hole near my home. I decide to go there, I don’t feel I want any company but this is a rare spot, it is isolated being both hard to find and to access. It is not often frequented; in all the times I have been in my lifetime there have been only a handful of times I have encountered anyone else.

I arrived at the place of solitude, blessedly alone. I still maintain my swimsuit, in case, but confidently climb down the rocks to the small deep pool content in my isolation. Standing on this large flat rock I can dive to make my way to the prize of this place the small waterfall feeding the deep pool. I am mesmerised by the glorious clear green of the pure water, which I know will blossom into golden fragments when I penetrate its depths. This moment always takes my breath away, it will be cold, these are mountain fed waters but it is beyond beautiful. I luxuriate in the suspended minute before I entrust myself to the cleansing waters embrace then I release into the dive that will carry me profoundly willing beneath the surface to arise in golden arcs of sunlight and make my way toward the waterfall. There are perfectly placed rocks to lodge yourself within beneath the waters spray. Here I place myself lost to the beauty of this unique place.

When I clamber down the steep and disused track to the swimming hole I am surprised first by the evidence that someone else is here then again by the sight of whom. I get closer and see a vision of beauty beneath the small waterfall, my favourite spot, a woman. She is clothed in a dark bikini, showing her slender yet curvaceous form, basking in the glorious waters, rainbows forming where the light is fractured to prisms around her. What glorious creature is this in my playground, my swimming spot so rarely shared. I continue my climb down to the sun warmed diving stone. She still does not see me, unaware in her closed eye meditations. I pause and breathe deep of the river smell, water on stone, and the small animals in the air. I stretch to prepare for flight into the water, her eyes part to meet mine, sky blue to rivers green. I dive.

He surfaces breaking the golden hue around him with the depth of his green eyes. They meet mine. I have so rarely met another here but it seems, like I, that he belongs here. This is his place. He swims towards me his eyes still on mine. Gently and easily he finds purchase on the rocks beneath the waterfall as one long accustomed to doing so. He slides into place near me; the moment for speaking passes. In our mutual silence we simply look at one another. I have the strangest sensation that we know each other. As we take the measure of each other I feel the strangest desire to lose myself in his gaze, then he is moving closer, leaning toward me and I want him too.

Our lips meet in greeting, there seems to have been some length of time we have been apart, the yearning a fire in our lips, our tongues seek to catch up on lost time, yet we are meeting for the first time, without word, without introduction, I briefly think ‘keep kissing me, don’t ask why’ her luminous form appears radiant beneath my olive skinned touch, my Fairy, my Fae stay please stay, let me taste you like this a while longer.

My body is on fire at the touch of my silent swimmers lips. I cannot believe he is real, or here in this most sacred of places for me. I can only trust the sensation that this is right. I want him to touch me as the water falling upon us does, I want and am lost in the cascade of his lips upon me. Those eyes, green as the river itself! Impossible that this is real. Somehow I remember you, but I cannot place the knowing.

Her intakes of breath coupled with a whimper make me aware of her deeper longing. I look deep into those sky blue eyes and see her naked desire; I am willing to take what she offers. I kiss deeper, pushing the bounds, she meets me a louder whimper, a moan now on her tongue. My hand reaches first to face, then slender throat then deeper into the valley of her breasts. Her breathlessness informs me she wants more. I rub a thumb over her nipple encased in nylon. Her moan emboldens me. I take liberties from her sounds.

We are speaking in primal sexual urge only, some magical moment transpiring within us. I don’t pause to seek any wrong in our encounter, I needed without knowing and magically he is here. His touch knows, when I moan he takes more. I seek his mouth as ravenous refuge, lashing and sucking as he meets my wayward need. His hands on my breasts I am lost. Legs open to him of their own accord. Yet I know this is madness, he can’t possibly have protection within his pockets. We are strangers but I do not cease my pliancy beneath his touch or my eager reaching for him with lips, tongue, mouth, breast and opened thighs.

I let my mouth dip to her breast, mouthful of sweet warm flesh, the fresh cold water flowing freely over her I pull the thin nylon aside and gaze at her pale skin and firm pink nipple before sucking deeply at it. A slender soft hand comes to my neck; she tangles her fingers in my hair pulling me to her breast while she pushes forward to meet my thrusting suckling mouth. There is another to discover and I am greedy to indulge. Now I am moaning into her breasts as I move from one to the other. My hardness is aching to find the heat of her depths and I realise that this is impossible madness.

His hot mouth fiercely devouring my breasts with the contrast of cold water moving over us is creating such a deep wet ache within me I can hardly bare it. I want to be penetrated, I want to feel wholeness with this stranger, perhaps I am dreaming and this is not real. Then I feel him start to pull away. I feel a change in him. I feel sense surfacing. I have a strange primal urge to scream ‘No!’ but I am not yet that lost. My breathlessness slowly abates. His eyes on my eyes he gently covers my breasts again. The water cascades around us and he smiles. Finding words once again on our tongues we greet in a more mundane fashion and our laughter echoes in the river gorge startling the birds.

Words by Errant Satiety image stolen from the internet.

A gift of Southern Hemisphere sunshine

Continues with ‘Cooling Down’

10 comments on “Summer Heat

  1. lexborgia says:

    hopefully you’ll let them finish what they started, in another post; coincidental second meeting!!

  2. Desiree G says:

    I like yours much better than my solo performance!!! And I do so have a fondness for mysterious lovers. 🙂

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