The Artist and his Muse; Evening Meal

The lovers 'Chivalric Scene'  Jean-Marc Nattier 1744

The lovers ‘Chivalric Scene’
Jean-Marc Nattier 1744

The Artist and his Muse continued from Bedtime

The first few minutes were the worst. The sound of the key turning in the lock of the front door more menacing that the locking of the restraints that bound me to the bed. I listened, my sense of hearing heightened as his footsteps retreated and headed down the internal stairs. My breathing was erratic. Blood pounded in my veins and my sex pulsed with want. My desire drew me back into myself and I sought patience. This was no masochist this was Manet to my Victorine, Picasso to my Marie-Thérèse, Dali to my Gala, Mapplethorpe to my Patti, Clemente to my Alba, Wyeth to my Helga, Man Ray to my Kiki... I thought back to all the conversations via email then on Skype that we had. There was no reason to doubt him now. Even if he did not return until morning, I glanced at the sky to gauge the time; I would be hungry and very horny but not harmed. Sighing deeply and settling into myself I entered the quiet space I had found while posing for him. His eyes etched in my memory and I held their gaze, breathless with want and willing to wait.

Awareness of my physical surroundings came with the sound of the key turning in the lock and the door opening. My breath caught in my throat. The key turned again relocking the door and part of me relaxed, not until I heard his footsteps and knew it was truly he did I fully relax again.

“My sweet muse, have you rested?”

“Yes Sir.” I said turning within my restraints to see him. He had two brown paper bags stuffed with supplies, which he placed on the kitchen bench before approaching me. He kissed me deeply and sweetly. His eyes held a surprising cheekiness to them. He smelt of red wine and flowers. I wondered where he had been. Shopping was an obvious answer.

“Let us get you up and dressed.” He lifted a shirt of his and dropped it on the bed. He pulled the covers off my nakedness I flinched involuntarily then breathed and relaxed. “Good girl.” He said running his hand up my inner thigh and pressing ever so slightly against my moistness. I sighed and let my gaze fall on his short blonde hair, simple white shirt faded blue jeans and then back to those delightful sky blue eyes. He moved to remove my restraints and I waited for his command before I moved a muscle. He rubbed each of my ankles as he released them the blood flow had not been restricted but I enjoyed this care he took. He treated each of my wrists to the same and kissed me deeply before commanding me to stand. He took the shirt he had shown me pulling the sleeve over my left arm and reaching behind me to lift the shirt around me to pull the other sleeve up my right arm. He paused now to kiss my full lips again and then hungrily suckled each of my nipples before he buttoned me up. My deep and uncensored moans accompanied these simple gestures and a renewed ache grew within me. He pulled me to him grabbing my ass cheeks possessively and invading my mouth with his own. Then he released me and invited me to the small kitchen. “You must be hungry my lovely, I have only fed you a very few grapes today.” He unpacked his purchases handing me the wine for the table and telling me where to find fresh glasses. “You must forgive me, I need a muse to remind me of the necessity to eat.” I thought that I should be making him a meal but this was not his desire in this moment. It was clear he wished to feed me.

He gave me tasks and talked to me constantly; he suddenly paused chiding himself that he had not put on some music to inspire our appetites. Promptly he moved to amend this error and Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 filled the studio with sound. My heart in my mouth I waited for any request he made of me which when he saw the lost look on my face and desire to dance in my form he said “move as you wish without closing your eyes or interrupting my food preparation”. I found a place I could do this and limited my movement to his line of vision so he could continue working at the kitchen bench while I danced for our mutual pleasure. As I moved my arousal, my physicality, my soul, my heart erupted in joy. Every movement I made furthered my desire for him, his eyes on me, his hand to touch me, his voice to command me, his breath to take scent of me, in his pleasure his joy I found a freedom I was unfamiliar with. I felt such ecstasy within this liberty he had gifted me. My eyes and body betrayed my bliss and as the suite ended he moved toward me with a grace beyond anything I had ever seen before he replied to my raw movements in time yet in his own time and claimed my mouth in a kiss beyond heaven. When he broke away breathless himself he murmured to me “now you choose some music I have a meal to prepare.” He slapped my behind as I moved to do so lost in thought already as to what music he might have and what I could choose that would be appropriate or worthy of this sumptuous moment.

I picked up his iPod and pondered the options. I saw it immediately but dismissed it as too intense for this moment and continued to browse while he chopped and moved in the kitchen seemingly oblivious to my conundrum. I decided in the end to create a short dinner playlist with the first that struck my heart kept until last. I kept glancing up at him but this is what he commanded of me. I found something to play immediately to make light of the mood when he heard the beginning he laughed heartily awarding me with a rich smile that touched his lovely eyes. Then he was next to me handing me a glass of rich red French wine. His eyes on mine he toasted our creative engagement. I met the chink of his glass rapturously. He returned to the kitchen and I to my task quickly as I could to locate and link together a number of special songs. When the first bright blues track ended and the second more somber piano track arrived our eyes met and shared contentment. Then he concluded that had been enough time to have completed my task and luckily I had.

He sat us facing one another on our chairs, my knees pressed together and began to feed me and I to luxuriate in the sensation of being fed. There is something essentially beautiful when the man who desires you places morsels of delectable food in your mouth one bite at a time encouraging you to wash such morsels down with mouthfuls of luscious wine. My wetness had not abated nor had our appetites. Did I require another moist seed bound green olive? Yes Sir I did, as I needed the suck of his mouth to remove the olive seed from mine. Our lust filled meal had my nipples erect and my sex felt ripe. He began to undo a button of my shirt for each mouthful he gave me, a slither of rich salami and the mounds of my breasts appeared. He shuddered with the effort of containing his desire; a sip of wine and my taut nipples were on display. Now he traced an olive wet with brine around each of my nipples the cool wetness drawing a moan from me, my knees that I had been holding closely together began to soften and open he made no move to stop me expressing my desire. He placed the olive in my mouth and as I sucked at its flesh he bent his head and sucked deeply at each of my breasts. My clit throbbed and I felt on the edge of a devastating orgasm. As if sensing my closeness he released my breasts and sought to retrieve the olive seed with a deep sensuous kiss. I ached so deeply I nearly touched myself but held the urge in check that was for him to decide.

He tired of the food and he slowly opened each of the last buttons his eyes on mine each time then dropping to absorb my nakedness and the opening of my legs as each button’s release spread them wider so my glistening sex was with the last button open fully to him. He sighed “you are very beautiful my muse. Where would you like my lips on you next? Touch yourself gently where you want me to taste you.” I ran my hands over my nipples then down to my sex spreading my labia exposing my swollen nub I circled a finger around the opened hood and shuddered. He leaned in brutally sucking my breasts and tweaking the nipples with his fingers allowing me to continue my gentle friction on my clit. Then he knelt down watching my fingers for a moment before applying his tongue my labia lips tasting my salty wetness then joining my finger flicking and circling my clit. Then he took all of me in his mouth my hands dropping away as I pushed myself into him. He teased and tormented me to the brink several times before his fingers entered me and I pushed hard against them. I was frantic for release but this heavenly torment was divine. I let my voice express my mounting desire without words just the simple language of sound. Then the last song I had chosen came on and I sensed he felt the change his fingers pulled out of me my sigh letting him know my hunger for them to return a new sensation pushed into my hot wet depths. I couldn’t see what it was but it was cold and hard, unforgiving as it filled me. I cried out wanting him to fuck me hard now to let me cum. He fucked me slowly penetrating me firmly but sliding the object slowly inside then pausing and removing it just as slowly on the third round of it entering me I found words “please Sir, please?” I opened my eyes to look at him he removed his mouth from me and looked into my eyes “Please what my muse?” His eyes were laughing I glanced down to see what he was fucking me with. It was part of our meal a large cucumber that he now pulled slowly out of me. “Please Sir, please fuck me harder and let me cum.” He smiled with wicked pleasure “What shall I fuck you with?” He held the cucumber poised at my entrance and gently circled my clit with a finger. “Sir I want you to fuck me with that cucumber and I want to cum on your mouth.” He laughed gently and pushed the cucumber deeply inside me “It will be my pleasure but then you are going to fuck me and we are going to see just how many orgasms my delightfully dirty girl can have.”

I gasped with pleasure as he bent to lick and suckle me ramming the improvised dildo hard and deep into me. I pushed harder into him losing myself in the build towards orgasm. I gasped and moaned writhing against him and the penetration that was driving me wild. I came with such force juices gushed from me, which he hurriedly consumed while slowing the movements against and within me to allow the orgasm to draw out. He withdrew the cucumber gently placing it on the table then stood up “Open my jeans and remove them.” Flushed with sexual exhilaration I released his belt and slowly undid his jeans I pulled them down over his hips surprised that again he was not wearing any underwear. His swollen cock looked ready to burst, I looked up at him and he nodded I took him greedily but softly into my mouth. He moaned and undid his shirt buttons discarding it on the floor as I rode the length of him with my wet mouth. Pre-cum touched my lips and I eagerly licked them as he pulled away. He sat on his chair and beckoned for me to stand “Come and ride me sweet muse and lets see how sweetly you can cum for me. You are not to stop unless I say and I will conduct the speed and intensity. I don’t want to cum until you are completely spent.” I climbed onto his lap and paused as I found the head of his cock. I slowly impaled myself on his hot hardness crying out in pleasure as I did so. His heat and organic hardness fitted perfectly inside me I was nearly cumming already. Slowly I started to grind against him very softly and the first orgasm was immediate. He then directed a hard thrusting and tweaked my nipples with his fingers as he thrust up to meet me. Again orgasm flooded through me, so quickly and so thoroughly delicious. He growled as my cunt contracted around him and he slowed us down and lessened the pressure a slow wet climb this time rocking gently against him barely moving it felt like a pulse then his hot mouth was sucking my nipples hard and I came again. We continued like this for some time until he could take no more he stood and sat me on the edge of the table pushing aside the debris of our meal and entering me deep and hard. He held my eyes and gave me his fingers to suck as he pounded into me I helplessly came again almost screaming with the pleasure. He lifted me and carried me his cock still deep inside him to the wall pushing my back against it and continuing to ram me hard. This time our moans mingled I didn’t know where his started or mine ended with wild abandon I thrust back at him and he into me. Then suddenly he tweaked my nipples mercilessly and thrust a final time a wild sound leaving his throat as he exploded within me and I shuddered uncontrollably with my release. We both continued to ripple with aftershocks little incoherent sounds leaving my mouth and deep moans from his. He carried me now to the bed and we lay down together utterly spent. Our breathing slowing our eyes locked we drifted into slumber.

Words by errant satiety, image Jean-Marc Nattier ‘The Lovers’ 1744


Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

G Love ‘Drinkin’ Wine’

‘Dawn’ from the score of Pride & Prejudice 2005

Vivaldi Four Seasons ‘Winter’

Continues with Morning Yearning

15 comments on “The Artist and his Muse; Evening Meal

  1. dievca says:

    Ahhh. Good Morning~ How lovely to be re-inspired after an intense evening. Your words had a hard task and they succeeded. Let me make my way back to bed. New Year’s morning has broken~XO

  2. mrmodigliani says:

    Errant, I am simply in awe and find it difficult to find words. I was struck by your understanding of the romantic muses of artists. Remind me to share a story about Helga Testorf as she is alive and I have had some contact with her. The rest of the piece is just breathtaking as you have this wonderful way of weaving a deep romance, art, music and spectacular hard driving sex into one magical tapestry that leaves a man’s mind curious, his intellect impressed, his soul moved and his cock throbbing, needing and hard as a rock

    • Mr M such lovely words of praise. I am humbled. I would love to hear your story about Helga how wonderful that you have had contact with her I cannot imagine what kind of person she is or what stories she may have to share! I deeply appreciate your recognition of my holistic approach to my stories. Thank you for reading x

      • mrmodigliani says:

        Errant, Andrew and Helga had the most beautiful love affair, one that I have thought about and admired for decades. Last year, I wrote a poem for Helga from the perspective of Andrew. It was noticed by an employee of the Wyeth Museum, who forwarded the poem to Helga. I received a lovely thank you note from Helga for the poem. She now lives in a small town in Maine.

      • What a wonderful story… and what a beautiful gift for Helga. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

      • mrmodigliani says:

        Errant, I did not mention that I had already selected Bach’s Violin Concerto as an important component of an upcoming post for Studio 5A. I find myself somewhat astounded.

  3. mel says:

    Oh, errant… I should have known better than to read this right now. It was absolutely amazing, and I am now squirmy and uncomfortable, with no release in my near future. Shackled to my vanilla day….

    Wonderful story, my dear, amazing! Cucumber!

    • Mel, thank you for reading and I am sorry you are shackled to your vanilla day. I wish you a great start to your New Year! Cucumber indeed, it could have been a salami… no cucumber was the only way 😉 *laughing*

  4. jayne says:

    Very hot Errant!!

  5. Sofia says:

    You are making me purr at work… Thought you should know that.
    Your are so gifted… I am envious.
    Happy New Year E…

  6. Muchas gracias Sofía, mi amiga xox

  7. […] Artist and His muse continued from Evening Meal […]

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