The Artist and His muse; Morning Yearning

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

An Artist and His muse continued from Evening Meal

I woke to his eyes upon me observing me sleeping. I smiled; the sensation of waking with his blue eyes gazing intently at me was disconcerting but delightful. He kissed me lightly on each eyelid and bid me good morning. Then he rose to prepare a simple breakfast. He ordered that I rise and put on his shirt again leaving it unbuttoned that he could feast on my body. My hand self-consciously went to my hair thinking I must look a fright. “Leave it, I like you looking disheveled for now. The time for grooming is after our breakfast.” He sat me down across from him his eyes drinking me in while we ate our hot buttery croissants and drank thick dark coffee. Our appetites satiated, it was time to shower and groom.

In the bathroom he removed the shirt from me and started the shower running above the bath. While it warmed he brushed my hair. “You will stand beneath and facing the water stream feet should width apart hips pushed back breasts pushed forward with your arms above your head.” I climbed into the bath and moved towards the flowing water it was the perfect temperature. I spread my legs pushed my hips back and raised my arms above my head. He climbed in behind me and pressed his body against mine. “Push your breasts forward a little more,” I obliged him “That’s it, doesn’t that feel sexy? Your breasts extended to receive the caress of the water your labia open and exposed?” His breath was at my ear as he softly said this to me. “Yes Sir.” I breathed back feeling exactly as he described my nipples had hardened and wetness was growing in my softly pulsing sex.

He moved slightly away then he was back and was rubbing soap onto my breasts from behind me. He massaged the whole breast and pulled my nipples as he did so.  I could hardly bare to stand still while he cleaned me and aroused me this way. His artists hands danced across my body, under the curve of my armpit up my arms then back to my taut nipples and breasts. I moaned and pushed my buttocks into him. “Oh I know my little slut you want me to let you cum but not yet my sweet muse. I like it when you are ravenous for me.” I whimpered and he chuckled quietly continuing his teasing while he washed me. He had worked down to my stomach and now reached between my legs spreading my labia and stroking me, “Ah such a very wet little slut. Good girl.” He soaped and massaged me then very thoroughly removed all traces of soap. Then he moved away slightly and began working on my buttocks and exposed anus. This made me nervous but I stayed still and kept my hands above my head. Once he was finished with me he ordered me out and to dry myself while he cleaned himself. I was mesmerized by his hands on his own body I wanted my hands on him. I watched as he soaped and cleaned his member my body wanted him. I wanted that gorgeous cock to be within me. I felt the pulse of need heighten within me.

He turned the water off and stepped out to join me. I handed him a towel. He could see the naked want in my eyes. “Yes you are even more beautiful when you are wet and aching for me. He dried himself and again I watched him. “Now,” he said as he reached for a black silken robe and put it around him, “we are going to try this again. Walk to the bed climb up on it, place yourself on all fours and wait for me.” My blue eyes smoldered sultrily into his. He smiled at me and inclined his head slightly towards the bed. I turned and walked slowly thinking of all that he might do to me what height he would take me to before making me wait and how long would I ride the edge of want. He enjoyed my orgasms but he was in charge of them. I could feel my wetness starting to drip from my swollen sex the anticipation was deeply arousing.

I climbed up onto the bed remaining close to the edge so that he could easily access me I turned my head back slightly to be rewarded with the sight of intense desire in his eyes as eh approached me. Again he oiled my buttocks particularly carefully where he had left his mark on me yesterday. Now though he reached under me and stroked my eager breasts oiling my nipples with what was left on his hands. I moaned deeply as my clit swelled from his manipulations on my breasts. He pushed me forward now face down to the bed and ass high in the air. “So gorgeous,” he breathed then his hot wet tongue was on my swollen clit and painfully slowly he gently traced the length of me right to my budded rose I tensed momentarily then his tongue was removed only to be applied again to my clit and again slowly traced the length of me. Several times he repeated this then he paused longer at my private entrance and pushed his tongue harder into me. I tensed and spoke “Please Sir, you remember,” he cut me off. “Do I have to restrain you? Or gag your pretty mouth?” I shook my head ‘no’. “Good, I well remember you have not experienced ass play my sweet pearl and I intend to introduce you. Another word out of you without permission and I shall restrain you and chastise you, only not with my hands this time.”

I try to relax as his tongue returns to push into me harder and I feel him reach the point of my sphincter muscle he swirls his tongue now and I find pleasure growing. He darts his tongue back and forth and my sex aches deeply. Then a finger is pressing against my tight ass and he is pressing it softly in and out, not breaking past the sphincter just teasing. I want to gasp it feels good and I want more. My ass pushes back into him creating deeper penetration. “See my little whore you want it.” I moan in response not caring anymore about the taboo, he is bringing me such teasing pleasure. He starts to twist his finger as he pushes past the tight sphincter muscle and slides ever so gently inside, I moan deeply. Slowly and gently he slides his finger in and out. Then he is drizzling more oil between my cheeks lubricating his finger and my ass. Oiled fingers press against my clit and I wantonly rub against these and push into the finger probing me.

“Slowly girl, feel it build, I will let you rub against me but only to the rhythm I am setting.” I slow my thoughts and relax into the feelings coursing through me. Oh God it feels so good! His touch becomes incrementally harder, the finger probing slightly deeper as it rubs back and forth inside my ass, fingers pressing harder on my clit pushing the hood open exposing my nub of bliss. The tension is building then his finger is deeper and igniting something I have never felt before I cry out. “That is the g-spot in your ass my little slut. It feels good doesn’t it?” I realise he is asking me a question I feel I am going to cum at any moment but I try to answer him, “Yes Sir, so very good, Oh God.” He chuckled deeply, “Not God, Sir.” I want to beg ‘just a little harder Sir, a little deeper’ but his threat of punishment rang in my ears. He continues his slow playing of the instrument that is my body driving the wave higher and higher and just as I start to peak he removes his fingers from me completely. “Now stay just like that, pushing your glorious ass and cunt up to be worshiped, dripping and begging to be fucked. I am going to sketch and you are going to wait quietly until I am done.” I want to cry but know that is petulant and ridiculous “Yes Sir” I say pushing my ass higher.

I hold the sensation of want within me like a thought I do not want to lose. I clench my vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles and my clitoris and keep raising my ass begging him silently to return and finish the symphony he began. I hear the pencil caressing the page of his sketchbook and remember the push of his finger inside my tight ass. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. I force myself not to rock, just keep offering him my prize ‘please Sir please fuck your whore’ I think to myself. I want him to penetrate my ass again such a different sensation one I had always been too scared to try. In the bath he had started to introduce the idea but panic had struck me on the bed until he commanded I stop. I found myself moaning into the bed and arching my back pushing my ass as high as I could. I hadn’t heard him move but he had returned, his tongue caressed my clit then my ass. He probed my ass again deeply with his tongue. More oil drizzled down my cheeks then his finger was at my entrance pressing firmly but not yet entering “Tell me my good girl, my little whore, do you want me to fuck your ass with my finger?” “Please Sir, please fuck my ass with your finger.” He pushed deep inside and I cried out with pleasure. He began twisting his finger and plunging it in and out “Does that feel good my muse?” He asked sexily “Yes Sir, it feels unbelievably good.” His fingers returned to my clit now rubbing intensely. My labia lips were so swollen and my cunt ached for penetration. I was moaning uncontrollably he was driving me wild. Suddenly there was a greater pressure and a second finger pushed into my ass I felt the discomfort of stretching then pure pleasure as he moved these two fingers independently one stroking my internal g-spot the other providing the pleasure of friction on my sphincter in and out. He pushed harder against my clit and drove me towards orgasm, “please Sir may I cum for you?” “What feels so good my slut? What is making you cum?” “Oh Sir your fingers in my ass, your fingers rubbing my clit.” “In a moment you may cum for me then I am going to fuck your hot aching cunt and you are going to cum again are you ready to cum sweet girl?” “Yes Sir yes please Sir” I begged and he increased the pressure and rhythm and I screamed with the release crying out his name.

Just as the pleasure began to recede he had his hard cock pushing into my labia lips.  “Do you want me to penetrate you?” He asked, “Show me how much you want it little whore.” I pushed myself back at him driving his cock deep inside me he grunted and began thrusting intently his fingers still in my ass and on my clit. The length of him inside me brought on another orgasm immediately. As this subsided he pulled me with him off the bed to sit on a chair he must have placed close by for this purpose. His fingers were no longer on me but his length reached right up to my cervix his hands came to my still oiled breasts and rubbed them intently “ride me whore, fuck me until you are screaming in ecstasy.” I pushed down hard against him and finding purchase for my feet on the sides of the chair I rode him forcefully. His fingers pinched my nipples fiercely and I was cumming again and again crying out with total abandon. Then he threw me forward onto the bed and thrust hard into me working towards his own climax, he slapped my ass hard repeatedly and pulled me viciously back onto him as though he could not get deep enough inside me. I felt like a doll in his hands as he firmly directed where he wanted me and pulled me back and forward on his cock. Another orgasm started deep within my vaginal walls as I moaned at this new pleasure he fucked me relentlessly until finally he came.

He shunted us further up onto the bed remaining inside me and holding me from behind. Our breathing calmed then he softly brushed the hair from my face and asked me if I was ok, had he hurt me? I struggled to find a response to this question. Introducing me to something new so gently, giving me permission to let my inner slut out and enjoy our ravishing sexuality? Yes I was ok and no he had most definitely not hurt me. “Sir you are giving me the greatest gift, freedom to be a sexual being, to enjoy what might be seen as taboo. I love it and I want more, for as long as we are able.” He turned me slipping from inside me only to replace this loss with passionate kisses and his loving embrace.

Words by errant satiety image Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

12 comments on “The Artist and His muse; Morning Yearning

  1. Desiree G says:

    So very arousing and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing, Errant!!!

  2. mrmodigliani says:

    This is exactly as I would paint it and live it. Just perfect. Please pack a bag and come to Livorno. 😉

  3. Sonia says:

    First I must commend your blog because I like it, it’s cool I also started to write about erotic fiction, poems and some quote. Although I’m still at the beginning but I’m trying.

  4. lexborgia says:

    Relentless. Tasty. Tremors of torturous arousal. The 7th sense is real.

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