Cooling Down

Continued from Summer Heat

(Playlist: for those with an inclination toward opera and those more contemporary.)

From the moment we opened our mouths we couldn’t stop talking. A torrent of conversation flowed between us neither of us wanting the moment to pass. Yet times passing cannot be slowed, the hot sun came to to dip below the trees lining our deep isolated gorge. A pause fell in the conversation as we both took note of the lowering sun, shyly but firmly he took my hand and said “I am not experienced in casual encounters with water nymphs but I live nearby, the sun will still be in my deck and I have cold beers in the fridge if you would like to continue this conversation?”

My mind poised to say ‘no, perhaps another time’ my mouth opened and uttered, “yes” closely followed by nervous yet ecstatic laughter. My mind now sought reason, the magic of this strange delirium may be lost if we disrupt its flow. He chivalrously offered a hand to assist me to rise and our eyes smouldered in each others with this slight touch. I dove gracefully into the water and swam back across to the rocks and my waiting clothes. Opting to carry our clothes and dry out on his deck meant that wrapped in towels we clambered back up the nearly obscured track to my car, he had walked he really did live close by. Nervously I invited him into my car. Ignition of the engine cued music blaring obscenely loudly from the stereo, I had been singing boisterously to G-Love on my way to swim. My embarrassed hand flew to the volume dial to find his gently stopping me, “I love this song,” he said simply his voice rising to song unabashedly. I turned the car and he said “the first driveway on the left”. It took two whole minutes, when I parked again and looked at him with amusement gleaming in my eyes he said; “we could have walked but then I would have missed the song.”

Following his towel clad form up an external staircase I took in the solitude and beauty of the house. Nestled in the forest the house rose above the tree line enough to gain the greatest sun exposure without losing privacy and seclusion. I found my mind switch to wariness and wished that it did not.

Her mischievous sparkle leaves me undone. I should have been patient and waited for a more seemly time to meet and begin the dance of courting or wooing or whatever we are supposed to call it these days, but the strangeness of our encounter and our mutual rampant desire… I simply could not wait a moment longer for one it feels I have awaited my whole life. I wanted to watch her climb the stairs but that would have been rude I am inviting her to my home I should lead the way. The view would capture her at the top and give me time to gather my senses and hospitality.

I was greeted at the top of the stairs to native bird song as several birds darted among the flowering potted shrubs on the deck and trees growing up from below. It was an unexpected wild aviary delighting me with the sound and sight of birds that appeared half tame. Before I was aware he had handed me a cold beer and set down a platter of cheeses, crackers, slices of meats, olives and sliced fresh vegetables. He was suggesting a seat on the swing chair and I nearly kissed him again in rapture of the moment. He had referred to me as a nymph but there was something decidedly otherworldly about him.

Her pleasure and surprise lit her expression with innocent and genuine delight. That my simple existence could be the source of this pleasure flushed me with pride. Her eyes told of her passion withheld and I longed to claim it again as I had in those first moments. Now that decorum had been restored we would pace out our desires. As she settled into the swing seat next to me and held her beer bottle out to offer ‘salut’ to the beauty of the afternoon I could barely restrain myself from ungracious fervour. As she sipped from the bottle I wanted to lick the tiny droplet that remained on her lip. Words were failing me again as raw desire emerged.

I gratefully indulged in the cool satiation of the beer and took sample of the platter before me. The naked need in his eyes ignited my unseemly desire. I let my damp towel fall aside bravely exposing my bikini clad body and brazenly posed myself for the pleasure of his eyes wanting those hands upon me again and his mouth and tongue to tend to my body rather than the words we had so eagerly spent. I closed my eyes for a moment and allowed the suns warmth to add further heat to my need then opened them again offering my naked desire to him.

She was killing me with her movements so casually unwrapping her near nakedness to bask in the sun then when her eyes returned to me I understood she was offering herself to me, exposing herself intentionally to my desire. Neither of us had experienced this bizarre harmony of strangers colliding. That much we had discussed. We had no rules, slipping back into reality seemed to belittle what we had seen, felt, wanted and needed of each other. I reached for her and as my mouth found hers it felt as though a lock opened within me and I was free.

His tongue teased my mouth mercilessly sucking, teasing, licking and swirling in a fury of measured passion. His hand finally touched my skin when I thought I would fade into the ether with the pleasure coursing through my veins. I wanted to grab his flesh and grip him fiercely with my nails to be sure that he and this moment were real. My voice reduced one again to primal moans of delicious pleasure. I trusted myself to touch his sun kissed skin fell the warmth of his toned flesh. His tongue left my mouth pausing only to allow a moment to lock eyes and see my reassurance.

She tasted of so many things, memories, both comforting yet new and astounding. I fought with myself to remain in control and take this gently. The sounds emanating from deep within her touched me deeply within my soul and body. Did she have any idea how I worshiped her beauty? I took a glance at her eyes to be sure I had invitation before tasting her further. Returning to her glorious firm breasts I slid the nylon from them once again to feast upon her. I was so hard it almost hurt but the first time, our primera moment; I would taste all of her before I attended to my need.

I feared that he would stop. That this moment, the feelings within me would cease when my union to him had become my everything. The absurdity distracted me momentarily then I ran my hands through his hair locking his body to mine. I wanted my mouth on him but he was intent on my breasts and I knew he was heading for my luscious prize. I didn’t try to speed him up as I knew he was conducting this tour of ecstatic union. I pushed my body to him in attempt to express my absolute want.

I found my way eagerly yet temperately to her musty sex, river scent and nylon encased her I released our embrace to catch her eyes again and remove the item encasing her depths. She shuddered and sighed with longing as I removed them and confident with her desire, her permission I took my gaze to her nakedness. She was hairless and gorgeous. I burrowed to scent her then teased her with my tongue everywhere around the places I wanted most. Keenly I listened to her increased moans aching needing directing. Her voice sang please taste me, touch my sacred jewel let me sing my siren song for you.

Finally I allowed my hot tongue to flicker on her jewel I knew she was almost peaking already my slow torture and the uniqueness of our meeting had effected her as deeply as me. I didn’t want to torture her too long so gave her the fullness of my tongue and was rewarded with deep moans and incoherent vocal expression as I settled into a deeper motion her orgasm arrived I listened to her sounds and touch in my hair as I continued to take her as far as she could cope with before gently entering her with my fingers. My hardness was desperate to penetrate this burning hot, wet entrance but not just yet.

I almost screamed when his strong fingers gently entered into my depths but I held the sound to instead feel the moment. No one had ever given me what he was giving me and this was our first moment. I wanted to feel him within me. I suddenly ached for the wholeness that I knew would come from being joined with him. His head lifted fingers still moving within me and as his eyes met mine I gave him my soul. This unknown man, this chance meeting of two beings that had been seeking and stumbled upon one another in a place sacred to each.

When I met her eyes I could do nothing but scoop her up in my arms and carry her to my bed that we could begin what fate had gifted us. For however long we had whether this one afternoon or an entire lifetime I knew I could not ever forget or let this opportunity pass. I lay her down knowing her orgasm still gripped her and gently but firmly entered her, her hips rising to meet my every lengthy thrust and for the first time in my life I came while gazing intently into her eyes as she gushed around me in spasms of euphoric release. I lay down next to her, still within her, our eyes unblinking and unashamed as the symphony of birdsong serenaded us.

Words by errant satiety (the hopeless romantic)

Note on the Radiohead clip, this video is wonderful. Please do watch it, it is a fantastic example of what the gorgeous Mel had to say today/yesterday (lovely lady it applies to gentlemen as well as the ladies….)

8 comments on “Cooling Down

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  2. Wonderfully sensual…

  3. dievca says:

    Where do I find that watering hole and will Master be waiting for me? XO

  4. Dearest Errant,
    Sensual, Erotic, Seductive,Passionate, and Very Sexually arousing. Absolutely Beautifully Composed! This for me is what Literotica represents.

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