My Father’s Eyes

I saw my Father today. Looking into his eyes, so like my own, strong memory stirred…

I am straddling his giant’s shoulders and we are walking, a symbiotic creature, beneath a dark ocean of night rippling with stars. I felt suspended between Earth and the map of celestial beauty above. Despite my elevated height and awareness of my father’s male strength I feel as minutiae floating in awe of the vast expanse above. We seek glimpse of Halley’s Comet. He tells me in his soft voice hushed in awe that the next time Halley’s Comet returns he will be long gone and I will be an old woman. As I soak in the magnificence of the Milky Way above me I feel for the first time the finite nature of life, am humbled by mortality and the impossible beauty of life. This simple truth spoken beneath the luminous and seemingly immortal stars brought understanding of my impermanence and birthed an intense passion within me to live well.

Returning to the present moment I am struck by my Father’s fragility. Age, but particularly illness are changing him. Still a giant in my eyes, our roles are adapting it is time for the daughter to carry the weight and the Father to enjoy the final walks of his life.


6 comments on “My Father’s Eyes

  1. dievca says:

    Wonderful. What Joy.
    My Parent’s are older, as well, but I still see the past strength in my Dad’s large hands, my nose at 82 and my eyes in my Mother’s face. May I be as beautiful as they are, in and out.

    • I will be lucky to have two more (generous) years with my father, he is young really at 65. Spooky to see myself and my son, each with the same eyes, caring for him where in times past my father would out perform us both leaving us breathless and exhausted in his wake. Now, well it differs. Mortality approaches and I pray it is kind. My father and I, very different yet I long for his take on reality, it is far less complicated than my own.

      • dievca says:

        Ah — he is young. Take joy in his view of the world for as long as you have it. I will pray for kindness, too. for both sets of our Parents. You will always have your son’s eyes to remind you of your Dad — that is a lovely thought in itself.

      • That it is dievca, that I have them both, blessings beyond count x

  2. jayne says:

    It is the strangest thing to see your own eyes in your father, right? I have my father’s eyes too. I hope you get to see many more smiles in his before the next comet. xo, Jayne

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