Chaos the unexpected gregarious guest, demanding entry and entertainment. I know chaos leads to harmony, to growth and evolution. Dissonance humming in the atmosphere can be transformed to resonance, if only I can hear and feel the discordant notes and guide my wisdom to attune. I know, I commit to this process but can he? I do not know. Within the duet both must tune and hear. The solo, although difficult, differs to the duet. Compromise, empathy, willingness are all welcome guests at the round table of discussion. Down to the wire now, the bone, the make or break as chaos chuckles in the corner eyeing us like a malevolent yet benevolent hawk.


5 comments on “Discordance

  1. dievca says:

    A a former soloist who opened up to become a duet — I understand the commitment issues. A single can deal with chaos one way, a duet must do it another – or fall apart. Beautifully said.

  2. jayne says:

    Oh, your first line is perfection. I had that guest and his brothers for quite a while. I’m a dead weight in the discussion of chaos resonance for two. That is or can be such a tightrope walk. I love the imagery of chaos watching just like a hunter, waiting for the right moment to attack. Quelling chaos can be done though. For me, everytime, I have to always start by letting go of the outcome I desire.

    • Yes letting go of the outcome is key as is letting go of the fear of the potential outcome x

      • jayne says:

        Those two elements have such a feeling of freedom when I read them. They sound like they represent a slightly lyrical journey but for me, it was not that. Yet, in hindsight it is that. It’s an optical illusion of the mind’s eye. xo, J

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