When gifted a glimpse into another’s soul hold it as treasure, remember its contours and magnify the beauty you find there. The whispers shared between souls are beyond any language; resplendent sound imbued with the light that forms us. Our cells speak. The knowing, the understanding simple, if heart and mind opens. The whole becomes stronger, more substantial and the ripples of knowing become wave after wave of powerful memory, holding past, present and future. I close my eyes beneath the great ocean of distant suns and open my heart to song. A voice heard but not heard as it cherishes life. The ground shakes beneath me as I worship in an empty temple, for a people long gone, but I know the souls still live I glimpse them now and then and choose to magnify the beauty within.

10 comments on “Magnify

  1. jayne says:

    This is so beautiful. You lifted my spirits. thank you, Jayne

  2. eriklehman says:

    Pure magic, yet again. Lovely.

  3. Michael says:

    Beautifully expressed! What inspired this? Were you visiting a site of a lost civilization with descendants still abound…or were you thinking of friends present and past?

    • Ah Michael your curiosity is wonderful! I guess the answer is a bit of both. Sometimes my imagination transports me to places I can’t begin to explain this is one of these occasions. Memories of ancient sites and thinking of those rare souls we meet that feel so familiar as though we have always known them…

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