I thought to weave myself a cape of memory tonight. Feather-light but warm with the nourishment of emotional enchantment. A playlist of mementos plucked from diverse times. Can scent be woven into texture that the senses would be fulfilled? Can touch be quilted within the tissues of my mind? Can memory be recalled with enough strength to empower me when silence is needed and my heart is worn threadbare? My fingers ache for the stitching that can restore this rend. All out of thread I am weaving a cloak of memories to conceal me as I take leave this place and meander once more.

Words errant satiety


4 comments on “Cloak

  1. eriklehman says:

    Seriously, you have some outstanding talent. I’m looking forward to reading your work, because I know it will be a must-read literary achievement. Say what you want, be humble if you wish. But you have what it takes. No reason to reply with a humble comment of thanks. Just know that I know, and I see you. Love.

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