“The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing” Blaise Pascal

What language is it that we use to interpret in-between the lines of communication. The moments of intuition that tell us something important is about to happen. What causes the hairs on our neck to stand up in forewarning; slow down there is danger ahead, or this person you are meeting is of vital importance in your life. That voice deep within the gut that clenches telling you to change direction when walking late at night. What are the markers that inform that there is more going on than is being articulated in the words spoken aloud?

The moment before a car crash when you know to apply the brake, turn the wheel and pray. That everything is not ok although the words being articulated tell you that they are ‘fine’. That the empty door frame in front of you is about to be filled with an insane and angry neighbour armed with a large kitchen knife. That you say to your friend ‘I’m going into town right now because I’m about to meet someone very special’ and they walk with you teasing you until the moment arrives and the someone you meet is obviously special. What senses are engaged in these moments? What thoughts?

What slows time down so that you can respond correctly? Or meet the moment fully.

I believe it is the shedding of information rather than the gathering of that hones our potential power of intuition. Our ability to feel and hear what is not noticed when our minds are full to brimming with information or overly aroused emotion that clouds our thinking. It is the balance within us between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual that gives us the most wondrous gift of presence.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not more so.” Albert Einstein

11 comments on “Intuition

  1. jayne says:

    I think the more I try to define what it is, will actually take me farther away from feeling it.

  2. Feeling is the act of not thinking about feeling. Thinking is not feeling. When we stop thinking about feeling and simply feel, it seems wonders happen… we listen to our subconscious rather than argue with it. Intuition thus flows as it is wont to do, for it is not magic. It’s not magic unless you consider the capabilities of your own mind magical and therein the story repeats, again and again until we feel obligated to interrupt it with thoughts of feeling and talking about how we feel.

    The trick, as they say, is to know when to think and when not to… and that takes some thought.

    • The subconscious is a magical part of the mind, there is so much we can accomplish through the subconscious if we were clever enough to set it tasks and/or trained it more I believe we would find our minds & selves far more relaxed and capable. Neuroscience is one of my favourite topics which, much like quantum physics, is still a field discovering itself, full of theory and wonder. The examples I gave were all true ones, there have been a vast number in my life, I find them wondrous and know, for me at least, that the more settled I am in mind, in emotion, in thought and with my spirit (or that very human part of me that craves meaning) the more often my intuition speaks. Thanks for your ‘thoughtful’ comment!

      • On neuroscience, there is much to be said. We don’t have to think about ducking out of the way of something thrown at our heads. Likewise we usually don’t have to think about what makes us feel good or bad. Much of what ‘we’ are happens in the subconscious part of our minds. I like to think of the conscious mind as just the little bit that has a veto power. Once we have acquired a skill it is our subconscious mind that uses it. Think about learning to ride a bike. When we let our subconscious mind do everything, we are using practiced skills and well founded knowledge… as long as this is good enough for life there is little stress and we have ‘time’ to see with the subconscious experience rather than focus on the tedium of details required to learn new skills or navigate unfamiliar terrain. Thinking actually ‘hurts’ … and it’s expensive. We take it for granted all to often.

      • I agree, conscious thought is expensive. The subconscious can quietly run our many systems and attend to the tasks we already have learned plus figure out what really needs to come to the conscious mind for a more attentive looking over (including intuition and alerts). But letting the mind atrophy is not good either we do need the challenge of learning something new to keep our neurons firing and our spirits nourished (rather than wither up in boredom). Excessive feeling is a concern as well, that takes a huge amount of energy and leads the brain to exhaustion… I Particularly mean negative rumination (going over and over bad past or current experiences rather than seeking out problem solving to move on, this kind of stuff) that can become obsessive and lead to mental illness. Balance. The mind and emotions like the body need good nutrition and maintenance. Good thinking and positive feeling are the minds mental hygiene.

      • That bad rumination is just more thinking than is needed. Living in THIS moment is what is needed… with some planning for the future based on experience of the past, but live in this moment and more of your senses and subconscious mind are involved. In a sound byte, be like your dog. Whatever happiness is, something tells me that dogs get it too. They don’t do any over-thinking

      • Yes overthinking which reminds us of the emotions which are then freshly aroused. Yes living in the moment is just the ticket.

  3. eriklehman says:

    Wow, that was explained so eloquently. I’ve always felt such things, but never pondered the mysterious meanings in such depth. Wonderful. Thanks for posting this.

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