Graceful navigation of the maelstrom of life can leave one worn and in need of deep nourishment. Grace can wane, calm can be disrupted but love can buoy us through the storm. When that love is touched with pain a conundrum arises; if you open your heart there is unbelievable pain but if you close your heart the pain is still unbearable and darkness worries sharp and poisonous talons into your flesh. This is not my way but I was tempted, sorely tempted, this week to deny my love, flee from grace and let my calm be damned. I came back. And when I did the maelstrom settled as I blazed with love.

Love, unthinkable really to turn from such a gift.

words by errant satiety image Patrick Smith


6 comments on “Stormy

  1. jayne says:

    Maintaining grace actually strengthens your muscles, doesn’t it? “blazed with love”- awesome imagery Errant. xo, J

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