Shake your hair loose and pluck the debris of the past free. Seek new memories, old remade, a future unseen. Reinvent your story. Call to the wild abandon within, sleeping, wake her, shake her alive. Dance, walk, stand, stamp your foot and speak out of turn. Tell yourself something true about yourself. Convince yourself it is real. Turn down that nasty voice in your head amplify the quiet one, the one that will give all your love away hold some greedily for yourself stay your giving heart for a moment to feel the pleasure for yourself. It’s more than ok to feel good. It’s damn fine. Untangle your snags. Let loose your beautiful hair. Don’t let anyone tell you there is not enough love in the world, there is, if only we would let it within.

I wrote this for a blogger friend some time ago it jumped out at me tonight so I thought I’d share it…

8 comments on “Untangle

  1. mel says:

    Aw, I’m so glad you shared this finally, Errant!!! It is so lovely!!

  2. eriklehman says:

    It’s absolutely perfect. Love.

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