Inside out

Cresent Moon

Perplexed by verdant blessing as I pass through the night filled with thoughts of spring in the wrong season. Low hung moon, huge bronzed slither all wrong in the sky where mountains should be, in the West where setting sun did pass, too early, I doubt reality. Window to obscure thoughts, I find my mind opens to the unseen and ears suddenly hear the determined whisper of the Fae, tonight? Tonight shall we play? Why not when my verdant thoughts of night and spring are all introverted and upturned.

4 comments on “Inside out

  1. eriklehman says:

    I just love that magical voice that asks to play. It tingles my brain every time. And your words hold so much emotion. Love it.

    • Yes the tingles are delightful! I have just been dancing tango (we have a national festival here this weekend) outdoors in a local park for several hours, I could hear and feel the happiness of the garden dwellers that we brought such fun to them. Time to rest for a couple of hours before we dance the night away.

      • eriklehman says:

        It sounds so magical. Now get your rest, and get back to the joy. I’m a bit jealous, I must admit. 🙂

      • I am rested and ready 🙂 tonight there will be wine, dancing and laughter. I will raise a cup to you and have a dance for you. I am fairly sure you might be hearing my laughter xo

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