What is love…

This strange emotion that takes us by the throat, that we would renege our familial history, our rationality, our all to surrender to emotion so strong it empties us of all other belief, or truth and in the process potentially deliver us to an ultimate truth. I wish with my entire self that this were true but I am yet to see love provide the ‘ultimate truth’ in this. I see strong passion full of honeyed word but no solid proof. Does this kind of love exist solely in the mind of those who write of it? Including myself. I know what I long for but does it exist? That is the ‘million dollar’, for want of a better term or question. It seems redolent of illusion of need outside of the self… the ache for the the anam cara, the part of you that mirrors the soul formed of the same clay, the part of you that mirrors the soul formed of the same clay, the one that knows you and understands you; the ‘whom’ that will understand yourself, all the better to honour… that beautiful ideal that may or may not exist. Do we dishonour/honour ourselves seeking an ideal, potential, beyond grasp? It is delicious, enticing but maybe beyond who we are now… I sincerely hope not but know we all ask this question, we all carry this deep seeded ideal. Therefore, let us honour fully those with us now. Embrace them with the passion you would wish given to yourself, grant them the honesty you ache for and deliver the response you dearly hope for. Honour the one you love, now. Perhaps they fall short, but ask yourself honestly do you meet them? Let us see where the fragments of our love comets fall before we readily set them aside. Remember, you chose them and they chose you… why?

Musical offering Wardruna ‘Solringen’

23 comments on “What is love…

  1. I think it’s out there just waiting for the right two people.

  2. dievca says:

    I think love comes from the little things — not some GRAND motion that hits you on the head. The little pieces of life that allow you to fit together. Everyone is so busy, enrapt in their personal dramas, they forget to look-to feel-to be. They miss the signs. I no longer look for the grand gesture, I look for the subtle subtext in the conversation. In return, I’ve received more.

  3. jayne says:

    I think the ideal exists in moments and the more moments, the greater the amount. I have no idea because I doubt it too. XO, J

    • Yes in the moments, the doubt causes the problem of course, if I just allow, just be in the moments I can feel. Sorry for the slow reply have been unwell today xo

      • jayne says:

        I’m no Zen monk and it’s not easy to be balanced every single day. So, life will be a rollercoaster. Honestly, I just try and live happily in between the drops. That’s all I can do about it. I hope you indulge and baby yourself until you’re better. xo, Jayne

  4. eriklehman says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Lovely post.

  5. lora4260 says:

    I believe it is real…we just have to believe

  6. Michael says:

    Love this post…anima/animus. The quest for love potentially becomes the pursuit of the divine where love replaces religion. Our ultimate purpose and aspirations become wrapped up in finding divine love. This is a lot to ask an expect from another person. Perhaps we never find this sense of divine perfection and completion in a lover. If we recognize perfection and fall just short, we have still achieved excellence. We just need to appreciate that excellence is a high bar and appreciate the gift that has flashes of perfection. None of us live in a constant state of perfection (not that you were saying this though).

    • Ah Michael you catch my paradoxical thoughts about mystical divine love and physical love. Yes, animus, meaning incarnate, and love replacing religion or perhaps leading to a greater truth than the human limitations of religious thought. My goal is to continue the journey embracing love and growing toward a closing the gap between moments of perfection… a goal I hold in highest esteem. What does this mean? To live and love the best I can challenging doubts and challenging myself to be the best I can without limiting myself with negative thoughts about ‘perfection’. Celebrating what is achieved 🙂

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