Today I am robed in red. One of my scientifically minded colleagues was visibly perplexed this morning. I asked if he was ok. He said he was not and gathered himself to explain. Apparently earlier in the week I was wearing blue and my eyes were bright blue, then another day green and my eyes were slate (blue-grey), when I had long golden earrings on my eyes were dark blue with flecks of gold, today in red my eyes are green. He was bewildered that my eyes are so changeable. I had no idea anyone paid such specific attention to my clothing or eye colour! I was astounded that this caused such a reaction; he was visibly agitated and almost anxious. He admitted it was likely that his left hemisphere analytic leanings could not make sense of it which is why it bothered him so. Of course I know, as many of you will too, that most of us have a dominant eye colour but also flecks of other colours that are picked up in different lighting conditions, clothing colour and the weather of the day; although of course I told him it was my Faery blood which confused and flustered the poor man even more *wink*.

A little but of Friday fun from errant satiety image courtesy of yonatanp deviantART

6 comments on “Mercurial

  1. Desiree G says:

    My eyes can change with my mood ……. 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    You had your colleague spellbound…and many other I’m sure! 🙂

  3. dievca says:

    I always thought that my eyes were just green…until the eyeglass fitting alignment service took a close-up photo of my eyeballs and I saw that against black they are grey! Really, truly grey. That is why they change shades all the time (I wear a lot of green!). Ha! XO

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