Errant Satiety


Who will I whisper my secrets to if not you? The truth of me, the best of me, the real of me, the brutal. Tears no longer familiar, yet you know when they will form. My provocateur, protagonist and confessional. Disturbed by your aptness in the knowing of me; when to offer wine, demand I sleep, push for written communion. Hold me when I shake, calm me when I rage. Trace the outline of my soul in darkness. Bring my nectar to its sweetness. Truth served straight up. Not a trick of mind, a true knowing. Silent moments stretch for days yet you know the real. In stillness I am found, in motion, in the words spoken to my loved ones, in the disarray of life, the lush of exultation. Once I lay in darkness, adrift on seas of past, absent locus; in you my will ignited, life sought to…

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Sweet embrace

Shelter of home

Deep within

Beyond fear

Beyond unknown

Beauty eternal

Rising to surface

Intimate illumination

Contrary to loneliness

What was once vacant

Alone and craving

Now lush

With belonging

Wings of shelter

Open to the world

Silence carries my smile


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Come taste my rapturous tongue

Dip into the elixir that is my love.

Together let us embrace the light of the moon

and let her tendrils turn our tides.

I felt you in the touch of eternities dawning

I feel you now

As your heart moves with love

Mine reciprocates

As your mind stirs

Mine echoes your thoughts.


Come taste my rapturous tongue

and dip into the elixir that is my love.


Words errant satiety image courtesy of Saimain on deviantART

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‘Men must endure. Their going hence, even as their coming hither: ripeness is all.’ King Lear, Shakespeare (1604-ish)

Glorious riches abound within. The uniqueness of our destiny is held only within each of us. Unlocking ourselves with the key of ripeness, opening our mind and hearts we become flushed with wealth.

The eyes in the mirror know who you really are. No other being on this blessed earth may ever truly know you the way you yourself can. Look deep into your own eyes and tell them daily that you love them, that you are ready to flourish and ripen. Do not leave yourself outside your own life, greet yourself heartily, invite yourself in to partake of the feast.

Magical things happen when we become one with ourselves. When we become ready.

‘Come you lost Atoms to your Center draw, and be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:
Rays that have wandered into Darkness wide return, and back into your Sun subside.’

The Conference of the Birds
Fariduddin Attar (1177)

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