Argentine Tango

A dance of seduction and skill…

Not for the faint of heart. Many people over the years have said to me: “Why tango? Salsa is fun, swing is fun, everyone dancing tango look so ‘serious’.” That’s because Argentine Tango is a serious dance, like a game of chess, a debate or a competition fight in martial arts, tango is vital, improvised and in the moment with your partner. The sublime connection of two souls each versed in their craft, one leading the other submitting, yet through her submission she provides her own flavour and suggestion to the dance. The clip above captures parts of the seeking of connection, the couple do not usually dance together so their dance demonstrates improvisation between newly met dancers (it has also been edited to be more like a music video). The same dancer Juana Sepulveda (goddess) with her more (in)famous dance partner Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frumboli dancing in the below clip … (purist note: both of these clips are dancing to nuevo tango music or electronica tango rather than traditional tango musicá. I was blessed to have seen the below improvisation when it was performed live, the poem and music is from a traditional tango legend Rubén Juarez (in contemporary/nuevo form), the dance itself was breathtaking, tear evoking and stunningly beautiful.)



14 comments on “Argentine Tango

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    Tango is sexy, it is barely retrained passion on the dance floor.

  2. You really like your tango and express it well.

  3. hispetitelle says:

    We have wanted to dance tango for so many years. Ever since we met friends from Argentina who taught us a little so long ago we’ve wanted it. The seductive connection is mesmerizing. Argentine Tango has become hugely popular in our city and now there are so many dance halls.

    So glad you had the perfect dance last night.

    • Oh I hope you do dance some more tango! Last night I danced with a visiting Argentine teacher. The dance starts with the catching of eyes across the room then meeting on the floor then a tanda of four songs together even between the music the dance never stops we are still communicating. Heaven. It’s a lovely sensation with one practiced at it because they choose you in relation to the music and in last nights case he had requested the music that he chose to dance me too, this was a big compliment to me. We have a strong tango community here but I live in a small town so the social dances are what we make them. As a teacher I was proud to dance with some of our new students even though they are still very ‘raw’.

      • hispetitelle says:

        I really do long for this. I grew up dancing, mainly jazz with some tap and ballet. I was an actor and singer as well so I gravitated towards musical theater and studied theater professionally. Had an agent for a bit and a few roles. Then life happened. I see in Argentine Tango all of those elements. I don’t see it as just a dance, but singing with my body. My husband has a strong presence and is a fabulous dancer. He loves moving me in his arms. Our time for this is coming. Hoping for the summer. Evenings are so hard to get away…long work days and young children.

  4. dievca says:

    Is dancing better with your consistent partner or is part of the joy, seeking and learning with a new partner? You have to really pay attention to your partner – fully, you have that in D/s as well.

    • Last night was a perfect example of the potential to find an amazing dance with a stranger and experience the consistency with regular partners. Both are good but they are different.

  5. Cinnamon ( Formerly Phoenixasubbie ) says:

    Just keep coming back to this post…. oh so hot…

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