The sea it called to me today. Beneath somber sky, layers of grey, my blue eyes muted, I watched. The waves rolled in, empty horizon filled with sorrow as I gazed waiting for ship that will not come. Those days are gone, my gods replaced, this world has changed. Empirical thought separates, souls are emptied and eyes flattened, consumed by greed. Yet there is sun ever shining above darkened clouds, souls still hunger for love and knowledge of living. Fire still burns within many to seek far beyond material offerings. The sea it called to me today and sweet melancholy found my heart aching to close the gap between oceans of time, that I could be home once again. Yet home is within and contentment can be gained knowing that there is much love in this world to be given and found. I will wait for the ship that will surely come.


Words errant satiety and image courtesy of Solkku on deviantART

15 comments on “Muted

  1. This had a deep feeling of melancholy, and appealed to me hugely. Superb.

  2. hispetitelle says:

    That ship will arrive. Love is always there for those who seek it because they are willing to freely give it.

  3. I wait with you for that ship, in the seas of time. Enchanting work, Dear One. I am touched.

  4. eriklehman says:

    Love. A magical post, one that infuses the heart with longing.

  5. lora4260 says:

    May the Gods and Goddess grant your wish. Magical post felt from the heart. I see behind the veil of your words. 🙂

    Love always

  6. b.l. ronan says:

    Delicately melancholy. X

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