Found purchase on earth

Celebrate the life given

Light seed, prism orb


Delicate balance

Precious gift of grace and strength

Honour to know you


Breathe, walk, live the way

Knowledge differs from knowing

Altar of living


words by errant satiety image ‘This place has known magic’ courtesy of goRiLLA-iNK on deviantART


21 comments on “Triptych

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    I enjoyed the post and the picture…great combination.

    • Thank you, it took longer to find the picture than it did to write the post! 😉 Perhaps I should start with the pictures!

      • ItMatterstoGrey says:

        There are some who do that, they find a picture and write. Either way I am sure you would have great things to read.

      • The thing is I have usually an image in my head when I am writing and if I don’t have a photo I have taken that fits I go to the combing for an image that will suffice… I’m just having a wine, I mean whine 😉

  2. Jayne says:

    I like how this felt.
    Thank you Errant.

  3. hispetitelle says:

    Love that line “knowledge differs from knowing.” It’s all theory until you get out and live it.

  4. mrmodigliani says:

    I always think of triptych’s as paintings and so it was intriguing to see in poetry form. Also, I always enjoy your mystic side.

  5. eriklehman says:

    Yes, grace and strength, precious. It’s all perfect, and the last verse is particularly so.

  6. lora4260 says:

    “Knowledge differs from knowing” Love this 🙂

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