Articulacy of Fingers


Articulacy of fingers the language of the deaf and dumb, signing of the body. Body longing. Written on the body is a secret code only visible in certain lights; the accumulations of a lifetime gather there. In places the palimpsest is so heavily worked that the letters feel like braille. I like to keep my body rolled up away from prying eyes. Never unfold too much, tell the whole story. I fear meeting someone with reading hands, in case they translate me into their own book.

In silence and in darkness we loved each other and as I traced his bones with my palm I wondered what time would do to skin that was so new to me. Could I ever feel less for this body? Why does ardour pass? Time that withers you will wither me. Will we fall like ripe fruit and roll down the grass together? Dear friend, let me lie beside you watching the clouds until the earth covers us and we are gone.


‘Written on the Body’ Jeanette Winterson – page 89-90

Image courtesy of Trung-Tiger on deviantART

Divine Seduction (a monologue)


I see you here Arachne, day after day, your clever fingers toiling at the loom weaving beautiful music from common thread. Your hands, like tiny birds plucking at the loom strings, birthing your stories; warning of the gods and their false tongues, they would have your tongue as your craft is divine. Worthy of their praise, yet defiant, you weave with human eyes. I see your brilliant soul Arachne; it shimmers within you, shimmers right to the surface of your luminous skin. I would have your clever fingers weave of my skin that I could feel the song of your mortal soul, so full of life and artistry. I would taste of your blasphemous tongue, is it as sweet as one that honours the gods? Or is it bittered by your wroth? Stay your quick fingers a moment bitter-sweet Arachne, look upon me as I disrobe you with my guile, what words will tempt you to turn from task and share a cup of wine? I would watch your sweet mouth taste of cup I pour for you, come Arachne, and reach with your clever fingers for mine. Let us lay a while in this glorious grotto, nest of creative spirit, let my thunder enter you, I long to see your soul shudder in ecstasy, let us weave a story of love for you to retell with your craft.

Words by the author writing as errant satiety image by Trung Cao

Glad Heart

20140525-225131-82291545.jpgEveryday I wake and walk this intriguing earth I am filled with wonder and gratitude. Gratitude that I wake, that I breathe, that I dwell in a form with presence of mind, with senses to absorb and take part in the beauty of life. Yesterday I was grateful for the company of good, honest men and women. Some graced with the wisdom of age others an understanding of the treachery of commercialism seeking to live a life beyond the yoke of an empty, greedy god of coin. I had the opportunity to bury a hatchet that has long caused grievous wound to myself and the community I move in and celebrate with feasting, wine, laughter and dancing. Today, I am grateful for the wind, although cold now, that rushes through the hillside of trees, a great ocean current carrying leaves off to dance and play. I am grateful for the gift of words that I can draw pictures full of sensory flavour that others may taste of my sated gratitude. Living in this way brings great happiness to me and, I believe, those around my glad heart.

Words errant satiety image courtesy of sirgerg on deviantART


passion fruit

Just love this piece from rougedmount…


lay your hands on my hot bare flesh
touch me at your whim and convenience
make me want your harder touch
by the gentle tracing of my skin
i want to see your demanding need
flare in your passion hooded eyes
i want your nostrils to flare in arousal
once you are aware of my musky scent
and i want you to punish my female form
for keeping itself from you for so long
i am not a delicate and fragile flower
to be looked at from afar and admired
i am a passion fruit, to be consumed
full of sticky ripeness and sweet juices
lay your hands on me and let me love you

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Dance of the Day


My cup is drained. Sleep has embraced me already. Yet my thoughts ramble among the sun kissed trees, half dressed in amber layers, caressed by gentle breeze, their limbs give up their remaining garments to dance before carpeting the earth in rich litter. Lids close my view to conscious life, the leaves dance playing beneath them. A calming lull to dream.

Words by errant satiety image courtesy of WiciaQ on deviantART

Learning to Kneel (part two, erotic fiction)

Part one here

Dear readers of my erotica, apologies for the delay in the continuation of this story. I have been busy and unable to complete this part until now.

Please note that this post contains Dominant and submissive themes that may be offensive to some readers and pleasurable for others. This piece is possibly unsafe for work…

Now, to the story…

We met several times after our discovery of one another. There were several coffees in as many different cafes and a meeting at a bar. In between we emailed and messaged to discuss who were and what we wanted. Then he invited me to dinner. He came to my house to collect me.

As I paced somewhat nervously I heard his voice downstairs politely introducing himself to my landlady. When I greeted him at my door he carried a bag and a blue rose. This was an attention to detail, he knew that these roses were very special to me. He handed me the rose and asked if he might come in.

His gaze took in my open plan single bedroom apartment with one sweep. He placed the bag next to my coffee table, smiling as he did so.

“This is something I intend to leave here. For later.” I nodded wondering what he thought of my home. I knew it was tidy and clean although run down from age.

“You keep a good home little one.” I sighed in relaxed contentment.

“Now, will you join me for dinner?” His eyebrows rose in question and I smiled and laughed at his proffered arm. I nodded “Yes Sir, it would be a pleasure.”

It was a nice restaurant, a very nice restaurant. He ordered for us both then presented the documents we had agreed upon. I looked him deeply in the eyes before I signed. He came around beside me lifted my face to him and kissed me deeply before he also signed.

When the waiter arrived with the bottle of champagne, he took the bottle to pour our drinks himself. We were there to celebrate his asking me to be his submissive and my acceptance of him as my Dominant. I was giddy before the champagne but I knew that this was the seemingly vanilla celebration before the consummation. My giddiness stemmed from my exultance to have found one that wanted what I did. Full immersion.

Now, here I stood before him, completely naked for the first time. I was freshly showered, my hair was loose, I wore no makeup and was completely unadorned apart from my blush which deepened right to the core of me every time his eyes touched my skin.

From his position on one of my two dining chairs he smiled at me. Rising, he moved towards me and circled slowly around me. “My little one, you have accepted me as your Sir and I have accepted you as my submissive. We have signed basic contracts which we will rewrite in three months time once we have had time to get to know one another better.” He stopped in front of me eyes on mine. “You are my blank canvas with which I will create a masterpiece. I will train and adorn you as I see fit, agreed?”
“Yes Sir.” I replied.
“Good girl.” He moved to the bag he had left before our dinner. He opened the zip slowly and extracted a leather riding crop. He stepped back to the chair and moved it so that he could sit directly in front of me perhaps three feet away. As he sat I saw he held up the riding crop, sending a thrill of anticipation through me.

“Now, my little one, you will learn to kneel for me. You will kneel with knees spread shoulder width apart, seated on your feet with your palms facing up on your thighs. You will look straight ahead. You will do this gracefully. Kneel.”

I took a deep shaky breath and sank to my knees in the position he had described. I was mostly aware of how this opened my sex to him. I wondered how he felt about my nakedness. For a long time I had been regularly plucked clean of all the hair beneath my arms, legs and my sex. My sensitive skin made shaving uncomfortable and I enjoyed my visits to the waxing salon, frankly they turned me on. All that hot wax on my body…

Thwack. My backside stung.
“Where did your thoughts just go, my little one?”
“I, I…” Thwack.
“Are you here with me?”
“Yes Sir.” He now stood before me and lifted my chin to look up at him. “What was it you were thinking of?”
“Sir, I was wondering what you think of my waxing.” He looked down at my bare open mound. He traced the tip of the crop up my inner thigh to rest on my naked clitoris.
“This waxing?”
“Yes Sir.” He smiled,
“I find it quite delectable.”
“Thank you Sir.”
“Why were you concerned?”
“I, I enjoy the waxing Sir. It feels good.”
“You have a female beautician?”
“Yes Sir.”
“This is fine for now, I might think about learning this art.”

“For now, stand. We will begin again. Slower as you lower yourself, don’t just plop yourself down, place yourself, for my eyes are on you.” I stood as carefully and slowly as I could. I remembered our conversations, my eyes met his and I breathed deeply letting his Dominance enter me. With grace and strength I lowered myself to my knees as a dancer would. My hands floated to rest on my thighs my eyes straight ahead.

This time as he circled me my thoughts were focused on him. I was in my body but in this moment I was there for him alone. My pleasure was to please him. His booted foot pushed my right knee a little more to the right and a hand moved my elbow just slightly. I understood I had not found symmetry. From behind me his voice came: “Rise again little one.” I took a deep breath and rose. My core drove me upward my feet freed to elegantly find their place. I silently blessed my hours of practice alone before the mirror and my years of dance to help me achieve this easily. Yet the crop found my thighs.

“Better precious little one, but for me not you.” I blushed deeply.

“Arms behind your back palms to elbows.” I did so quickly. I heard him sigh and then he circled to stand before me and examine this pose from the front. I was so aware of my naked breasts, never as full as I would, but they were mine. I breathed deeply again, the crop came to rest beneath my left breast. He traced around this one then my right.

“These are beautiful. But you doubt it?” I bit my lip, embarrassed at being so transparent and at the discomfort of disclosure.

“Yes Sir, I feel lacking.”

“And if I tell you again that they are beautiful?” I faltered and the crop flicked across my left nipple. Heated pain seared through me followed by delicious arousal. A smile twitched at my lips.

“I would thank you Sir and express gratitude at your attention towards my sensitive breasts.” He laughed and treated my right breast to the same treatment a whimper crossed my lips.

“You are very sexy little one. We will train long and hard but not tonight, I have some other plans for the consummation of our agreement. Kneel for me once more with your hands in this position.” I took a deep breath aware of how my breasts rose toward him as I did so. Looking him right in the eyes I gently lowered myself easing my legs apart feeling proud that my naked sex pleased him and I prayed that the silken moistness I knew was covering my labia was visible to him, that he would know how much I wanted to be his.

“Little one, look how regal you are offering me your vibrant sex; so delicious, so submissive I am proud of you. Such a good girl you will be my jewel. You will wear my marks, adhere to my Dominance and shine like the graceful beauty you are. Rise now for me little one.” As I rose he flicked the crop against my clit and held it there. The sensation was so erotic I wanted to fall to my knees once again.

To be continued…

I suggest this beautiful song to express the transformation that occurs when someone chooses to explore their submission, their desire for service. The racks on our backs on which we stack our load can devour us without a Dominant to guide us. The artist, Bon Iver, is a very talented lyricist, I would say poet, as well as musician. (A note: Kumran is a reference to Qumran the site where the dead sea scrolls were discovered. For those that are unaware, this discovery in 1947 potentially challenged the canonized new testament gospels [by providing alternative gospels mostly now explained as gnostic christian beliefs which differ entirely to Christianity] and provided a rich amount of history to fill in some of the early history of Christianity… probably not the time or place to discuss right now…)

“This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It’s the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be safe with me”



By the kiss of suns grace I bloom. Mystery of becoming written within the veins of my gleaming petals. My pollen carried on the shoulders of bees rigorous in their duty. Dust of my intent, delicate scent of my love song scattered into the winds care. Elements embrace me as I wax and wane, sentinel to the exquisite celestial dance of day and night. Ever patient, never lost to purpose awaiting the moment that will pluck me, immortalize me. Steadfast as my glimmer of life is lived, until all that remains are my whispered missives and the distant kiss of my loves intent.


Words errant satiety image courtesy of rosaarvensis on deviantART

Liebster Award!


Firstly a big thank you to Elle over at ‘The Submission of Elle’ (mature content) for nominating me for this award. It is always wonderful to be introduced to new bloggers and get to know some of those we read a little more! I really enjoy Elle’s musings and expressions of her world.

These are the questions that Elle asked her nominees:

1. How tall are you and have you shrunk? I am 5 foot 3 and a half. I always believed I was 5 foot 4 but my son measured me one day when I was measuring him and discovered I had been adding a ½ inch to my height or perhaps I have shrunk!

2. Do you have a celebrity girl crush? Scarlett Johansson smart, sexy and oh those luscious lips.

3. Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep? Once! But I can achieve orgasm without being touched.

4. How many places have you lived? I live in a country made up of two Islands and a few little ones. I have lived in many, many places on these islands and lived for much of 2011 in Buenos Aires Argentina.

5. What’s your all-time favorite book? “The English Patient’ Michael Ondaatje:

We die containing a richness of lovers and tribes, tastes we have swallowed, bodies we have plunged into and swum up as if rivers of wisdom, characters we have climbed into as if trees, fears we have hidden in as if caves.

I wish for all this to be marked on by body when I am dead. I believe in such cartography – to be marked by nature, not just to label ourselves on a map like the names of rich men and women on buildings. We are communal histories, communal books. We are not owned or monogamous in our taste or experience.”

6. Do you have any supernatural abilities? Some consider me psychic or a channel but I believe what we think of as psychic ability can manifest from those with well-honed empathy. I often write from a place of ‘trance’ especially after meditation or solo dancing.

7. Have you ever been to a sex club or would you ever consider going? No I haven’t. I would consider going with someone I trusted. In all honesty there really aren’t many near where I live.

8. Do you have any education goals? Yes, I would like to complete my masters degree in holistic psychology and anthropology. But writing has become very important to me so completing the novel I am working on is now a high priority.

9. Is there anything in your house that looks like a sex toy or a body part? Most of the artworks I have are calligraphy or framed photographs. They are not overtly sexual but most are sensual or they are literally bodies (usually dancing).

10. Do you have any piercings other than ears? I used to have my nose pierced but I have no exotic piercings.

11. Do you have some fearlessness or a bit of a daredevil in you? Yes and no. I have a goal to re-learn to ride motorcycles (something I did when I was much younger but never as seriously as I would have liked) but I am not keen on leaping out of planes! I cope very well in adrenaline-loaded situations, breaking up fights, accidents/emergencies though. I’m the calm one that takes over the situation and soothes everyone in the process.

Now for my Nominees:

Dievca (mature content)

The Sacred Road

Diary Incarnate (mature content)

Inkberry’s Quill


Breathe In My Touch (mature content)

They are all intriguing writers with diverse blogs. I know them each a little and hope that they will enjoy answering my questions!

Eleven random facts about me, which will also be my questions to my nominees (if they wish to take part that is – no obligation!)

1. My favourite quote at the moment is: “Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspirations shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.” Susan Sontag. What quote is your favourite or gives you inspiration at the moment?

2. A favourite poem that I return to again and again and never tire of is ‘Auguries of Innocence’ William Blake (1803). Most people are familiar with the first stanza (click this link for the full poem):

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

What poem has stayed with you for a long time and remains a favourite?

3. I have three tattoos that all carry deep meaning for me. Do you have any tattoos, if not would you consider getting one?

4. I listen to very eclectic music. There is however one artist that often raises eyebrows when I mention them: Nine Inch Nails and the creative genius and powerhouse behind them Trent Reznor. Do you have a particular genre of music that you listen to or is there a surprising favourite artist?

5. One of my favourite movies is Pride & Prejudice. I am a sucker for Jane Austin. Makes me cry every time. Yet I wouldn’t consider romance (or chick-flick) to be a film genre that usually grabs me. I like sci-fi, thriller, mystery, martial arts, and art house films. Is there a film that surprised you with drawing you in even though it was in a ‘genre’ that you wouldn’t normal watch?

6. Ever since I can remember I have danced. I don’t recall deciding: ‘I should be a dancer’ but it has always felt as essential to me as breathing. My first ballet teacher told me immediately that I would never dance (professionally or otherwise) with feet like mine. But still I danced. And despite body injuries that have changed the style of dance I can achieve, I still dance. I don’t think anything could stop me dancing in some form. Is there anything in your life that you have really had to fight hard to achieve?

7. When I was a child I once told someone I was adopted. This was because I felt like a complete stranger in my home. And I think because I was an avid storyteller with a vivid imagination I found ‘tall tales’ would sometimes fall from my tongue. What is the most blatant lie you have ever told?

8. I dearly wish I had learned other languages when I was younger. In my country second languages are not strongly encouraged. I dabbled with Japanese, Tibetan and some indigenous languages but never in a substantial way. As an adult I have studied Spanish/Castellano and love it and understand much more than I feel confident to speak. I found when learning Tango in Buenos Aires that it was significant to be able to hear teaching in classes both in Castellano and in English. There were some things that did not translate well. I want to keep up my learning that one day I may become fluent. I love it when my mind thinks or dreams in Castellano it feels as though a different part of me is communicating. I have often wished I could speak multiple languages and be able to read histories, poems, sagas, novels what ever really in the original language they were written in. What talent or skill would you like to develop more?

9. I sometimes imagine living in other times. There are a few times I wouldn’t mind experiencing, of course I would want to experience them from the cultural perspective of the time. When I ask people this question: If you could live at any time history, when would it be? It often starts a lively debate about what it would really be like and often when shed of any romanticism other times become foreign and dangerous. Perhaps in the light of realisation the current time becomes the favoured or a sense of ‘I am where is right for who I am’ stirs within. Regardless, I would like to be a shieldmaiden in the height of the Viking times or a Spartan living a life of pared and austere beauty, an impossibly powerful physical being or a philosopher on the cusp between the old world of the multiple gods and the new world of childlike science. Notice I make no mention of being a slave or servant in any of those times; I am answering purely from a blind romantic view point. I wonder though in other times perhaps humans were happier than many are today (there are likely to be many who were infinitely less happy too.)

10. I really dislike singing in public. My voice isn’t bad it’s actually alright but I just can’t bare public singing, it absolutely terrifies me. I even studied singing and attempted to sing in bands to no avail. Do you have a phobia or something you are afraid of?

11. One of my favourite words is ‘lush’. I enjoy how it rolls off my tongue, what it means and to me it symbolises how I like to feel about my life. Do you have a favourite word?


Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2, Display the award on your blog–by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.

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4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

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He knows…

There have been a number of posts by gorgeous men in our wordpress community that have moved me deeply this past week or so … what to do but reblog/link to them with a song that feels fitting for me (I love the lyrics, it’s a little sad though). I love reading the male perspective of life, love and art. Each of these fine gentlemen have a unique and beautiful way of approaching their lives with potent love… in no particular order…

A Faded Romantic’s Notebook – ‘Lost in Translation’

Wuji Seshat Nibada – ‘Until His Chisel Bequeaths’

Mr. Modigliani – ‘Giving vs Taking’

Erik S Lehman – ‘That Sigh’

Richard Ankers – ‘Relentless’