I dwell within a sacred temple. My body is not divine yet it houses the spark of my potential. Every act can be a moment of devotion. Attention maintained, sharp as a cut diamond. Focus is entire, neglecting no part of the self. I carry the sacred with grace and strength; it is my gift, my precious treasure to serve this world.


words errant satiety image courtesy of Hengki24 on deviantART

11 comments on “Sacred

  1. That was a fabulous start to my day 🙂

  2. cpmandara says:

    Ah, the spark of potential… for what you may become… Beautiful!

  3. mel says:

    I loved this. We neglect ourselves, so often, in such diverse ways. My body is my temple, but my heart and mind what makes it divine. And only when we are focused on all, can we properly serve. Thank you, Errant. Very wise.

  4. hispetitelle says:

    Thank you for such wise inspiration.

  5. lora4260 says:

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