Vibrancy thrums through me
Today I feel alive
Every percussive heeled step
Alert and aware
Of my strength in my submission
My beauty and elegance
Winters sunshine kisses my skin
Grace fills me
The ache for words stirs in my soul
Hunger in my eyes
I have retuned…

19 comments on “Return

  1. Wuji says:

    I like the vitality in this!

  2. Jayne says:

    My heart leapt up at seeing your post. I’m happy to see you happy.

  3. dievca says:

    I know that kiss of Sun on a Winter’s day. Welcome from your adjournment. XO

  4. HemmingPlay says:

    We’ve missed you. 🙂

  5. mrmodigliani says:

    Welcome back Errant. xo

  6. hispetitelle says:

    So thrilled you’re back and with such life and joy, too. Happy dance!

  7. Cinnamon says:

    Beautiful. I’m glad you are renewed… and back.
    Much love.

  8. … and just as I was seriously missing you! So glad to have you back! xxx

  9. Dearest Errant,
    You were Missed Very Much! I’m So Delighted to see your writings! Welcome Back Dear Friend!
    ~A 😊

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