The Ultimate Indulgence Part One: appetiser, to stimulate the palate

Just in case you thought I might have lost my sexy… this post contains naughty words and thoughts not safe for work. It depicts D/s themes, erotic, mature and sexual language. Consider yourself informed…

A thrill ran through me as I received your text message. Your words simply advised me that I had an urgent email to read before I drove home. Your email instructions are to the point. I must wash thoroughly and adorn myself only in what is left out for me in the bedroom. My hair is to be left loose. Once I have done this I am to kneel, in your favourite position, before the floor length mirror in our room and say out loud: ‘I am Masters submissive. I am full of strength. I serve with beauty and grace. I am Masters submissive.’ I am to look at myself in the mirror and continue to say the words until you provide me with further instructions.

I fall into a trance while I gaze at my porcelain skin adorned only with the ivory lace cup-less bodice you had laid out for me. I have my knees spread wide exposing my naked and smooth sex, my hands palms up on my thighs and a single thin gold chain around my hips that glitters as I breathe. I notice for the first time that my rose coloured aureole are the exact same colour as my lips. My nether lips are flushed a much darker pink and are moistening as the time of your arrival nears.

I hear your footsteps coming up the hallway and continue my mantra, even as you appear behind me and observe me in the mirror. As I complete the statement my eyes find yours in the mirror.

‘Good girl.’ You say softly before kneeling behind me and whispering in my ear, your eyes on mine in the mirror. ‘Now my beauty you will rise up and walk to the lounge. I have prepared the room. You will stretch as much as you need. Tonight you will be maintaining several postures. Think of it as a lavish feast. Once you have limbered up, you will kneel on the mat I have placed for you in this, my favourite posture and you will wait for me. I am going to shower then you are going to submit to my desires.’

‘Yes Master’ was my simple reply. His eyes upon me I rose and walked elegantly down the hallway to the lounge. When I get there I see a plush white rug for me to kneel on, candles all around this central point, various items laid out on a low table including rope, nipple clamps and various dildos and plugs. The room is very dim beyond the circle of light. I find this soothing, as though I were in a sacred space, a place of focused intention. The scent of lavender filled my nostrils and calms my slight nervousness. I began stretching luxuriously, enjoying how my muscles felt to be released from kneeling. I stretched right until I heard the shower turn off.

I knelt in the centre of the soft mat taking as much care as if Master’s eyes were upon me. I felt beautiful and content. Some people don’t understand submission, they see it as a kind of objectification or weakness but there is such a depth of trust and pleasure to be found between Dominant and submissive. I remembered how my body looked in the mirror, the soft light of the candles would make my skin look warmer and I thought that I might glow with this light on me. I took a calming breath content in the knowledge that whatever Master chose to do with me would be safe, sexy, enhance our pleasure in one another and push us both to greater trust and love. I repeated my mantra from earlier although Master had not told me too. Then he appeared; naked and regal, his cock already firm in anticipation. My nipples tightened at the sight of him. ‘My sexy beauty. Such a good girl kneeling so perfectly.’ He circled me as I whispered my response, ‘Thank you Master.’

‘Your first position will be the appetiser. Prepare yourself as this is to be at least a four-course meal. Have you stretched?’

‘Yes Master, I have stretched thoroughly.’

‘Good.’ He paused in front of me then reached for the length of rope. ‘Kneel up, toes under and push up onto your knees.’ I moved smoothly and quickly to comply. ‘Good, now arms behind your back and link you fingers together.’ I did so. ‘Beautiful.’ He began to secure my ankles to my wrists checking with me that the pressure was not too much and reminding me to say ‘tingle’ if I felt any discomfort, tingling or numbness. The truth was it felt good to be bound this way to have my breasts arching out begging to be used, my legs spread and unable to close without losing my balance. I felt sexy and beautiful and was moistening at the thought of what Master might have planned. He wound the rope across and up my arms then I heard him photographing his art. He moved in front of me and took more pictures telling me the whole time how beautiful and sexy I am.


I can see his appreciation in the hardness of his cock and the glistening pre-cum I see glittering like a jewel at his tip. My breasts are aching to be touched. Master knows it. He can see how firm my nipples are and how my aureole is swelling too. He moves toward me, his eyes taking in my form as he approaches slowly building the anticipation between us. I whimper a little as he stops before me his cock mere centimeters from my mouth.

‘You will beg, my precious little one, before I give you what you crave. Now beg.’

‘Master, please Sir, please allow me to worship your cock. Please use me for your pleasure.’

He smiles lustfully at me as he puts a finger to my lips. He slides his finger into my mouth then traces my lips. Returning his finger to my mouth he slides his finger deliberately in and out over my lips and tongue. Removing his fingers he moistens my nipples with my saliva then pushes his cock firmly but gradually into my willing mouth. As he begins to thrust in and out he pulls on my nipples, my moans vibrating around his hardness. After a few minutes he pulls out of my mouth, to my whimper of dismay, moving to pick up a bottle of oil. Smiling wickedly at me he drizzles the cold oil at the top of my left breast. The oil trickles down my breast and over my nipple tantalisingly. He repeats the same gesture with my right breast then rubs my lips with his rock hard head, his pre-cum lubricating them.

‘Open your mouth my precious slut and lick me.’ I do as he demands licking his head as best I can as he rubs himself against my lips. He is teasing me, pushing into my mouth a little then circling mylips, tapping my lower lip with his head. I want him to fill my mouth. I want him to fill all of me but I know that this is his appetiser and we have a long way to go tonight. It drives me wild when I am bound and he is using me in this way. I love seeing his hand on his hard cock as he takes pleasure in my body, while I am helpless to his control.

Now I receive the satisfaction of the length of him sliding deeply into my throat and his hands drop to my breasts again. He massages the oil across them both. Pulling and pinching my nipples as I am sequestered to this pleasure and pain. I already want to cum. I already want to beg. I can feel my silken juices starting to seep from my nether lips and I feel even sexier. He is thrusting harder now and his hands are rougher on my breasts. He is taking himself to the edge then stopping, each time pulling his cock away leaving my mouth hot and wanting. His hands cease their manipulation of my breasts, I want to beg for their return but instead I wait patiently for whatever will come next. Several times he repeats this process pushing my senses to breathlessness. Then he kisses me deeply his tongue seeking mine with a surety that sets me on fire.

‘Mmm my dirty girl is getting wet. I can smell your musty scent.’ He takes my right breast firmly in his hand squeezing so the nipple is completely taut before slapping my breast hard with his other hand. I cry out at the pleasure that shoots thorough me. He slaps again and again, over and over. It starts to sting but still I moan, the desire deep within my pussy growing.

Master takes the oil again and moves behind me. I feel the oil land at the base of my spine and trickle down between my ass cheeks. This sensation is followed by a cool smooth firm pressure at the base of my spine. A metal plug that he traces down over the path of the oil between my cheeks to my tightest entry point. He probes gently, the metal warming with the contact on my skin. Enticingly slowly, gradually he is pushing against my constricted sphincter muscle. I am whimpering and pushing back into him as much as I am able within my bindings. Finally the plug pushes beyond my tightness, filling me. My muscles settle around it. I had opened my mouth and cried out as it did, my clitoris tightening, my labia swollen and dripping. I am aware that I am dangerously close to cumming.

‘Good girl,’ his voice makes me feel proud. I want to purr my satisfaction.

‘Hold that in place and remember there will be no cumming until I say so.’

‘Yes Master, you are in control of my body. I will obey.’ I tighten my sphincter around the intruding plug closing my eyes as the sensation of fullness builds the orgasmic pressure growing within me. Returning to stand before me he takes my left breast firmly in his hand slapping it as he had done the other. I am clenching down on the anal plug and fighting the orgasm that is threatening to overwhelm me. My moans sounded dangerously ecstatic to my ears. I feel the heat of his cock pushing into my nipple as he rubs his hardness against my skin and starts to slap my nipple with his swollen head. I am biting my lip and clenching my pelvic floor muscles to keep from letting go of the orgasm he is building. Both of my breasts receive this treatment his hands massaging and pinching, his cock rubbing and slapping. Then abruptly nothing.

He moves away smiling wickedly. He picks up the nipple clamps and shows them to me. He knows this pushes me over the edge. He attaches first the right one making sure it is on good and tight.

‘Remember my beauty, no cumming until I say so.’ My eyes beg him but he just continues to smile at me wickedness giving way to lust as he attaches the left clamp. He gives the chain linking them an experimental tug I cry out clenching with all my will to stop the squirting orgasm that I can feel within me.

‘That’s it my beauty, your body is mine to command and you must wait to release that orgasm.’

‘Yes Master, my body is yours.’ I feel myself give in to his voice and my trust deepens. Suddenly his cock is back in my mouth he is riding me hard pulling mercilessly on the nipple chain. I am lost to the pleasure and pain. The focussed intent of his will holds me on the edge of orgasm.

My moans have become one long expression of ecstasy. The anal plug is pushing against just the right place, my lips, tongue and mouth are overwhelmed with the sensation of friction, my nipples are alight with pain and pleasure my clitoris and pussy want to let go and gush with my fluids yet still he rides me. He slows down to long sensuous thrusts, his voice soothing me;

‘My beauty, you are radiant in your pleasure, your skin glows in this light. In a moment I am going to allow myself to cum on your glowing skin and when you feel the heat of my seed on your body you are permitted to cum. Let yourself go completely I want to see and hear the glory of your ecstasy.’ I cannot answer, his cock deep in my mouth, I feel beyond words in our communion of pleasure. He thrusts deeply, a combination of fast and then slow until his length is no longer in my mouth and I feel the hot spurting of his cum on my aching breasts, on and in my mouth then back on my breasts. I hear my voice rise in ecstatic release, feel the flood of my juices gush out of me as I cum long and hard. He has removed the nipple clamps and is rubbing my breasts again softly pulling my nipples pushing me to cum again. It is a long time before my cries and shuddering subside. He is telling me what a good girl I am, kissing my breasts, my ear lobes, my face as I slowly return from the height and intensity of the orgasm he has gifted me. Breathlessly I speak,

‘Master, thank you for such a gift. And to think this just the appetiser.’ His deep throaty laughter makes me smile and laugh too.


Part two here


Words Errant Satiety; image from the stunning work at; a thank you to Sir Xajow over at Liberate One for the ‘mantra’ words.


10 comments on “The Ultimate Indulgence Part One: appetiser, to stimulate the palate

  1. dievca says:

    Oh, my. I will have to read this, again, more slowly to savor. XO

  2. Dearest Errant,
    Now that my heart is pounding with excitement.
    Please..I hope I don’t have to wait to long for part deux

  3. Lauren says:

    oh yes. (I can’t say anything else, my pulse is racing too fast to think. :))

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