There is something about her that imparts chivalry in the most unlikely of men. It is a rare occasion, if there are men around, for her to open a door for herself. She can feel eyes upon her when she walks, she is aware that her grace is alluring, she understands the response this can elicit and is careful to remain strong and guarded lest the eyes decide more can be taken. If her submission had a scent it would be musty with sex, laden with sensuality and irresistible. She knows the men who observe her with obvious desire are mostly unaware of what this scent, this subtle difference that appeals to them is. She waits patiently for the day that she feels the eyes upon her that recognise her very spirit and understand the need that burns within. When this day comes, and she raises her eyes to meet those upon her, she knows she will have found the one who can tame her, force her submission and give her that which she deeply needs. She knows when she meets those eyes she will have found her Master.

words by errant satiety image courtesy of Phoenirius on deviantART

12 comments on “She

  1. Jayne says:

    I just love 3rd person writing. It conjures up something undefinable…maybe because it isn’t personal like “I” or “he” ??? What a lovely image of a woman you created here.

  2. Loved the raising the eyes part. Very good.

  3. dievca says:

    M. said that He usually can sense, but with me it was not apparent at all. Too bold. XO

  4. mrmodigliani says:

    My experience is that there is this Alert that just shivers through the spine like lightning hitting a tree. After that one can smell the musk of submission.

  5. tieme8 says:

    To imagine that feeling….Beautiful!

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