The Ultimate Indulgence Part Two: A heavier combination course

This post contains naughty words and thoughts not safe for work. It depicts D/s themes, erotic, mature and sexual language. Consider yourself informed…

Part one here

Master takes my chin in his hand and firmly turns my face to look at him. ‘The second course is to be served shortly. I will untie you and you will stretch again while I prepare the space. Understood?’ I smile at him still a little drunk from the orgasm he has drawn from me.

‘Yes Master I understand.’

‘Good girl.’ He says as he begins to untie me. He rubs my arms as they are released then my ankles and legs. ‘Now up and stretch out.’ His hand slaps my ass as I move to stand. I focus on my task deliberately not peeking at what he is moving and doing to change our play space. He is completed quite quickly.

‘Now, my precious, I would have you stand at attention to hear my instructions.’ This meant legs spread should width apart, hands behind my back, hands to elbows, arching my back and pushing my breasts forward.

‘Very nice, my beauty. I am going to tie you to this low table with your head slightly off the edge. It is important that you let me know if you feel any discomfort. Promise me you will say so if need be?”

‘Yes Master I promise to let you know.’ He circles around me until he is behind me. ‘Bend at the waist.’ I do so immediately. He rubs my ass cheeks and tests the anal plug to be sure it is firm. Before I know what is going on he is striking my cheeks with what I think is a leather crop. I cry out and he continues for several strikes each side. I can feel the red sting that he will be admiring.

‘Good. Now on your hands and knees crawl to the table and climb up.’ I love performing these simple tasks for him. I can feel his eyes watching my aroused body move into place. ‘Yes, that’s it very nice my girl.’ Once I have stopped the crop finds my ass again and my thighs. I am still wet from the orgasm I have had but I begin to moisten all over again. He pushes his finger into the anal plug forcing it to fill me more and plunges a finger into my hot pussy testing my wetness. ‘Good. Now onto your back, knees up I will slide you where I want you on the table and you are to tell me if your neck is comfortable.’ I comply and he slides me back so my head is hanging below the tabletop. It feels sexy. He places a towel beneath my neck to soften the firmness of the table.

‘That is comfortable Sir.’

‘Good, I am going to bind you now.’

He binds each of my calves to my thighs then my thighs to the table legs. My pussy and anus are exposed and I am unable to move my legs at all. He now binds arms to my thighs as well. I feel secure and comfortable. When I am restrained I enter a deep calm and my senses heighten.

‘Now my precious girl it would be rude of me to continue our feast without introducing our guests.’ I gasp as his words reach my conscious mind and I see several masked naked figures step out of the shadows. I bite my lip to keep from speaking out of turn. Master’s eyebrow rises questioning my obvious near outspokenness.

‘Have you not often written in your journal that you were excited by the idea of being observed without knowing?’

‘Yes Master, I have written of this.’

‘Well our voyeurs are now joining us. They have strict rules about how they are to interact with you. The play will be safe but you will submit to my commands. Some are here to observe only and may touch themselves but not you. There are two men and two women. Now you will do as you are told. My honoured guests please remember the rules that have been set out. Now let us enjoy our feast!’ I am flushed from head to toe with the heat of shame and pleasure at the thought of having been watched in my intimate moments. Now these strangers were to take pleasure in me. I was nervous but excited.

‘Now, my dirty girl Mr X is going to take that sweet little mouth of yours and will be commanding Ms X as to what her instructions are. Mr Y will not be touching you but will coat you in his seed and also command Ms Y as to her instructions. I will be taking your delectable cunt and ass and you my dear are not permitted to cum. Not during this course or the next. You will not cum until desert is served. There will be no begging, Mr X please ensure that my little whore cannot beg.’ I want to beg but Mr X is now above my mouth and is stroking his thick cock obviously ready to take my mouth. His eyes leave me to meet Ms X’s and he speaks to her: “Ms X you will watch as I fuck this gorgeous mouth. As I do so you will lick, suck and manipulate her lovely breasts as if they were my cock. You will be merciless, let us see how long she can hold off from disobeying her Master.’ Now he smiled down at me as he lowers his naked balls into my mouth.

‘My precious girl you are to treat Mr X’s cock as if it were mine, it is only fair that you honour our guest with your best hospitality.’ I begin to lick and suck at his balls gasping as Ms X begins her task taking my already sensitive nipples into her mouth one by one to moisten them then alternately sucking, licking and rubbing them. Master removes my anal plug replacing the lost pressure with a thin dildo. He sucks my clitoris as he slowly, painstakingly pushes the dildo into me and begins to gradually fuck me with it. Mr X more abruptly pushes his cock into my moist mouth. I am overwhelmed with the intensity of my mouth and ass being filled, my nipples and clitoris mercilessly being teased.

In my peripheral vision I can see Mr Y starting to masturbate over my body his eyes watching as Mr X’s cock slides deeply into my mouth. I cannot see Ms Y but hear Mr Y instruct her to spread her legs and start finger fucking herself without taking her eyes off of him. He wants her to see that he is taking pleasure in his voyeurism. I am lost to the pleasure and pain of holding my orgasm in check. This play is something I have imagined for a long time and Master is giving it to me. Master starts teasing my slit and clitoris with his hard cock I am moaning around the thick cock that fills my mouth, Ms X is pinching my nipples and sucking relentlessly. I can hear the growls of pleasure from the two men and the moans of aching want from the women. Ms Y is not permitted to cum but must keep touching herself.

Master’s cock is pushing firmly into my pussy entrance I am trying to push toward him so that he penetrates me. He slaps my clit hard several times, my throat opens with the gasp of pleasure and Mr X takes the opportunity to take my throat. Master is removing the dildo from my ass and slowly penetrating my ass again with the dildo simultaneously as his rock hard cock slides into my pussy. I can feel my juices gushing from me I cannot grit my teeth to hold back as my mouth and throat are full of cock riding me hard now. My pussy is quivering Master pinches my clit hard ‘hold it slut.’ He growls. I give over to the rhythms, hard and fast in my mouth, sensuous manipulation of my breasts and nipples and my Masters slow dual penetration. I can hear Mr Y instructing Ms Y that he wants her now to move closer to me and to squirt over me while he coats me with his seed. She is to stand with one leg on the low table to do this. I can hear her move and start to slap her clit and finger fuck her wet pussy. The sound is highly arousing. Masters slow long thrusts are driving me wild then I can feel the excitement building in Mr X’s rhythm and guttural sounds. As I feel the hot gush of Ms Y’s ejaculate hitting my stomach, Mr X pulls out of my mouth and his hot cum hits my breasts and the face of Ms X, this is followed by Mr Y’s cum covering my stomach. Their orgasmic cries almost undo me, Master’s sharp slap to my clit ironically helps me keep in check. He pulls out and his cum covers my clit and pussy.

Everyone is breathing hard. I am moaning with want. Ms X is rubbing cum into my breasts whimpering with want. Master slaps my ass as he removes the dildo. ‘Good girl’ he says then invites the others to partake in a liquid beverage. I am panting with arousal, my clit and pussy pulsing, my silken juices dripping copiously. I am telling myself like a mantra ‘I will be allowed to cum for desert, I will be allowed to cum for desert.’ As the hot fluids dry on my sensitive skin I am calming my arousal to a manageable level knowing that there will be more pleasurable torture to come. Master and our guests are enjoying their refreshments discussing my performance and attributes. I blush deeply as the men express how beautiful my body is and that they wished to be allowed to penetrate my ass and pussy. Master laughed and advised that they would be sticking to the plan and that my ass and pussy were his alone to use. I am comforted that he will only share my mouth with them. I only wish to be owned by Master, a wish he is aware of and is honouring. I am excited and terrified as to what the third course was going to be…

Part three is here…

words by errant satiety


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  1. Cinnamon says:

    Oh My God girl… I can’t wait for dessert!! xxx

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