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Picking up from within the story-line of ‘Lunacy and the Vampire’, Evie Jayne continues to build on her richly developed fantasy world in ‘Scar Tissue’. Introducing new powerful immortals and mortals Evie expertly navigates the turbulent emotions involved in cross-species relationships and the frustration of fate within a storyline that is consistent and engaging. The female warriors are captivating and oh so very sexy as are their powerful male counterparts. Rife with potent erotic experiences and the determination to overcome evil while battling the potential of evil within, this is a fantasy world that mimics human nature and desire while capturing your attention with a relentless pace. On a philosophical note, I admire Evie Jayne’s ability to weave multiple belief systems into her fantasy world without diminishing any of them. I was hooked from the first paragraph and am left wondering what next for the light Dominion as they battle the age’s…

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Parting Mist


A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.‘ Shir Hashirim – Song of Songs – Chapter 4 vs 12, Tanakh & Old Testament

The searing heat of love burns away imagined seals of self. Through the mist emerges truest self, freedom from treacherous bonds of consuming demons of doubt. Beauty rising from the poisonous steam of dross shed, accepting, powerful, graceful and alive.

Words and image errant satiety

The Ultimate Indulgence Part Four: Just dessert

This post contains naughty words and thoughts not safe for work. It depicts D/s and voyeur sex themes, contains erotic, mature and sexual language. Consider yourself informed… My erotica is the rawest of my writing, it does not contain the mystical lyricism I express elsewhere. It is pure raw sexual fantasy. A note to my many silent readers who visit my erotica stories; thank you for visiting and reading I am glad you enjoy these tastes of from my erotic mind.

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‘Up on the table my slut, kneeling’ I obey immediately, stretching time is over it is time for dessert. I knelt with my knees together as Master had not been specific. The others were seated on the couches with drinks in hand settling in for the show. I focussed on Masters form, his member, his face, his eyes. He had picked up the crop and moved closer toward me. ‘Now spread your knees wide, show me what’s mine.’ My eyes holding his I slowly spread my knees opening my pussy to him.
‘I never tire of that beautiful pussy of mine.’ He said his erect member twitching upward as he watched me. My lust was peaking again the simple action of spreading my legs wide for him, opening my most intimate parts to him turns me on deeply.

Master approached me and ran his fingertips admiringly over the marks my skin wore, the indentations from his rope work. ‘Mmm, I like to see you wearing my marks little one.’ He placed the leather of the crop on the inside of my thigh and traced it up to my pussy. ‘You are going to cum for me, many times. Each will be expressed loudly and you will thank me each and every time my slut.’
‘Yes Master.’ I reply breathily excited about how Master might make me cum and the others watching me serve him with my pleasure and obedience.

Master puts the crop down next to me on the low table and turns to pick up two chop sticks. Master steps back in front of me holding the chopsticks where I can see them he smiles at me then turns to Mr X; ‘Mr X can you pass me the ice please.’ Master takes one ice cube from the bucket and applies it to my left nipple, I moan as the cold excites my nipple. Once the heat of my breast had melted the cube Master repeats the action on my right nipple then uses the chopsticks to trap and clamp my firm nipples. He places a clamp in the middle of the chopsticks while he secures the ends tightly with small rubber bands. Master has never done this before but it is an effective clamping method. My cold nipples are burning with the pinch and I gasp at how good the pain & pleasure of it feels. Master smiles, ‘I see this new clamping method is working for my beauty.’


Master reaches for another ice cube as I thank him for the new sensation. His eyes on mine, Master runs the ice cube over my lower lip before placing it directly on my clit and holding it there. I whimper, I could cum immediately between the pinch on my nipples and the glorious sensation of ice on my clit I was instantly edging. Master starts to circle the ice gently. My moans sound like pleading to my ears, I am begging with them. I want more pressure on my clit, I want speed, but I trust Master and let him set the pace. He drives me toward orgasm with just the ice and his slow circling rhythm I am pushing my mound into his hand arching my breasts into the pinch of the chopstick clamp as the orgasm builds. Once the ice has melted, the sensation heightens and his cool fingers expertly set to rubbing my nub. ‘Thats it my little slut, just let it wash over you.’ His words push me over the edge and I am cumming, my voice sounds strange in my ears, it is an unusual orgasm, built so slowly with such minimal friction it explodes and keeps on exploding while I thank Master again and again.

Master picked up the crop again smiling lustfully at me. Again he traced the leather end up my thigh stopping as he made contact with my labia. His eyes bore into mine as he watched my breathing slow and relax. Anticipation flooded me and I consciously used my breath to calm myself and surrender to Master’s play. Once I was calm Master took the crop away from my pussy, I whimpered slightly but moaned when he struck my right breast with it. Again he brought it to my breast directly on the pinched nipple. ‘You have been such a good girl, a good slut. I am going to make you cum with this crop sweet one. Let’s see how many strikes you need to push you over the edge.’ Master kept a regular rhythm of sharp strikes to my nipples and breasts while I let my voice express the pleasure of it. Master is aware of how much I like the crop on my breast, clit and pussy.

‘Are you ready to beg little one? Do you want the crop on your pussy now? Hot slaps to your clit?’ My clit is pulsing and my labia swollen with aching want but I am not ready to beg for it yet.
‘Please Master may I have some harder strokes on my breasts?’ Master smiles and gives me what I ask, I cry out and thank him knowing he will continue until I beg for the next phase. My pussy is on fire now and I know when he strikes me there I will start cumming immediately. I give into the need crying out, ‘Master your slut needs your mark on her clit, on her pussy, Master please, please use your crop on your sluts pussy.’ He strikes me once bang on the clit, I thank him and he commands me to move forward in a half hands and knees position, pushing my ass up so that he can spank me from behind. I am totally on the edge and as soon as I have moved the crop finds my labia, once, twice then my clit three times in fast succession and I am cumming thanking him within the primal cry of my pleasure. The crop strikes me several more times then his hand is rubbing my clit hard and the anal plug is being removed and the probe is replacing it. My orgasm intensifies and I thank him again over and over as he gently fills my ass with the probe my orgasm continues. As it wanes he uses the probe more firmly and spanks my clit hard with his hand. ‘Thank you Master,’ I automatically say as his hand strikes my clit. I begin to push back against the probe.
‘My dirty slut likes her ass penetrated’.
‘Yes Master, she does.’
‘Does it make you cum dirty girl?’ He rubs hard circles on my clit as he begins driving the probe harder and deeper. I cry out my response as another orgasm is fast approaching.
‘Yes Master, yes anal penetration makes your dirty girl cum! Oh, thank you Master, thank you.’ I push my clit hard down on his hand and meet his strengthening thrusts my orgasm sounding in incoherent words of thanks and begging for firmer touch. Master slows his ministrations as my orgasm moves from peak and slaps my ass hard pulling his hand from my clit.

‘Good girl,’ he says spanking me again and again. ‘Properly in all fours now my beauty.’ He spanks me again then leaving the probe in my ass he seeks a vibrator. He chooses my favourite seeing my eyes light up and he smiles. Then he is adjusting my pose and ensuring the probe is firmly in my ass. I moan as he vibrates it with his hand. Master runs his hand from my clit, over my aching labia then puts pressure on the probe angling it inside me. He does this several times while I purr at the gentle pleasure of this. He uses the head of the vibrator to rub my clit firm but slow before painstakingly slowly penetrating my pussy. I am begging him to fuck me with it but he slaps my ass hard. ‘In my time little whore. Don’t fret I intend to fuck you hard slut.’ I bite my lip to keep from saying anything else to displease Master. But am moaning again as he turns the vibrator on low. ‘Mmm that’s it dirty girl, a slow long orgasm this time.’ He slides the probe out a little then gently in, fucking my ass softly while the vibrator fills my pussy.
‘Oh yes Master, mmm, please, please, please, more…’ I murmur and push against him. The vibrator has a nub pushing against my clit I am rubbing against this.
‘Yes, that’s it my beauty you are going to make yourself cum on these toys but with my rhythm.’
‘Yes Master, thank you.’ I continue to rub and push against the toys filling my holes moaning and whimpering as I do. He ups the vibrator speed and I cry out with need but he stills keeps it slow, building and building until finally he is ramming me hard with the probe and vibrator and I am exploding with ecstasy thanking Master as I gush hot juices all over him. He keeps the toys pushing hard against me as I continue to writhe against them. He holds them still, the vibrator off now, until my hard breathing slows. Once I have calmed he removes them both and puts them on a towel to be cleaned later.

He returns behind me slapping my ass hard a few more times for good measure. Then finally I feel his hard erection pushing into my labia, caressing me, letting me know he is about to enter me. I stay completely still waiting for instruction, for permission to respond to his Dominance. He takes my hair in his right hand wrapping it around his fist pulling on it firmly as his hard silken cock slides deeply into my hot wet folds. His organic hardness drives me wild, I like the toys but they are nothing compared to Master’s cock. Once he has sunk into me right up to the hilt he begins long hard thrusts peppered with short furious ones. All the while using my hair to pull my body to him. My moans deepen with each thrust and change in rhythm. It is an exquisite pleasure to finally have my Master deep inside my pussy. He drives hard into me and I can hear his sexy grunts of pleasure. Then suddenly he has pulled out and let go of my hair.

‘On your back my beauty, I want to see your eyes when you cum with my cock inside you.’ Eagerly I quickly but graceful turn over, he pulls me down the table so my ass is right on the edge spreads my legs wide and bends them at the knees before mounting me again. The chopsticks pinch my nipples perfectly as Master thrusts deeper and harder into me. Orgasm is coming for me again, Master senses it and rubs my clit hard, I cry out, he slams into me vigorously and begins slapping my clit then I explode. I let go of any inhibition crying out my ecstasy and to Master in gratitude. Master keeps his eyes on mine riding me harder than I ever remember until he explodes deep inside me and I cum one last time as his seed fills me and his hardness throbs inside me. Master remains deep within me as our breathing slows and we ride the aftershocks that fire through us. Master smiles at me gently rubbing my outer legs. ‘Such a beautiful thing your submission my beauty, you are a glorious creature.’

Part 5; the night cap, to come…

Words errant satiety image from Tumblr uncredited