The rise

I had covered my fragility with a skin of stone. Believed that to be needed was to be loved. That to be compassionate was to avoid causing pain and therefore meant to deny the self. That to be loyal was to lock away the truth as a secret. That the jewel of my consciousness needed a protector. I wore the future as a brittle crown that cut and bled when I strayed from the path others wished me to walk. The butterfly of my soul flutters incessantly within the labyrinth prison of thought I have bound myself within. But to offer false hope is cruel. Trembling, I sought to open the window to allow my soul back in. Remembering the fall I realise I have allowed devolution to go too far with half-truths and excuses of why fear was too strong. But ascent is still possible. It is absolutely vital and ravenous, I hunger for it.


Words errantsatiety image courtesy of Trichardsen on deviantART

9 comments on “Rise

  1. mel says:

    Absolutely vital and ravenous!! Errant, your words simply mesmerize!

  2. Jayne says:

    You sound like someone focusing your power… getting ready for something important. These words come from strength because you know what was and what hasn’t worked. That hunger can become such a strong directional that gets louder and stronger if it’s true and also if you have the strength to deal with it – whatever it may be. xo, J

    • Ah Jayne, you see me. That is just the perfect comment. Thank you xo

      • Jayne says:

        I also saw more but it could be part of my own reflection. What I did hear clearly was determination through careful observation and understanding of oneself. I believe that it is from that solitary pinnacle within ourselves, that we are gifted with the power to achieve whatever you want. You’re a powerful woman.

      • Thank you gorgeous lady. I am gathering my power, changing my life and re-becoming. It is exciting and terrifying especially when this process has hurts others by challenging their (and my own) growth.

      • Jayne says:

        “exciting and terrifying especially when this process has hurts others by challenging their growth” It has been my experience that the cleaner and truer my purpose was, the “easier” it was to weather those outer storms. It’s not easy but synchronicity became an element of strength for me. Keeping my eye on the goal, however far away and difficult, helped me to remain diligent in my growth instead of getting caught in the necessary adjustments others had to make if I were to stay true and change as I knew I must. It’s difficult for sure. Birth is bloody but here was no other option. That’s when “To thine own self be true” became crystal clear to me. I understood why we shy away from such journeys but I believe it’s what we’re here for and that in itself makes the change a done deal. It was just up to me to complete it. Faith was to be my lifeline through it all and every tear was worth it my friend. I don’t know who said this, “When the student is ready, the lesson appears”, but I hate it and love it at the same time. I believe in you Errant. xo, Jayne

  3. ilyasstory says:

    I love this. Beautiful imagery and sincerity. You put words to my own souls longing. 🙂

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