Mystic Jewel


My words seem so simple, childlike, when I look from the I that is object conscious, bound to the mammalian, not the I that swims in quantum currents of limitless truth, aware of the knowing ripples that ever flow. We do not belong anywhere but within us, yet when we reach beyond to taste of love, real love, whole love, the heavens burst open showering us with truth that we will forget and remember again, returning home to the precious jewel of self a thousand times over. A möbius loop of divine inheritance.


Words errant satiety image courtesy of SlevinAaron on deviantART


4 comments on “Mystic Jewel

  1. dievca says:

    My musings from words:
    möbius loop = finite, closed system (self contained)
    reabsorption loop (only example I can find is the “Loop of Henle” – nephron loop – not very glamorous…) Absorbing the good stuff, growing and removing the bad stuff.

    It’s good to think. XO

  2. ilyasstory says:

    We do not belong anywhere but within us…I love that line. Brilliantly and beautifully stated.

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