Drama Queen

My dear wordpress friends, my apologies. I am going through a very hard time at the moment my farewell and goodnight post reflected my feeling a little too dependent on my blog and thinking I should separate myself from it for a while. But doing that is not really the answer to getting myself back to a healthy place. It would be more a self inflicted punishment. Thank you all, so very much, for your kind words and supportive comments on that ‘drama queen’ post.

A taste of where I am…

Loch Torridon

Forgive me I am mesmerised, hypnotised and joyously lost in a story of my own creation. Holidays for me mean a chance to absorb myself fully in the world of my invented characters and give them a chance to live and weave their stories. I will be back and I miss you all but right now my family of invention hold my attention jealously as without me they are naught. So for now, while I can, I am devoting myself to their need… don’t forget me I will return momentarily, satiated with the lengthy tale and ready to play with my everyday meandering thoughts and the decadence of the other tales longing to be told…

Errant Satiety wishing you all a delicious, hope filled and rich New Year full of the promise of 2014 (image Steve Carter)

Querer – Nuevo Tango by Francesca Gagnon

English translation Querer – to want, to love:

Querer – Want/Love

Inside of the heart
Without shame, without reason
With the fire of passion

Without looking behind
Through the eyes
Always and even more

Be able to fight
Against the wind and fly
Discover the sea’s beauty

And be able to share
Our thirst of life
The gift that gives us love
Is life

Between the sky and the sea
Without the force of gravity
Feeling of liberty

Without ever expecting
Give solely to give
Always and even more