Now a proud daughter


Just to keep it real.

Here I am not dancing with my eyes closed.



Let us make this world

something to be voraciously proud of

I was born into a darkness

I did not understand

With my own two hands

I learned to fathom

to become all I could

to continue becoming


I work to make it a kinder place

we have great influence

if you give the world

the love you want to feel


I post this link because these two songs together nicely encapsulate the world I was born into and who I have become.

Bear with me, have patience, humour me if you will and listen to this lengthy and fun (bottle of vino anyone?) live performance.

There is another option for those that have ‘become comfortably numb’




Happiness is defined in moments


Waking to sunlight kissing my skin, content to lie, still, within the cocoon of embracing bedclothes before stepping into the day. Carrying contentment in my deepest self. Glimpses of my life captured within to satisfy yearning; cats eyes blissful and closing as she says she loves me, birdsong caught in my ears as early light catches wind dancing through my garden, the laughter of a colleague echoing down the hallway as they read an email I sent, genuine praise offered in farewell as dark chocolate Ghanaians leave for the last time leaving multi coloured tribute for my wall, a moment of quiet with a friend needing soothing ear, closing the day with a tasty red wine, favourite music and broad smile. I am in love with life, it saturates me with its multifaceted emotions and delectable moments stringing happiness together a charm of memories to savour forever.

Words and image by Errant Satiety

Musical offering Ben Harper