Tear never shed

Jodhpur Sunset


restless tear



held at cliff of canthus



in corner of eye

a near perfect orb

reflecting upside-down world


momentary glimpse

time capsule of moment

limbs muted

I struggle

an ocean of feeling

swell of relentless rogue waves

devastating intensity

awash in the rigorous power

Earth’s magnificence

my tear poised


remembering rush of blood

surge of sanguine fluid

life transported in minutiae

rich with nourishment

thick with memories

parentage and ancestors

no sound passed lips

history played out

film length

beneath infant eyes

no sound left throat

as I passed into the world

fear and pain surrounding me

a solitary tear held in

never breaking cusp of lid

drawn back in

to remember

to hold

to revere

to cherish

to understand

I arrived in silence

and only ever breathed love



Words and image errant satiety