Learning to Kneel (part two, erotic fiction)

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Dear readers of my erotica, apologies for the delay in the continuation of this story. I have been busy and unable to complete this part until now.

Please note that this post contains Dominant and submissive themes that may be offensive to some readers and pleasurable for others. This piece is possibly unsafe for work…

Now, to the story…

We met several times after our discovery of one another. There were several coffees in as many different cafes and a meeting at a bar. In between we emailed and messaged to discuss who were and what we wanted. Then he invited me to dinner. He came to my house to collect me.

As I paced somewhat nervously I heard his voice downstairs politely introducing himself to my landlady. When I greeted him at my door he carried a bag and a blue rose. This was an attention to detail, he knew that these roses were very special to me. He handed me the rose and asked if he might come in.

His gaze took in my open plan single bedroom apartment with one sweep. He placed the bag next to my coffee table, smiling as he did so.

“This is something I intend to leave here. For later.” I nodded wondering what he thought of my home. I knew it was tidy and clean although run down from age.

“You keep a good home little one.” I sighed in relaxed contentment.

“Now, will you join me for dinner?” His eyebrows rose in question and I smiled and laughed at his proffered arm. I nodded “Yes Sir, it would be a pleasure.”

It was a nice restaurant, a very nice restaurant. He ordered for us both then presented the documents we had agreed upon. I looked him deeply in the eyes before I signed. He came around beside me lifted my face to him and kissed me deeply before he also signed.

When the waiter arrived with the bottle of champagne, he took the bottle to pour our drinks himself. We were there to celebrate his asking me to be his submissive and my acceptance of him as my Dominant. I was giddy before the champagne but I knew that this was the seemingly vanilla celebration before the consummation. My giddiness stemmed from my exultance to have found one that wanted what I did. Full immersion.

Now, here I stood before him, completely naked for the first time. I was freshly showered, my hair was loose, I wore no makeup and was completely unadorned apart from my blush which deepened right to the core of me every time his eyes touched my skin.

From his position on one of my two dining chairs he smiled at me. Rising, he moved towards me and circled slowly around me. “My little one, you have accepted me as your Sir and I have accepted you as my submissive. We have signed basic contracts which we will rewrite in three months time once we have had time to get to know one another better.” He stopped in front of me eyes on mine. “You are my blank canvas with which I will create a masterpiece. I will train and adorn you as I see fit, agreed?”
“Yes Sir.” I replied.
“Good girl.” He moved to the bag he had left before our dinner. He opened the zip slowly and extracted a leather riding crop. He stepped back to the chair and moved it so that he could sit directly in front of me perhaps three feet away. As he sat I saw he held up the riding crop, sending a thrill of anticipation through me.

“Now, my little one, you will learn to kneel for me. You will kneel with knees spread shoulder width apart, seated on your feet with your palms facing up on your thighs. You will look straight ahead. You will do this gracefully. Kneel.”

I took a deep shaky breath and sank to my knees in the position he had described. I was mostly aware of how this opened my sex to him. I wondered how he felt about my nakedness. For a long time I had been regularly plucked clean of all the hair beneath my arms, legs and my sex. My sensitive skin made shaving uncomfortable and I enjoyed my visits to the waxing salon, frankly they turned me on. All that hot wax on my body…

Thwack. My backside stung.
“Where did your thoughts just go, my little one?”
“I, I…” Thwack.
“Are you here with me?”
“Yes Sir.” He now stood before me and lifted my chin to look up at him. “What was it you were thinking of?”
“Sir, I was wondering what you think of my waxing.” He looked down at my bare open mound. He traced the tip of the crop up my inner thigh to rest on my naked clitoris.
“This waxing?”
“Yes Sir.” He smiled,
“I find it quite delectable.”
“Thank you Sir.”
“Why were you concerned?”
“I, I enjoy the waxing Sir. It feels good.”
“You have a female beautician?”
“Yes Sir.”
“This is fine for now, I might think about learning this art.”

“For now, stand. We will begin again. Slower as you lower yourself, don’t just plop yourself down, place yourself, for my eyes are on you.” I stood as carefully and slowly as I could. I remembered our conversations, my eyes met his and I breathed deeply letting his Dominance enter me. With grace and strength I lowered myself to my knees as a dancer would. My hands floated to rest on my thighs my eyes straight ahead.

This time as he circled me my thoughts were focused on him. I was in my body but in this moment I was there for him alone. My pleasure was to please him. His booted foot pushed my right knee a little more to the right and a hand moved my elbow just slightly. I understood I had not found symmetry. From behind me his voice came: “Rise again little one.” I took a deep breath and rose. My core drove me upward my feet freed to elegantly find their place. I silently blessed my hours of practice alone before the mirror and my years of dance to help me achieve this easily. Yet the crop found my thighs.

“Better precious little one, but for me not you.” I blushed deeply.

“Arms behind your back palms to elbows.” I did so quickly. I heard him sigh and then he circled to stand before me and examine this pose from the front. I was so aware of my naked breasts, never as full as I would, but they were mine. I breathed deeply again, the crop came to rest beneath my left breast. He traced around this one then my right.

“These are beautiful. But you doubt it?” I bit my lip, embarrassed at being so transparent and at the discomfort of disclosure.

“Yes Sir, I feel lacking.”

“And if I tell you again that they are beautiful?” I faltered and the crop flicked across my left nipple. Heated pain seared through me followed by delicious arousal. A smile twitched at my lips.

“I would thank you Sir and express gratitude at your attention towards my sensitive breasts.” He laughed and treated my right breast to the same treatment a whimper crossed my lips.

“You are very sexy little one. We will train long and hard but not tonight, I have some other plans for the consummation of our agreement. Kneel for me once more with your hands in this position.” I took a deep breath aware of how my breasts rose toward him as I did so. Looking him right in the eyes I gently lowered myself easing my legs apart feeling proud that my naked sex pleased him and I prayed that the silken moistness I knew was covering my labia was visible to him, that he would know how much I wanted to be his.

“Little one, look how regal you are offering me your vibrant sex; so delicious, so submissive I am proud of you. Such a good girl you will be my jewel. You will wear my marks, adhere to my Dominance and shine like the graceful beauty you are. Rise now for me little one.” As I rose he flicked the crop against my clit and held it there. The sensation was so erotic I wanted to fall to my knees once again.

To be continued…

I suggest this beautiful song to express the transformation that occurs when someone chooses to explore their submission, their desire for service. The racks on our backs on which we stack our load can devour us without a Dominant to guide us. The artist, Bon Iver, is a very talented lyricist, I would say poet, as well as musician. (A note: Kumran is a reference to Qumran the site where the dead sea scrolls were discovered. For those that are unaware, this discovery in 1947 potentially challenged the canonized new testament gospels [by providing alternative gospels mostly now explained as gnostic christian beliefs which differ entirely to Christianity] and provided a rich amount of history to fill in some of the early history of Christianity… probably not the time or place to discuss right now…)

“This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It’s the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be safe with me”

Flustered, part II (erotic fiction)

This post contains mature erotic content based on (light) D/s themes that may offensive to some readers and highly erotic to others. Not safe for work. That said, enjoy. Part I here…

Arriving in the bedroom I was to lie down on the padded chest at the end of the bed. Sir had it made so it was high enough for him to penetrate me if he desired but it would not be an obvious piece of sex furniture. He removed my nipple clamps sucking each nipple deeply until I moaned before he turned the chest length ways, instructing me bend over the chest, face down, stretching my arms above my head. He showered me with hard spanks then kissed my burning skin. I heard him get out the cane and swish it through the air, my skin prickled in anticipation, I had only experienced the cane a very few times. “I will give you five each side. You will count.” He ran the coolness of the cane up my inner thigh and over my hot ass before raising it and bringing it down. The sting took my breath away but I remembered to count. The second one brought tears to my eyes; the third, fourth and fifth cries. He rubbed aloe vera into this ass cheek before starting on the other, I counted and whimpered then he was rubbing the aloe in and crooning to me “such a good girl, so sexy and obedient. You are going to cum for me now.” Then he was licking my pussy parting my lips and sliding his fingers inside my velvet-wet depths. He teased my sensitive clitoris but knew I was a tightly coiled ball of sexual arousal right at the peak of orgasm so he paused tortuously often.

My ass stung brutally from his punishment but the sweetness of his touches was drawing me closer and closer to a deep and engulfing orgasm. His tongue probed my tight ass drawing deeper moans of pleasure from me. His fingers slid in and out of my slick pussy in time with his tongue pressure “You like that my dirty girl?” Sir asked as he probed deeper, knowing full well the shame I feel for liking ass play. “Yes Sir, your dirty girl likes your tongue on her ass.”
“I want you to cum for me, I am going to slid my finger covered in your salty sweetness into your tight little ass hole and you are going to cum for me.” His voice had me right on the edge but I managed a breathy reply, “Yes Sir.” True to his word he withdrew his fingers from my hot pussy and slowly slid one finger into my ass. My orgasm exploded through me a wave of intense pleasure from this one small manipulation of my body. I let my voice express the depth of the orgasm; his fingers found my clit and pushed me further not allowing the orgasm to wane. My ecstatic moans increased in volume as my Sir slid another finger into my wet and willing pussy. “Now my sweet girl you will soak me with you fluids only then will I penetrate you.” I was unable to answer the sweet crescendo he was building had me beyond forming words. His fingers retreated and a sharp thwack across my blazing buttocks brought back my tongue, “Sorry Sir, I was lost in the bliss you are giving me, yes my Sir I will ejaculate at your command that you would give me penetration. Oh Sir how I want your cock inside me.” He rubbed my ass cheeks, “Better.” His fingers returned, firstly the one in my ass then in my pussy then more rubbing my swollen clit. The combination was perfect the angles just right, within moments I had flooded him with my juices and I heard him moan his pleasure. He keeps riding my ass with his finger as I hear his trousers drop then his hardness is pushing against my pussy tantalizingly poised to enter, I cannot help but beg “Please Sir please fill me with your hardness, claim this body that belongs to you.” I have spoken out of turn he growls and grabs my knotted hair pulling on it fiercely as he enters me deeply with brute force.

He is fucking me viciously two fingers now in my ass, his hand yanking my head back and his manhood gorging on my hot flesh. Suddenly I am on the verge of cumming again his fingers leave my ass and he brings his hand down on my burning cheeks again and again, he does not allow me to let go, fucking me harder and deeper my will is slipping, as if he knows abruptly he is still. He withdraws commanding me to rise and settle myself at the end of the trunk. He seats me just on the end legs spread wide, breasts out hands behind my ass cheeks to support me, feet tucked into the nook designed for this very position. He watches me as hungrily as if it were the first time he has seen me proudly spread open before him. His eyes on the moisture leaking from me onto the cushioned trunk. Watching my parted lips as I wait eager for whatever is to come next. He tweaks my nipples hard his erection twitching with the pleasure. He grabs my right breast firmly with his whole hand and slaps the nipple firmly several times then sucks viciously at it, unbidden moans pour out my of throat. Turning his attention to my left breast he repeats this procedure biting the soft flesh sharply causing me to suck in my breath.

He reaches for a large dildo and pushes it into my mouth. “I want to pound your soft flesh until you are spent I am going to push you further than ever before my treasure you are so wet and hot I want to fuck you and claim you again and again.” The dildo is still in my mouth he pulls it out holding my eyes “Please claim this one Sir, I am your girl to do with as it pleases you.” He smiled and kissed me, “That’s my good girl.” He traced the dildo down my form over my now aching nipple, then he traced further down to part my moist nether lips dripping with want. My stinging ass was hurting from sitting on it but this did nothing but heighten my arousal. He penetrated me deeply with the dildo, it was huge, much larger than any he had used before I held steady as he pushed it as deep as possible allowing me to become accustomed to its size then he began fucking me with it in earnest. My body seemed to be trying to stop it entering but his insistence and my wetness allowed him to push past my tensing. Firmer he plunged as I began to feel another orgasm rise. He slapped at my breasts with his free hand, “Keep your pose, breasts forward, straight back.”
“Yes Sir,” I whimpered as the pleasure deep within my stretched pussy grew in intensity. I cried out wordlessly,
“Hold it my dirty slut. Let it build higher first.” He increased the pressure and speed within me I whimpered my plea
“Please Sir, please let me cum.” He rammed harder but did not give permission then he was rubbing my clit firmly and finally said “Now.” I came loudly more fluid gushed from me, suddenly the dildo was gone and Sir’s much smaller, but more organically heated cock was inside me driving the orgasm further again and again I released over him, struggling to maintain my pose.

He pushed me onto my back with my legs spread pointing up to the ceiling. “Hold this position.” Then the dildo was poised at my swollen lips and his cock at my tightest entrance. He slid both inside me simultaneously I moaned at the pleasure and the pain of holding my legs suspended in the air. He found his rhythm I cried out to god and my Sir was telling me to touch my clit “rub it hard dirty girl, slap your nub until you cum for me again.” I did as I was bid, orgasm tearing through me as I did so. My breasts ached, my ass cheeks burned, my thighs burned from holding them up and spread wide but still I came harder and harder. The pleasure overwhelmed me I was awash in an ecstatic release that was only pushed further when my Sir finally allowed his own release. The pleasure still washed through me my body pulsing with the orgasms retreat. After some moments of stillness and our breath returning to normal my Sir spoke, his voice softened with his release. “Such a good girl, I think I should bathe you before you sleep.” He lowered my legs and moved me so I would be more comfortable as he went to run the bath for us. I lay listening to him whistling an old tune as he went about this task, utterly spent and calm thanking my lucky stars for such a wise and generous Sir.

An Artist and His muse; Introductions

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) "Philosophy Unveiling Truth"

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805)
“Philosophy Unveiling Truth”

Continued from Morning Yearning

 A glorious week had passed. Each day offering more delights to my palette of experiences. Long days and nights of sensuous lovemaking and rampant fucking, his daily delight in washing me, feeding me and binding me in creative postures whilst he drew me. Sometimes we would be in silence for hours while I posed or we would talk through all manner of topics. I was becoming accustomed to being left bound when he went out for supplies and he had taken me out to a café for lunch whilst I had a butt plug inserted within my no-longer taboo ass. He sat next to me that he could penetrate me with his fingers and tease my clitoris edging me all through the meal until my panties were soaked and he knew I could no longer hold off. On the way home he pulled me into an alley and fucked me roughly against the wall his hand over my mouth to silence my orgasmic pleasure. He had assured me that we would sight see but not yet. He was still in the process of claiming me and once I truly submitted then we would genuinely venture out into the streets of Paris.

I knew you had something particular planned for today your bright blue eyes gleamed wickedly. As you washed me you were humming, I tried to place the song but was struggling. I thought it was Strauss but I often muddled composers names I dared not to guess incorrectly knowing that you were intent on real punishment from now on. You had informed me last night showing me the potential instruments you would use, a leather riding crop, a bamboo cane, a wooden paddle and you pointed to your belt. I could see your obvious excitement but these items terrified me. You soothed my worry letting me know that you will take good care of me and never push beyond what I could handle. You remind me this was part of our agreement and that I was free to leave at anytime. If you were to truly own me I needed to surrender and I was becoming accustomed to your hand on my cheeks. I had reddened in remembrance and ached at the thought of my reaction to his spanking me I would drip with desire and beg for more. The sight of his mark on me in the many mirrors in the studio was a reminder of how deeply being with this man was affecting me. I instinctively knew that any other form of punishment would stir the same response.

After our ablutions he had me stand with spread legs and fingers laced behind my back as he tantalizingly massaged coconut oil into my porcelain skin. This sent me into a trance there was only my body and his hands on me firmly, expertly caring for the organ of my skin. He took my hand when he had finished and placed it on his hardness “See what you do to me my sexy muse.” I moaned as I felt how hot and erect his velvet smooth cock was. I let him see in my eyes my desire to taste him. Amused he smiled like a man with a secret “I have other plans for us today, to the bed my dirty girl.” I tear myself from his gaze and walk to the bed. “Lay face up in the middle of the bed.” I do as he asks, then his eyes on mine he begins to bind me first my ankles then my wrists. Kissing me fiercely and giving me a reassuring smile he places a blindfold firmly over my eyes. “You are going to need to trust me implicitly today my muse. There is something special I want you to experience. I believe it will give you great pleasure but it is ok to be scared. This is something I have wanted for a long time but in you the desire has grown so strong I have made it a reality. This will be a gift for both of us.” There was a knock at the door, “Right on time.” He said and I could see his smile in my mind.

My heart was pounding. Who was here? What had he planned? Perhaps they were delivering something… I knew deep down that this was not the case. I heard him unlock and open the door greeting someone in French her voice in reply. A woman? They greeted casually as if she were coming for coffee. I relaxed a little. Perhaps she was here to draw me too. There was something about their tone that assured me they were friends rather than lovers I was somehow certain of it. Humiliation raged through me as I heard the door close and lock again and the clicking of her heels as she entered the room. My French is poor so I was unsure what they are saying to each other. I heard a bag being put down and other indistinct rustling sounds. I am painfully aware of my open naked sex my exposed breasts, my bindings giving me no option but to be laid bare to the eyes of this stranger. I bit my lip as panic rose within me. They were approaching the bed now. “My sweet muse, this is Amelia she has come to assist me today.” I knew I was blushing crimson but that he expected me to reply. Hot tears came to my eyes “Bonjour Amelia.” I stuttered. Amelia replied to me “Un plaisir de vous rencontrer, la muse.” Then she directed her voice back to my Sir “Elle est magnifique. Merci de m’inviter pour la partager.” I was trying to understand but the shame of the moment over road my ability to translate. All I caught was that she thought I was magnificent. “Amelia, “ his voice centered me. “Shall we speak in English? She does not know my intentions here today.” Amelia laughed, “You are too cruel!” Her voice was lovely I imagined she had dark hair and golden brown eyes. “Shall I tell her Monsieur? Or may I simply touch her and you can explain.” These last words had me squirming, “My beautiful muse, Amelia is here to open your body to another woman. I deeply desire to see you pleasured by her and for you to taste her body that you might know the pleasure I gain from yours. I have no intention of touching Amelia; she is not interested in men. We are good friends and she has agreed to make my fantasy a reality. She will permit me to join in but she and I will be focusing on you.” He wanted me to be pleasured by another woman? My brain was overwhelmed; I did not want this stranger to be touching me. “Amelia, please begin.” I heard the unmistakable sound of her shoes being removed and the rustle of clothing then the bed shifted a little as she climbed up next to me. I was trying to calm my mind my breathing was erratic. “It’s ok little one,” Amelia crooned to me. “I know you don’t want me to touch you, that you haven’t asked for this but I will please you. I love to make women feel pleasure. Despite your fear, despite the thought that it is wrong, you will be pleasured and your man demands it. He wants to watch you enjoy what I do to you and what I will ask of you.” Despite myself I felt the familiar twinge of desire form deep within me.

“Mmmm, you are very beautiful.” Her fingers lightly touched my cheek and trailed down to run over my full lips. In an intimate gesture she pulled my lower lip down a little slightly parting my lips. Then she ran her finger down my chin and neck to circle between my breasts. My nipples hardened immediately. “See your body wants me to touch it.” Now she circled around the base of my breast spiraling up to my nipple she continued in tiny circles sending sparks of arousal through my body. Now she repeated the same treatment to my other breast and nipple. I imagined my Sir watching this and the pleasure he said it would give him to see me with her and I started to let my fear ebb away. She wasn’t going to hurt me. Now her mouth bent to my other breast licking firmly before sucking. I moaned. She sucked harder continuing to rub the other breast with her fingers. Her hair cascaded across my body silken against my skin. “You see, your nipples talk to your clitoris, you are swollen and aching aren’t you? If I slid my finger inside you I would find you slick.” I moaned again it was so strange to have a woman touching me. “Answer me girl.” Although I blushed deeply her voice held the same commanding tone as my Sir and I felt compelled to answer her “Yes Madame I am swollen and aching, I am wet.” She sucked my breast more deeply and massaged the other squeezing the nipple taut before pinching it hard between her forefinger and thumb it was exquisite agony. “Good girl, your Monsieur is watching you closely I can see how hard he is getting seeing a woman bringing you pleasure. Maybe if you are good girl he will give you his hard cock.” She continued to tease both of my nipples with her fingers then her lips were on my mouth and her hot tongue pushing between my lips gently probing seeking entry. I gasped her lips were soft and inviting I opened my mouth to her and let her taste me. My tongue came to life responding to her prompts my feet pulling against the restraints.

She moved to straddle me now I could feel the top of her stockings where the garter would meet them against my thighs. I suddenly wanted to see her and wondered if I would be permitted. Her pelvis was hovering just above me as she leaned forward to kiss me some more. Her kisses trailed from my mouth down my body over my breasts and stomach. “Monsieur, if you would like to join us I am going to feast on your muse and edge her until she is writhing and begging. You may want to observe more closely?” I heard his movements as she resumed her kissing and teasing me with her tongue. She ran her tongue down my inner thigh I wanted her to taste me she had me so wet and I wondered what her soft mouth and slender fingers would feel like. “Your muse smells so very sweet Monsieur, I think she likes my mouth on her. I think she wants me to taste her velvet depths.” I nearly spoke, I nearly called out “no” but I knew it wasn’t truthful. I wanted to know what it would be like to cum with a woman’s mouth on me. Her breath on me, so close to my sex, was tantalizing I arched toward her a little and she chuckled slightly before her tongue brushed my clitoris and I moaned loudly. She started lightly pushing her tongue inside me her pleasure moan vibrating against my skin. Then his mouth was on my breast I thought I would cum on the spot but I didn’t have permission from either of them. I pulled on my restraints to help give me the strength to hold on. She slid her fingers inside me “Oh so very wet for me naughty girl.” He slapped my breasts as she fingered me and licked my clit. He was pinching my nipples as she started sucking firmly, I cried out. She paused fingers almost stopped, just ever so slightly moving then the flicker of her tongue lightly teasing my nub, Sir holding my nipples like a clamp then as she started her rhythm again he rubbed my nipples and breasts mercilessly. I could feel his hard cock against me and wanted it in my mouth to contain the moans that were gushing from my mouth. He rubbed his pre-cum on my breasts and repeatedly slapped my nipple with his head. “Oh Sir.” I cried and pushed into her fingers wanting her deeper inside of me. “That’s it my dirty girl, let Amelia drive you wild. It turns me on so much to see her pleasure you knowing it will be my cock that fucks you.” His permission drove me wild. I pushed against Amelia’s tongue and fingers and started to beg her. “Please Amelia, make me cum. I want to cum on your mouth.” She slapped my clitoris hard I cried out it was too good. I couldn’t hold on. Then she removed herself “no, no, please, please.” I pleaded. Amelia chuckled, “Not until you have tasted my juices little muse.” Fear hit me again but my desire was inflamed.

Before I knew what was going on she was sitting above my mouth facing my Sir. I could smell her musty womanliness so like my own. My Sir was still touching my breasts lightly his cock pressing hard against me. Amelia was releasing one of my hands from the restraints but placed her foot on my wrist so I could not yet move it. “Now, little muse, I want you to think of what your Sir does to you, how his mouth explores you. You are going to make me cum thinking about your Sir making you weak at the knees and begging for more. When you want to feel my depths with your fingers you will beg to have your hand released. Is that understood?” Her pussy was so close to my mouth and I found I wanted to taste her to make her feel what he does to me. “Yes Madame, Yes I understand.” Then she pushed her clit to my mouth and I reached gently for it with my tongue. I thought of all the times he had licked me and I took my time I tasted deeply of her wet depths and moaned with the sensation and the knowing that she was responding to me. I opened my mouth wide and pushed as far into her as I could then I begged for my hand to be freed. Once it was I placed my index finger against her ass and allowed my middle finger to enter her. She moaned and pushed against my fingers both now penetrated her she was riding them blissfully. I gave her my tongue and she gasped I imagined she was touching her own breasts. My Sir had moved and I felt his hard cock pushing against my clitoris as he rubbed himself against me. I suckled at her nub and felt the orgasm rising within me. My Sir’s cock and the heady taste of this woman’s juices driving my wild. I could hear her voice changing her orgasm was coming. I increased my fingers speed and depth and was rewarded with her unmistakable cry of ecstasy peaking. Her vulva pulsed around my slender finger her ass clamped me and hot juices gushed over my face. This frightened me and I turned my head “My beautiful muse taste her know what it is like when you gush your hot orgasm all over me, drink my beauty.” His voice directed me and I responded swallowing the hotness of her, I felt her peaking again so I licked her hard until again she was gasping. My Sir plunged his hot hardness deep into me then rode me a little growling like some kind of beast. Amelia was sucking my breasts hard.

“Turn her.” He simply said releasing one of my feet. Amelia released my other arm and they flipped me over. He pulled me roughly up onto my knees “get your hands under you” he said voice his rough with emotion. I felt Amelia slide under me then suddenly her tongue was on my clitoris and Sir plunged into me again. He rode me hard for a moment claiming me as his own then he slowed, Amelia’s hands found my breasts and I was falling into an abyss of pure orgasmic pleasure, “Sir, I am so close may I please cum?” He thrust into me hard and fingered my ass “My beautiful whore you will cum now and not stop until we are spent.” He thrust his fingers deeply into me as he rode me Amelia sucked my clitoris hard while pinching my nipples and I lost myself to the orgasm it peaked and troughed as they un-relentlessly drove me. Amelia’s hands left me and I could hear he touching herself beneath me. I dropped my head to her finding her fingers and her wetness and thrust my fingers deep inside her pounding her as Sir pounded me. Her moans vibrated achingly against my clit I soared again as she did and then my Sir thrust with a final guttural cry. We all continued to shudder Amelia and I entwined, my Sir deep inside me.

Amelia moved first. She disengaged herself and I felt her move from the bed then heard her dressing. She spoke, neither of us moved. “Thank you both for this delightful gift you have shared with me today. I will never forget it.” I heard her heels clicking across the floor. My Sir lay down beside me and removed my blindfold. I caught a glimpse of her long dark hair as she disappeared through the door. Sir gazed at me eyes filled with love. “Thank you beloved muse. I have imagined that experience for a long time, a dominant woman forcing my muse to pleasure for my pleasure. That was delightful.” He kissed me and I him but I was silently absorbing the enormity of the experience. He held me for a long time then drew me, as I lay there still lost in the sensations and the submission. Somehow I felt even more submissive to him, more owned, more His by allowing someone else to manipulate me for his pleasure. Something turned inside me a key opening a part of me that had long been locked away, my submissive nature was emerging under his tutelage and as I gazed at my Sir I felt a sudden urge to call him Master.

Words by errant satiety image Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805)

The Artist and His muse; Morning Yearning

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

An Artist and His muse continued from Evening Meal

I woke to his eyes upon me observing me sleeping. I smiled; the sensation of waking with his blue eyes gazing intently at me was disconcerting but delightful. He kissed me lightly on each eyelid and bid me good morning. Then he rose to prepare a simple breakfast. He ordered that I rise and put on his shirt again leaving it unbuttoned that he could feast on my body. My hand self-consciously went to my hair thinking I must look a fright. “Leave it, I like you looking disheveled for now. The time for grooming is after our breakfast.” He sat me down across from him his eyes drinking me in while we ate our hot buttery croissants and drank thick dark coffee. Our appetites satiated, it was time to shower and groom.

In the bathroom he removed the shirt from me and started the shower running above the bath. While it warmed he brushed my hair. “You will stand beneath and facing the water stream feet should width apart hips pushed back breasts pushed forward with your arms above your head.” I climbed into the bath and moved towards the flowing water it was the perfect temperature. I spread my legs pushed my hips back and raised my arms above my head. He climbed in behind me and pressed his body against mine. “Push your breasts forward a little more,” I obliged him “That’s it, doesn’t that feel sexy? Your breasts extended to receive the caress of the water your labia open and exposed?” His breath was at my ear as he softly said this to me. “Yes Sir.” I breathed back feeling exactly as he described my nipples had hardened and wetness was growing in my softly pulsing sex.

He moved slightly away then he was back and was rubbing soap onto my breasts from behind me. He massaged the whole breast and pulled my nipples as he did so.  I could hardly bare to stand still while he cleaned me and aroused me this way. His artists hands danced across my body, under the curve of my armpit up my arms then back to my taut nipples and breasts. I moaned and pushed my buttocks into him. “Oh I know my little slut you want me to let you cum but not yet my sweet muse. I like it when you are ravenous for me.” I whimpered and he chuckled quietly continuing his teasing while he washed me. He had worked down to my stomach and now reached between my legs spreading my labia and stroking me, “Ah such a very wet little slut. Good girl.” He soaped and massaged me then very thoroughly removed all traces of soap. Then he moved away slightly and began working on my buttocks and exposed anus. This made me nervous but I stayed still and kept my hands above my head. Once he was finished with me he ordered me out and to dry myself while he cleaned himself. I was mesmerized by his hands on his own body I wanted my hands on him. I watched as he soaped and cleaned his member my body wanted him. I wanted that gorgeous cock to be within me. I felt the pulse of need heighten within me.

He turned the water off and stepped out to join me. I handed him a towel. He could see the naked want in my eyes. “Yes you are even more beautiful when you are wet and aching for me. He dried himself and again I watched him. “Now,” he said as he reached for a black silken robe and put it around him, “we are going to try this again. Walk to the bed climb up on it, place yourself on all fours and wait for me.” My blue eyes smoldered sultrily into his. He smiled at me and inclined his head slightly towards the bed. I turned and walked slowly thinking of all that he might do to me what height he would take me to before making me wait and how long would I ride the edge of want. He enjoyed my orgasms but he was in charge of them. I could feel my wetness starting to drip from my swollen sex the anticipation was deeply arousing.

I climbed up onto the bed remaining close to the edge so that he could easily access me I turned my head back slightly to be rewarded with the sight of intense desire in his eyes as eh approached me. Again he oiled my buttocks particularly carefully where he had left his mark on me yesterday. Now though he reached under me and stroked my eager breasts oiling my nipples with what was left on his hands. I moaned deeply as my clit swelled from his manipulations on my breasts. He pushed me forward now face down to the bed and ass high in the air. “So gorgeous,” he breathed then his hot wet tongue was on my swollen clit and painfully slowly he gently traced the length of me right to my budded rose I tensed momentarily then his tongue was removed only to be applied again to my clit and again slowly traced the length of me. Several times he repeated this then he paused longer at my private entrance and pushed his tongue harder into me. I tensed and spoke “Please Sir, you remember,” he cut me off. “Do I have to restrain you? Or gag your pretty mouth?” I shook my head ‘no’. “Good, I well remember you have not experienced ass play my sweet pearl and I intend to introduce you. Another word out of you without permission and I shall restrain you and chastise you, only not with my hands this time.”

I try to relax as his tongue returns to push into me harder and I feel him reach the point of my sphincter muscle he swirls his tongue now and I find pleasure growing. He darts his tongue back and forth and my sex aches deeply. Then a finger is pressing against my tight ass and he is pressing it softly in and out, not breaking past the sphincter just teasing. I want to gasp it feels good and I want more. My ass pushes back into him creating deeper penetration. “See my little whore you want it.” I moan in response not caring anymore about the taboo, he is bringing me such teasing pleasure. He starts to twist his finger as he pushes past the tight sphincter muscle and slides ever so gently inside, I moan deeply. Slowly and gently he slides his finger in and out. Then he is drizzling more oil between my cheeks lubricating his finger and my ass. Oiled fingers press against my clit and I wantonly rub against these and push into the finger probing me.

“Slowly girl, feel it build, I will let you rub against me but only to the rhythm I am setting.” I slow my thoughts and relax into the feelings coursing through me. Oh God it feels so good! His touch becomes incrementally harder, the finger probing slightly deeper as it rubs back and forth inside my ass, fingers pressing harder on my clit pushing the hood open exposing my nub of bliss. The tension is building then his finger is deeper and igniting something I have never felt before I cry out. “That is the g-spot in your ass my little slut. It feels good doesn’t it?” I realise he is asking me a question I feel I am going to cum at any moment but I try to answer him, “Yes Sir, so very good, Oh God.” He chuckled deeply, “Not God, Sir.” I want to beg ‘just a little harder Sir, a little deeper’ but his threat of punishment rang in my ears. He continues his slow playing of the instrument that is my body driving the wave higher and higher and just as I start to peak he removes his fingers from me completely. “Now stay just like that, pushing your glorious ass and cunt up to be worshiped, dripping and begging to be fucked. I am going to sketch and you are going to wait quietly until I am done.” I want to cry but know that is petulant and ridiculous “Yes Sir” I say pushing my ass higher.

I hold the sensation of want within me like a thought I do not want to lose. I clench my vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles and my clitoris and keep raising my ass begging him silently to return and finish the symphony he began. I hear the pencil caressing the page of his sketchbook and remember the push of his finger inside my tight ass. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. I force myself not to rock, just keep offering him my prize ‘please Sir please fuck your whore’ I think to myself. I want him to penetrate my ass again such a different sensation one I had always been too scared to try. In the bath he had started to introduce the idea but panic had struck me on the bed until he commanded I stop. I found myself moaning into the bed and arching my back pushing my ass as high as I could. I hadn’t heard him move but he had returned, his tongue caressed my clit then my ass. He probed my ass again deeply with his tongue. More oil drizzled down my cheeks then his finger was at my entrance pressing firmly but not yet entering “Tell me my good girl, my little whore, do you want me to fuck your ass with my finger?” “Please Sir, please fuck my ass with your finger.” He pushed deep inside and I cried out with pleasure. He began twisting his finger and plunging it in and out “Does that feel good my muse?” He asked sexily “Yes Sir, it feels unbelievably good.” His fingers returned to my clit now rubbing intensely. My labia lips were so swollen and my cunt ached for penetration. I was moaning uncontrollably he was driving me wild. Suddenly there was a greater pressure and a second finger pushed into my ass I felt the discomfort of stretching then pure pleasure as he moved these two fingers independently one stroking my internal g-spot the other providing the pleasure of friction on my sphincter in and out. He pushed harder against my clit and drove me towards orgasm, “please Sir may I cum for you?” “What feels so good my slut? What is making you cum?” “Oh Sir your fingers in my ass, your fingers rubbing my clit.” “In a moment you may cum for me then I am going to fuck your hot aching cunt and you are going to cum again are you ready to cum sweet girl?” “Yes Sir yes please Sir” I begged and he increased the pressure and rhythm and I screamed with the release crying out his name.

Just as the pleasure began to recede he had his hard cock pushing into my labia lips.  “Do you want me to penetrate you?” He asked, “Show me how much you want it little whore.” I pushed myself back at him driving his cock deep inside me he grunted and began thrusting intently his fingers still in my ass and on my clit. The length of him inside me brought on another orgasm immediately. As this subsided he pulled me with him off the bed to sit on a chair he must have placed close by for this purpose. His fingers were no longer on me but his length reached right up to my cervix his hands came to my still oiled breasts and rubbed them intently “ride me whore, fuck me until you are screaming in ecstasy.” I pushed down hard against him and finding purchase for my feet on the sides of the chair I rode him forcefully. His fingers pinched my nipples fiercely and I was cumming again and again crying out with total abandon. Then he threw me forward onto the bed and thrust hard into me working towards his own climax, he slapped my ass hard repeatedly and pulled me viciously back onto him as though he could not get deep enough inside me. I felt like a doll in his hands as he firmly directed where he wanted me and pulled me back and forward on his cock. Another orgasm started deep within my vaginal walls as I moaned at this new pleasure he fucked me relentlessly until finally he came.

He shunted us further up onto the bed remaining inside me and holding me from behind. Our breathing calmed then he softly brushed the hair from my face and asked me if I was ok, had he hurt me? I struggled to find a response to this question. Introducing me to something new so gently, giving me permission to let my inner slut out and enjoy our ravishing sexuality? Yes I was ok and no he had most definitely not hurt me. “Sir you are giving me the greatest gift, freedom to be a sexual being, to enjoy what might be seen as taboo. I love it and I want more, for as long as we are able.” He turned me slipping from inside me only to replace this loss with passionate kisses and his loving embrace.

Words by errant satiety image Louis Lagrenée (1725-1805) Venus and Mars, An Allegory of Peace.

The Artist and his Muse; Evening Meal

The lovers 'Chivalric Scene'  Jean-Marc Nattier 1744

The lovers ‘Chivalric Scene’
Jean-Marc Nattier 1744

The Artist and his Muse continued from Bedtime

The first few minutes were the worst. The sound of the key turning in the lock of the front door more menacing that the locking of the restraints that bound me to the bed. I listened, my sense of hearing heightened as his footsteps retreated and headed down the internal stairs. My breathing was erratic. Blood pounded in my veins and my sex pulsed with want. My desire drew me back into myself and I sought patience. This was no masochist this was Manet to my Victorine, Picasso to my Marie-Thérèse, Dali to my Gala, Mapplethorpe to my Patti, Clemente to my Alba, Wyeth to my Helga, Man Ray to my Kiki... I thought back to all the conversations via email then on Skype that we had. There was no reason to doubt him now. Even if he did not return until morning, I glanced at the sky to gauge the time; I would be hungry and very horny but not harmed. Sighing deeply and settling into myself I entered the quiet space I had found while posing for him. His eyes etched in my memory and I held their gaze, breathless with want and willing to wait.

Awareness of my physical surroundings came with the sound of the key turning in the lock and the door opening. My breath caught in my throat. The key turned again relocking the door and part of me relaxed, not until I heard his footsteps and knew it was truly he did I fully relax again.

“My sweet muse, have you rested?”

“Yes Sir.” I said turning within my restraints to see him. He had two brown paper bags stuffed with supplies, which he placed on the kitchen bench before approaching me. He kissed me deeply and sweetly. His eyes held a surprising cheekiness to them. He smelt of red wine and flowers. I wondered where he had been. Shopping was an obvious answer.

“Let us get you up and dressed.” He lifted a shirt of his and dropped it on the bed. He pulled the covers off my nakedness I flinched involuntarily then breathed and relaxed. “Good girl.” He said running his hand up my inner thigh and pressing ever so slightly against my moistness. I sighed and let my gaze fall on his short blonde hair, simple white shirt faded blue jeans and then back to those delightful sky blue eyes. He moved to remove my restraints and I waited for his command before I moved a muscle. He rubbed each of my ankles as he released them the blood flow had not been restricted but I enjoyed this care he took. He treated each of my wrists to the same and kissed me deeply before commanding me to stand. He took the shirt he had shown me pulling the sleeve over my left arm and reaching behind me to lift the shirt around me to pull the other sleeve up my right arm. He paused now to kiss my full lips again and then hungrily suckled each of my nipples before he buttoned me up. My deep and uncensored moans accompanied these simple gestures and a renewed ache grew within me. He pulled me to him grabbing my ass cheeks possessively and invading my mouth with his own. Then he released me and invited me to the small kitchen. “You must be hungry my lovely, I have only fed you a very few grapes today.” He unpacked his purchases handing me the wine for the table and telling me where to find fresh glasses. “You must forgive me, I need a muse to remind me of the necessity to eat.” I thought that I should be making him a meal but this was not his desire in this moment. It was clear he wished to feed me.

He gave me tasks and talked to me constantly; he suddenly paused chiding himself that he had not put on some music to inspire our appetites. Promptly he moved to amend this error and Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 filled the studio with sound. My heart in my mouth I waited for any request he made of me which when he saw the lost look on my face and desire to dance in my form he said “move as you wish without closing your eyes or interrupting my food preparation”. I found a place I could do this and limited my movement to his line of vision so he could continue working at the kitchen bench while I danced for our mutual pleasure. As I moved my arousal, my physicality, my soul, my heart erupted in joy. Every movement I made furthered my desire for him, his eyes on me, his hand to touch me, his voice to command me, his breath to take scent of me, in his pleasure his joy I found a freedom I was unfamiliar with. I felt such ecstasy within this liberty he had gifted me. My eyes and body betrayed my bliss and as the suite ended he moved toward me with a grace beyond anything I had ever seen before he replied to my raw movements in time yet in his own time and claimed my mouth in a kiss beyond heaven. When he broke away breathless himself he murmured to me “now you choose some music I have a meal to prepare.” He slapped my behind as I moved to do so lost in thought already as to what music he might have and what I could choose that would be appropriate or worthy of this sumptuous moment.

I picked up his iPod and pondered the options. I saw it immediately but dismissed it as too intense for this moment and continued to browse while he chopped and moved in the kitchen seemingly oblivious to my conundrum. I decided in the end to create a short dinner playlist with the first that struck my heart kept until last. I kept glancing up at him but this is what he commanded of me. I found something to play immediately to make light of the mood when he heard the beginning he laughed heartily awarding me with a rich smile that touched his lovely eyes. Then he was next to me handing me a glass of rich red French wine. His eyes on mine he toasted our creative engagement. I met the chink of his glass rapturously. He returned to the kitchen and I to my task quickly as I could to locate and link together a number of special songs. When the first bright blues track ended and the second more somber piano track arrived our eyes met and shared contentment. Then he concluded that had been enough time to have completed my task and luckily I had.

He sat us facing one another on our chairs, my knees pressed together and began to feed me and I to luxuriate in the sensation of being fed. There is something essentially beautiful when the man who desires you places morsels of delectable food in your mouth one bite at a time encouraging you to wash such morsels down with mouthfuls of luscious wine. My wetness had not abated nor had our appetites. Did I require another moist seed bound green olive? Yes Sir I did, as I needed the suck of his mouth to remove the olive seed from mine. Our lust filled meal had my nipples erect and my sex felt ripe. He began to undo a button of my shirt for each mouthful he gave me, a slither of rich salami and the mounds of my breasts appeared. He shuddered with the effort of containing his desire; a sip of wine and my taut nipples were on display. Now he traced an olive wet with brine around each of my nipples the cool wetness drawing a moan from me, my knees that I had been holding closely together began to soften and open he made no move to stop me expressing my desire. He placed the olive in my mouth and as I sucked at its flesh he bent his head and sucked deeply at each of my breasts. My clit throbbed and I felt on the edge of a devastating orgasm. As if sensing my closeness he released my breasts and sought to retrieve the olive seed with a deep sensuous kiss. I ached so deeply I nearly touched myself but held the urge in check that was for him to decide.

He tired of the food and he slowly opened each of the last buttons his eyes on mine each time then dropping to absorb my nakedness and the opening of my legs as each button’s release spread them wider so my glistening sex was with the last button open fully to him. He sighed “you are very beautiful my muse. Where would you like my lips on you next? Touch yourself gently where you want me to taste you.” I ran my hands over my nipples then down to my sex spreading my labia exposing my swollen nub I circled a finger around the opened hood and shuddered. He leaned in brutally sucking my breasts and tweaking the nipples with his fingers allowing me to continue my gentle friction on my clit. Then he knelt down watching my fingers for a moment before applying his tongue my labia lips tasting my salty wetness then joining my finger flicking and circling my clit. Then he took all of me in his mouth my hands dropping away as I pushed myself into him. He teased and tormented me to the brink several times before his fingers entered me and I pushed hard against them. I was frantic for release but this heavenly torment was divine. I let my voice express my mounting desire without words just the simple language of sound. Then the last song I had chosen came on and I sensed he felt the change his fingers pulled out of me my sigh letting him know my hunger for them to return a new sensation pushed into my hot wet depths. I couldn’t see what it was but it was cold and hard, unforgiving as it filled me. I cried out wanting him to fuck me hard now to let me cum. He fucked me slowly penetrating me firmly but sliding the object slowly inside then pausing and removing it just as slowly on the third round of it entering me I found words “please Sir, please?” I opened my eyes to look at him he removed his mouth from me and looked into my eyes “Please what my muse?” His eyes were laughing I glanced down to see what he was fucking me with. It was part of our meal a large cucumber that he now pulled slowly out of me. “Please Sir, please fuck me harder and let me cum.” He smiled with wicked pleasure “What shall I fuck you with?” He held the cucumber poised at my entrance and gently circled my clit with a finger. “Sir I want you to fuck me with that cucumber and I want to cum on your mouth.” He laughed gently and pushed the cucumber deeply inside me “It will be my pleasure but then you are going to fuck me and we are going to see just how many orgasms my delightfully dirty girl can have.”

I gasped with pleasure as he bent to lick and suckle me ramming the improvised dildo hard and deep into me. I pushed harder into him losing myself in the build towards orgasm. I gasped and moaned writhing against him and the penetration that was driving me wild. I came with such force juices gushed from me, which he hurriedly consumed while slowing the movements against and within me to allow the orgasm to draw out. He withdrew the cucumber gently placing it on the table then stood up “Open my jeans and remove them.” Flushed with sexual exhilaration I released his belt and slowly undid his jeans I pulled them down over his hips surprised that again he was not wearing any underwear. His swollen cock looked ready to burst, I looked up at him and he nodded I took him greedily but softly into my mouth. He moaned and undid his shirt buttons discarding it on the floor as I rode the length of him with my wet mouth. Pre-cum touched my lips and I eagerly licked them as he pulled away. He sat on his chair and beckoned for me to stand “Come and ride me sweet muse and lets see how sweetly you can cum for me. You are not to stop unless I say and I will conduct the speed and intensity. I don’t want to cum until you are completely spent.” I climbed onto his lap and paused as I found the head of his cock. I slowly impaled myself on his hot hardness crying out in pleasure as I did so. His heat and organic hardness fitted perfectly inside me I was nearly cumming already. Slowly I started to grind against him very softly and the first orgasm was immediate. He then directed a hard thrusting and tweaked my nipples with his fingers as he thrust up to meet me. Again orgasm flooded through me, so quickly and so thoroughly delicious. He growled as my cunt contracted around him and he slowed us down and lessened the pressure a slow wet climb this time rocking gently against him barely moving it felt like a pulse then his hot mouth was sucking my nipples hard and I came again. We continued like this for some time until he could take no more he stood and sat me on the edge of the table pushing aside the debris of our meal and entering me deep and hard. He held my eyes and gave me his fingers to suck as he pounded into me I helplessly came again almost screaming with the pleasure. He lifted me and carried me his cock still deep inside him to the wall pushing my back against it and continuing to ram me hard. This time our moans mingled I didn’t know where his started or mine ended with wild abandon I thrust back at him and he into me. Then suddenly he tweaked my nipples mercilessly and thrust a final time a wild sound leaving his throat as he exploded within me and I shuddered uncontrollably with my release. We both continued to ripple with aftershocks little incoherent sounds leaving my mouth and deep moans from his. He carried me now to the bed and we lay down together utterly spent. Our breathing slowing our eyes locked we drifted into slumber.

Words by errant satiety, image Jean-Marc Nattier ‘The Lovers’ 1744


Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

G Love ‘Drinkin’ Wine’

‘Dawn’ from the score of Pride & Prejudice 2005

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