My body your canvas

Living words of ecstasy

Passion between souls

words errant satiety image courtesy of TattooTemple on deviantART

Forests knowing


The lush aliveness of forest knows me 
Reminiscent of the lover I still mourn
Whispering serenity, overtly intimate
I lose myself in solitude, accompanied 
By a myriad of sensory inputs
Virtuoso nature left to its rawness
Transcribing fractals of growth within
Without, immersion in wonder, breathing
Deep of verdant life, satiated by thirst
Found panting with want as cells
Regenerate and I carry the forests 
breath into the world I know


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I dwell within a sacred temple. My body is not divine yet it houses the spark of my potential. Every act can be a moment of devotion. Attention maintained, sharp as a cut diamond. Focus is entire, neglecting no part of the self. I carry the sacred with grace and strength; it is my gift, my precious treasure to serve this world.


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Love cannot be turned off like a tap

It pours like today’s nourishing rain

Blows like wind carrying seed

Is stalwart like mountains flesh

Grows like magma pouring into ocean


Yet love can be fragile like delicate bloom

Bruised and torn by torrents of hate

Whipped by harsh winds of neglect

Ripped asunder from tension within

Decimated by eruptions of aggression


Speak often with kindness and love

Flow like rivers grace ever toward ocean

Stir with speech full of gentle caress

Stand strong, proud face to the heavens

Burn with a core of deep passion


Let love stir within for the Beloved

A wellspring nourishing from within

A wind-knot breaking drought on ocean

Express patience like the steadfast earth

Keep love warm with attentive fire


Love cannot be turned off like a tap

With vital attention it flows evermore.


words errant satiety image by Hythamkalefe on deviantART


Lost in Motion revisited

Some time ago I posted a clip of Canadian dancer Guillaume Côté dancing. The piece was a part of a series depicting the emotions performers feel when they expose their souls for all to see. This piece performed by Heather Ogden, choreographed by Guillaume Côté with a Leonard Cohen soundtrack, is the second in the series…