As I propel myself through this world of dimmed light, I find illumination.

Unravelling trauma, I discover lost memories or clarify half remembered ones, re-experiencing these memories as an adult I find holistic answers that enable me to free up an anxiety or fear based response where one is no longer required. My vision and thoughts become clearer by removing extraneous, fear-filled noise. It’s a layer cake of experience; taking care, time, patience, will and approaching things from various directions and in a variety of forms. I carry my trauma in my body and my parasympathetic system. Working with the mind is only one part of my unravelling. A gentle, kind reboot of the entire system every time a new discovery is unearthed is required. Each time, more of my authentic self emerges and she is increasingly content.


Image courtesy of drkshp

Fearless Tamer of Men

She walks this formidable earth trembling with humility of beauty. She carries herself softly across earth’s surface pouring her self into each step. Within her heart she seeks only presence of mind, empathy and compassion. Something in her gentle spirit calms the raging. She is a balm that soothes, her voice a lullaby, her touch otherworldly. Where she traverses calm follows in the hearts of men and women. Fearless she withstands the violence of words and gestures, protagonist’s fall to silence, bewildered, changed. Is it the grace of God within a frail fallen woman? One who has come to accept that people trust her, long to whisper their secrets to her eyes shining and fear let loose. Is it a trick of the Fae blood she teases runs in her veins? The how insignificant, important is the realisation she should cherish and evoke this trick of grace with care, with reverence as she tames the wildest of men.