An autumn leaf

Turns from cooling sun

Embracing essence

Hopeful of survival

Against seasonal odds

Brace against the embraceable

Contain the essence of self

Protect against harsh influence

Survive beyond thirst

Beyond potential comfort

Cling to breath

And blessing



Words errant

images stolen from the internet


Kisses in the Train – D H Lawrence

I saw the midlands
Revolve through her hair;
The fields of autumn
Stretching bare,
And sheep on the pasture
Tossed back in a scare.

And still as ever
The world went round,
My mouth on her pulsing
Neck was found,
And my breast to her beating
Breast was bound.

But my heart at the centre
Of all, in a swound
Was still as a pivot,
As all the ground
On its prowling orbit
Shifted round.

And still in my nostrils
The scent of her flesh,
And still my wet mouth
Sought her afresh;
And still one pulse
Through the world did thresh.

And the world all whirling
Around in joy
Like the dance of a dervish
Did destroy
My sense–and my reason
Spun like a toy.

But firm at the centre
My heart was found;
Her own to my perfect
Heart-beat bound,
Like a magnet’s keeper
Closing the round.

Kisses on the Train – D H Lawrence 1911



The sea it called to me today. Beneath somber sky, layers of grey, my blue eyes muted, I watched. The waves rolled in, empty horizon filled with sorrow as I gazed waiting for ship that will not come. Those days are gone, my gods replaced, this world has changed. Empirical thought separates, souls are emptied and eyes flattened, consumed by greed. Yet there is sun ever shining above darkened clouds, souls still hunger for love and knowledge of living. Fire still burns within many to seek far beyond material offerings. The sea it called to me today and sweet melancholy found my heart aching to close the gap between oceans of time, that I could be home once again. Yet home is within and contentment can be gained knowing that there is much love in this world to be given and found. I will wait for the ship that will surely come.


Words errant satiety and image courtesy of Solkku on deviantART


Embrace of a rose

I want to plunge into your strength, be wrapped in your protection and tenderness. Let me rest my head against your chest that I might feel the cadence of your heart. Oh, how that sound soothes my restless spirit. I rage against the chaos and mundane. I know that peace is within me not without but please just for now, just for this moment wrap me up in your strength that I might draw from it and stand firmer for another day meandering; breathing love into embers and teasing a smile from my disheartened soul. I found a treasure my love, but it has slipped from grasp and sight. I will find it again and polish the tarnish, return it to gleam like the stars that fell from my eyes, but for now, just for this precious moment please wrap yourself around me, a borrowed garment providing protection, so I no longer feel lost, that my heart may fortify again and find the will to bloom.

Photo credit unknown



Still your river mind of rushing noise, let it course around you as steadfast as rooted boulder settled for centuries in rapid flow. Feel the pulse of heart flooding your fleshy form with life; breath inundates your body of cells with air as the water of your blood, enlivened, beats an earthy rhythm. Listen; does the fire of your soul crackle, burn, smolder or rage? Feel these rudiments. Settle into the bones of your body, pour yourself into the elements that endlessly cycle through you. Do you feel the silence yet? Can you hear beyond the hush? Here is where you will find me whispering lullaby, lilting and consoling while the blaze of my soul eagerly hungers for you. Love will kiss your softly closed eye lids and call you home.

Words and image by errant satiety

Ancestors Song

The Tooth Marcus McAdam

Absorbed in images of my ancestral home I am drawn deeply into myself. I can smell the snow-laden earth and feel the freezing bite of the wind. Home awakens within me as I hear words in the tongue of my forefathers. I am transported, the wind shrieks as darkness falls and a lone piper plays a lament from the peak to the gathering winter storm my heart aches as I hear his tortured love cry out to the gods, regretting the past, damning the future and all that has been lost yet hope holds keenly in his notes. My tears are filled with a determination that there will be beauty in the sunrise, how can there not in this harshly beautiful existence? Where we fiercely carve out life and cleave to beauty, to love and would give our all for our family and our honour. I feel it as if it were a memory from only a year past; I know it as surely as I know my own hand. My voice opens to the wind, something deep and old wailing, tearing forth from deep within for my history, our known history, what is lost from long before and a future thrown to the winds, ancestry scattered across far distant shores yet echoes of home call, moan and drive my heart and soul wild with longing. I will return. I will walk the old roads to the mountains of my ancestors even though I know I will find yet another road, across the wild and unforgiving ocean, beyond, to the even older home. I can hear the cry of larks and eagles in reply to the piper and I, as the tide changes, I feel peace steal over me … then come the dreams …

Am Basteir Dawn Marcus McAdam

Words by errant satiety images by Marcus McAdam

Suggested song Pilililiu / Song of the Swan Bonnie Rideout & Allan MacDonald (Apologies, I cannot locate a free version of this beautiful song).

This is an oddly beautiful amateur avant garde video set to a lovely Bonnie Rideout Piece