“The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing” Blaise Pascal

What language is it that we use to interpret in-between the lines of communication. The moments of intuition that tell us something important is about to happen. What causes the hairs on our neck to stand up in forewarning; slow down there is danger ahead, or this person you are meeting is of vital importance in your life. That voice deep within the gut that clenches telling you to change direction when walking late at night. What are the markers that inform that there is more going on than is being articulated in the words spoken aloud?

The moment before a car crash when you know to apply the brake, turn the wheel and pray. That everything is not ok although the words being articulated tell you that they are ‘fine’. That the empty door frame in front of you is about to be filled with an insane and angry neighbour armed with a large kitchen knife. That you say to your friend ‘I’m going into town right now because I’m about to meet someone very special’ and they walk with you teasing you until the moment arrives and the someone you meet is obviously special. What senses are engaged in these moments? What thoughts?

What slows time down so that you can respond correctly? Or meet the moment fully.

I believe it is the shedding of information rather than the gathering of that hones our potential power of intuition. Our ability to feel and hear what is not noticed when our minds are full to brimming with information or overly aroused emotion that clouds our thinking. It is the balance within us between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual that gives us the most wondrous gift of presence.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not more so.” Albert Einstein