All the Hemispheres

Kyle Thompson

All the hemispheres


Leave the familiar for a while.


Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadow and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.
Make a new watermark on your excitement
And love.

Like a blooming night flower,
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

All the hemispheres in existence
Lie beside an equator
In your heart.

Greet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire

While stitching themselves together
Into the Great Circle inside of


Hafez (1325–1390)

Khwāja Shamsu d-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī


Image Kyle Thompson and Nicolas Scarpinato


Fleet footed dancing from bed housed outdoors, spring rain tickling skin. Naked, fae like, I pause gleaming in dawns light, face lifted to taste gods tears. Laughing I continue flight to warm waters indoors. Steamed mirror frames arctic eyes. Hello. Self-aware, seeking anchor of soul to form. Breath encased in weighty flesh, soothing but cumbersome. In my dreams movement is effortless, gravity defied, wings of angels adorn me.


Photography: the very talented Mr Kyle Thompson