Shine bright, like a diamond.

“Our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves – the way we are – and why we don’t accept others the way they are.” Don Miguel Ruiz


Attaining ‘perfection’ is a perpetual journey. Yet the word perfection is misleading and a potentially devastating trap. The quote; ‘Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without’ highlights that there is no perfection without flaw. It suggests reaching for the most magnificent version of our selves while knowing the flaws; the ‘negatives’ help to create a whole version of ourselves. The concept of perfection can be a falsehood that leads us to constantly feel lacking or not good enough. It potentially denies our core self by seeking to uphold an image of perfection. Whereas attaining holistic balance is a very real and honest process of being, or rather becoming. This describes an active process of growth and attainment where we accept ourselves as we truly are yet seek growth. Our flaws lead us to growth. I see no separation between light and dark, no duality only unity with moments of friction and dissonance providing room for change within our selves.

The first time I read the diamond with a flaw quote I was stumped by it. A humble yet perfect pebble seemed a greater achievement than something ‘grander’ but flawed. I soon found that maintaining perfection was dissatisfying and limiting, I ached for challenge and growth. I was exhausted by the constant effort to avoid my flaws in order to appear the humble perfect pebble; always happy never discontent or hurting. Yet when I embraced my flaws and moved through the discomfort of facing them I became something stronger, more durable, more beautiful and more real. Diamonds are formed through high temperature and massive pressure, this process creates the most durable and beautiful gem on the planet*. This process suggests discomfort. Humans tend to shy away from discomfort or suffer through it by rejecting ourselves because we are not perfect, but through accepting ourselves and gracefully working on our flaws we attain love for ourselves not self-inflicted suffering and rejection. Then we become open to the possibility of a greater version of ourselves that can live in the moment, without the devastating and painful voice of the inner critic shaming us, and we can shine bright like a diamond.

Words errant

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* India is the place where they were first thought to be mined perhaps 6000 years ago and they were revered as religious icons.

What is love…

This strange emotion that takes us by the throat, that we would renege our familial history, our rationality, our all to surrender to emotion so strong it empties us of all other belief, or truth and in the process potentially deliver us to an ultimate truth. I wish with my entire self that this were true but I am yet to see love provide the ‘ultimate truth’ in this. I see strong passion full of honeyed word but no solid proof. Does this kind of love exist solely in the mind of those who write of it? Including myself. I know what I long for but does it exist? That is the ‘million dollar’, for want of a better term or question. It seems redolent of illusion of need outside of the self… the ache for the the anam cara, the part of you that mirrors the soul formed of the same clay, the part of you that mirrors the soul formed of the same clay, the one that knows you and understands you; the ‘whom’ that will understand yourself, all the better to honour… that beautiful ideal that may or may not exist. Do we dishonour/honour ourselves seeking an ideal, potential, beyond grasp? It is delicious, enticing but maybe beyond who we are now… I sincerely hope not but know we all ask this question, we all carry this deep seeded ideal. Therefore, let us honour fully those with us now. Embrace them with the passion you would wish given to yourself, grant them the honesty you ache for and deliver the response you dearly hope for. Honour the one you love, now. Perhaps they fall short, but ask yourself honestly do you meet them? Let us see where the fragments of our love comets fall before we readily set them aside. Remember, you chose them and they chose you… why?

Musical offering Wardruna ‘Solringen’