Empty – love song v


And what happens
When the cup is drained?
When need is gone
and nothing remains?
Can you nurture
Just the self?
When you suffer?
When you hurt?
Love is all you have
Let it blaze
Gift it to


words errant satiety image courtesy of EmilySoto on deviantART


Reverberate – love song triptych

Tears of Sorrow JollyPen

Let the shuddering tears take you

The tremors will subside

The tide will change

Healing will fill you with calm

Embrace the painful moments

Grace, will come

You will wake and know shame

You will realise that guilt is of no use

Self-induced punishment a waste

Of your potential

Embrace the honesty of real pain

Let suffering guide you

To greater integrity

Sweetheart, let the tears come

Truth will follow


This is a little series of love songs I have started. They are written for my beloved self…


words errant satiety image courtesy of JollyPen on deviantART

musical offering Tracy Chapman ‘At This Point in my Life’



Solace in Self


I part the dawn with trembling fingers
Tentatively reaching for the pieces of my soul surrendered in fear
Atoms realign, beloveds kiss upon my damp face
Constant despite my malingering and tendency to keep falling
When I yearn for unification with the gleaming beauty of the stars
Remembering is sweet torture, rupturing dark tendrils of devolution
That threaten to drown hope in a sticky blackness of suffering
Yet this is what it means to be real among humanity
To let the diamond soul fracture in sunlight and remain
A beacon of truth unravelled as we descend and re-ascend…
Descend and re-ascend.
A smile, a supernova of bliss, as I embrace myself newly whole and utterly in love


Words errant satiety image courtesy of Smattila on deviantART

The Ultimate Indulgence Part Three: A light meal to reawaken the palate

This post contains naughty words and thoughts not safe for work. It depicts D/s and groups sex themes, contains erotic, mature and sexual language. Consider yourself informed… My erotica is the rawest of my writing, it does not contain the mystical lyricism I express elsewhere. It is pure raw sexual fantasy. A note to my many silent readers who visit my erotica stories; thank you for visiting and reading I am glad you enjoy these tastes of from my erotic mind.

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I am starting to feel the bite of the ropes in my delicate flesh, my muscles are beginning to complain wanting to stretch and move. These sensations do nothing to distract my desire, in fact, they heighten my desire. I want hard friction, on my clit, inside my exposed pussy and anus, against my lips and tongue.

Master comes to stand above me he is upside down in my view. ‘My guests, I believe it is time to begin the third course; a light meal to refresh the palate and reawaken the appetite. My good Sir’s have consented to my ideas for this course. Ms X if you would be so kind as to pick up that slender blue anal probe with your mouth and both Ms Y and Ms X get on your hands and knees to crawl into position between my dear sluts legs. Ms Y it is your job to use your tongue, lips and mouth on that juicy swollen clit to lightly stimulate, nothing firm only very gentle pressure and rhythm. Ms X you are to use that slender probe with your mouth to penetrate and gently fuck that dripping pussy again, nothing firm, fast or hard. My good Sir’s are going to take the pleasure of you each from behind, you will obey my rules and instructions but your Sir’s have further instructions for you. You are both to be extremely vocal we want to hear everything you are feeling expressed through sounds but not words. I am the voyeur but I will make use of my slut’s mouth and breasts. You my sweet slut are not to cum. Not until dessert but you are going to hear Ms X and Ms Y be given multiple orgasms while their Sir’s ride them hard. Well my Sir’s our girls are informed and ready, let us begin.’

I desperately want to be fucked hard. I am so intensely aroused and what my Master has described is going to be torturous. Ms X is already pushing the probe into me, my slickness allowing it to slip right on in. It is so small but feels divine. I know her mouth is driving it into me and I can already feel her moans as she begins to find a slow gentle rhythm sliding the probe in and out of my aching pussy. Ms Y’s warm wet tongue starts to circle my clit ever so slowly I moan but want to beg ‘harder Ms Y, please lick me harder, Ms X ram me hard’ but I bite my lip. I cannot see what any of them are doing but I can see my Master, his eyes absorbing every movement his hand slowly stroking his hard cock. I lick my lips perhaps he will let me taste him. The women keep to the rules never pressing hard nothing other the infuriatingly gentle stimulation. My juices keep flowing I want to push into them and I struggle against my restraints. Master laughs but does not look at me.

I hear a loud slapping sound followed by the vibration of pleasure moans against my clit. Mr Y is spanking his submissive, he speaks to her: ‘Now Ms Y, my dirty whore I am going to spank you hard, I know it makes you cum. You are going to cum on command and I want to hear how good it is. Keep licking that clit do not change speed or pressure even when you are cumming for me.’ Ms Y replies yes to her Sir the breath of her words hot on my pulsing clit. He spanks her again and she cries out her pleasure, again and again he spanks her, I am gritting my teeth each time her moans heighten. He informs her that on strike 15 she will cum. I am counting the spanks and at 15 Ms Y obediently cums moaning loudly on my clit crying out and as her moans continue to intensify I imagine he has mounted her and is driving her to cum again without letting the first orgasm wane.

Master starts to tell me what he is seeing. Mr X has been riding Ms X slowly and gently but now he is slamming into her reaching beneath her and pulling her nipples hard. Ms X likes this, I can feel the vibrations of her wordless pleasure. Ms Y is commanded to cum again and she obeys but without applying any change in pressure or speed against my clit. Then Ms X is told to cum, their two ecstatic voices combined drives me wild. Suddenly my Master is slapping my breasts with one hand and firmly stroking his cock with the other. I feel that I am going to gush he must have seen something that warned him because he pinched my nipple hard and said ‘hold’.

I am trying to both escape and intensify the administrations the two women are giving me. I also know I need to surrender to Master’s will and I begin to solely focus in his pleasure. Allowing myself to moan with the rhythm that is being set for me I fix my eyes on Master’s face and cock watching the pleasure he is gaining from the display before him. I remind myself that it is my service to him to obey. He controls my body I gave him that gift. Feeling more centered I give myself to the scene I writhe against my restraints showing my Master that I want more but do not lose control.

Ms X cries out in a begging tone of ecstasy, my Master looks me right in the eyes as he uses his thumb to rub his head firmly, ‘Mr X has just penetrated Ms X’s tight little ass. Sounds like she likes that. Mr X is ramming her ass so hard, careful Ms X, don’t let that ramming pass into that probe.’ Ms X is orgasming again intensely, a long moan vibrates down the shaft of the probe. I can hear more slapping and Ms X momentarily let’s go of the probe crying out to her Sir, ‘Yes Sir please Sir slap my clit hard!’ Her scream of pleasure becomes muffled as she takes the probe into her mouth again. I am treated to one slightly harder thrust as she begins her rhythm again.

I focus on my Master his face is full of pleasure he rubs his head over my lips and spanks them with it. I whimper with pleasure the sound almost drowned out by the orgasmic siren song of the two submissive’s being thoroughly fucked while keeping at their torturous task. After what seems an age the men all seem to agree it’s time for them to cum. My Master watches his cum as it fills my open mouth and coats my lips. I can hear the groans of the other Sir’s and muffled whimpers of the women, there is a pause in the constant movement at my clit and pussy and I am highly aware of the shared moment of ecstasy.

Slowly the scene is unravelled with Mr X and Mr Y tending to their submissive’s and my Master is stroking my face telling me how well I did and what a good girl I was. I am practically purring at his praise but he knows it is time to release my bonds and give me some muscular relief before I get my dessert. He gently removes my bonds, slowly stretching each of my limbs out, applying oil and massaging the aches out. When he is satisfied I am ordered to rise and stretch myself as required while the others, still in the contented haze of post orgasm, seat themselves ready for my dessert to be served.


The final course is coming soon…


Words by errant satiety




An autumn leaf

Turns from cooling sun

Embracing essence

Hopeful of survival

Against seasonal odds

Brace against the embraceable

Contain the essence of self

Protect against harsh influence

Survive beyond thirst

Beyond potential comfort

Cling to breath

And blessing




Words errant satiety, image courtesy of schnitzelyne on deviant ART, music by Keaton Henderson ‘You’.