I want to be your dirty secret
Your private source of joy
Your field of experimentation
Pandora’s box seeking key

I want to be your mystic oracle
Sensory journey of the divine
Your surrendered being
Your enraptured goddess

I can feel your possession
Your knowledge of my need
Claim me lover, anoint me with your mark
Known only by the conclave
The acolytes and Masters of bliss


Words by errant satiety image courtesy of AniaMitura on deviantART




Words reach inside me, curiosity arouses my thoughts as I wander to distant shores and view them through another’s eyes. The resounding incidental interaction or collision with another’s soul changes me, deepens me, and infuses me with newness and possibilities beyond the reach of my own mind without the gentle touch or astounding rupture of creative joy from another. Right at this moment I stand in wonder at this vastly creative earth, I give homage and grateful thanks to all those who inspire me… here in this realm of blogs, daily I taste beauty, honesty and the whole gamut of human emotion and I relish every moment my friends….

Words by errant satiety image from deviantart