My body your canvas

Living words of ecstasy

Passion between souls

words errant satiety image courtesy of TattooTemple on deviantART

Silken Embrace


You know my song, as you know your own hearts tattoo. Rhythm’s aligned, unseen clockwork, drives radiance of merging. Silken embrace, wind swept soul, breathless from beauty, flushed with life. We dance within currents unveiled.


Words errant satiety image by Maurizio Fantini on deviantART

Sweet fruit

Take your false listener with her sharp poisoned tongue far from here, here where the dust of eons past falls, fruit blossoms passing from trees on sweet winter breeze. Here, where the real not false is celebrated. Quiet your errant speech, hush your lies and half-truths, speak true or be exiled. Embrace the honesty of love. What is given to another is rightly due the self. Do you not see and seek beauty?  Speak softly to the tender self, whisper encouragement; do not defile the sweetness of spirit with harsh fictitious words. What truth can be found within this dishonesty? Look deeply into the self and seek a taste of eons past to propel future forward, not muddy interpretation that sinks self in wet quicksand, but winter blossoms fleeting moments past flush with promise of ripe sweet fruit.

Awakening - Cherry Blossom Sunrise

Musical offering: ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’ Eels

Words by errant satiety and image borrowed from here


A long weekend away. Immersion in tango workshops. Evenings of live tango music, dim and romantic lighting, a floor full of gorgeous women and men dressed in their favourite evening clothes, tango shoes and accessories. The flavour of an era forever lost to us yet that can be reborn for a night. Everyone is smiling, there are horrifying dances and sublime ones. Whether you are drinking wine or water everyone is drunk on the specialness of the evening. Every dance unique, every large gathering like this a distinctive combination of people and music. Falling into slumber with aching feet and a glad heart. Waking in his embrace still high from the lush evening before. Sleepy but aware that no more sleep can be had. Awakening to the sight and sound of a thunderstorm approaching. Hearing his command and beginning our play as the rain begins to pour. Knowing we could be seen through the curtain-less windows. His fingers painfully pulling my hair as he commands me to make myself cum while I have him deep in my mouth. The moan that erupts at this command, lightening strikes illuminating the dimness and then thunder rumbles deeply as I cum. His fingers painfully, sexily pinching my nipples as he commands me to ride him slow and deep drawing another intense orgasm from me as I growl with the pleasure more thunder crashes around us. His tongue torturing me while on my knees face to the bed to cum mercilessly again and again and again as I helplessly cry out the howling wind drowning out my ecstatic and desperate primal sounds. The lightening striking so close the thunder is virtually simultaneous yet his command is clear over the intense sound ‘release’, our word for me to gush. I do so, he is drinking from me then has flipped me over to fuck me hard his growls now merging with the lashing rain. On and on harder and deeper I am so spent I can’t believe that he brings me again and again to orgasm lightening flashing as we finally climax together and continue to rock and pulse in ecstasy as the wind abates, the lightening recedes, the rain becomes a whisper. We stay entwined for sometime calming our breathing listening to each other’s hearts. Then suddenly the storm has passed and the bright spring sunshine breaks through.