Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Today is one of my bad days. My blood sugar is wrong. I needed food but could not get up to eat. I force myself to try, end up on the bathroom floor sick and shaking. You pick me up and feed me. You remind me that I know the rules, I didn’t get my eating right yesterday too much energy output not enough food. You remind me that I still need to put on a little more weight and that I have not achieved that goal well enough lately. In fact I have lost weight again. Damn diabetes is frustrating. Combined with a fast metabolism, coeliac disease and lactose intolerance, well food is a constant nightmare. I am feeling terrible and thinking as you put me to bed and call my work to say I won’t be in, that I deserve punishment. I sleep for a while and when I wake your head is buried between my thighs. You are feasting on my clitoris. I try to move but you pin me down and continue your exploration adding firm invading fingers. You are determined in your task and very quickly you have me cumming and begging for your cock. You tease me pushing your cock against my hot hungry cunt but not entering. You are smiling down at my pleading face then your fingers are on my nipples pulling and rubbing them between finger and thumb. I am pushing against your cock ‘please Sir’ I plead again ‘not until you make yourself cum by rubbing against my head’. Mmm a delicious task. I set to it all the while you continue to assault my breasts and watch me writhing against your head driving myself towards orgasm. ‘What a gorgeous dirty slut you are so hungry for my cock’ I cry out, your words pushing me closer to orgasm. ‘I want to feel you gushing hot juices all over me’ oh god ‘that’s it my dirty girl cum all over my cock. When you are wet enough I am going to fuck you so hard you will beg me to stop.’ Please Sir, please fuck me, fuck me so hard that I scream. But you are not done teasing me. A single finger viciously circling my clit with your cock still paused for entry. I start to cum again and you finally enter me but only just teasing me A little longer with short thrusts. then you pin my body so you can ram me much deeper and harder. I am lost to orgasms that just keep rolling one after another. I am helpless to the power you have over my body. When you are spent you tell me to sleep some more. You know that sex, that orgasm is like magic to my blood sugar and that I am going to be just fine.


This morning you placed a gold chain around my waist. You secured it with a tiny padlock. You placed the key in your pocket and advised me that I was not permitted to wear panties today. All day I would wear this symbol of our promise to each other. All day the loose length of the chain rubbed against my warm moist sex reminding me that I am yours and held the promise of relief from the constant arousal it was bringing me. When I arrived home from work and began making our meal you tease me pulling the loose length between my legs and rubbing it against my hot swollen clit and labia. I try to continue focussing on my task while you mercilessly bring me to the edge of heaven. We eat, the whole time you know I am desperate for relief, suspended in that exquisite place of aching to cum but loving the sensation of withholding the pleasure.

After the meal. I clean up then you tell me to go to our room and strip naked so I am left wearing only your chain. Then I am to bend over the end of the bed, legs spread wide and await your pleasure. I can hear you moving around the house and working on the computer before finally coming down the hallway to our room. A single finger slides slowly inside me gauging my wetness and hot swollen arousal. I moan with desire and the finger is removed. I can hear you lick my juices from your finger. “You have been a horny little slut all day haven’t you?” Yes Sir. “Thinking about cumming all day long?” Yes Sir. “My dirty girl needs a spanking.” Yes please Sir. Then you are rubbing oil into my skin, over my pale cheeks, allowing the cool oil to drizzle down between them then oiling my labia lips and clit, circling my tight sphincter and oiling just inside me gently but firmly pushing into me with your strong rough finger. Then the sting of your palm on my left cheek then the right, again and again followed by more oil and your massaging fingers probing my open wetness. Now a different sensation as you thwack the leather crop on my cheeks the pain a stunning contrast to my aching desire. You have finished spanking my ass cheeks and now gently apply the crop to my clit. The first strike sets me afire the following harder ones have me desperate for your cock. Then your lips are on me your tongue probing inside me tasting all of my offering. Now your fingers roughly inside me and tongue pushing against my anus. God I want your cock in me. Then you oblige pushing your silky hardness deep into me as deep as you can go. Your hands grip my hips as you slide deep and hard in and out in a slow intense rhythm. Then deep short hard thrusts your head finding the sweet spot that makes me weak at the knees. I am on the verge of cumming when you pull out and mercilessly suckle my clit causing me to gush. God it feels incredible but I am ashamed you didn’t tell me to let go, to release. You turn me over now pushing me to orgasm, demanding my orgasm, with your dexterous fingers rubbing and slapping my clit you mouth and tongue attacking my depths. Then your mouth is on my nipple sucking hard your hand pulling roughly on the other. I am lost in ecstasy as again you slide your cock in me riding me while sucking and pinching my breasts. You have to release your mouth in order to enter me more deeply you push my legs wide apart knees up to find the angle you want. Then you are slowly fucking me teasingly drawing out the pleasure for both of us. The chain is still rubbing against me adding to the multiple sensations you are inflicting all pushing towards blissful pleasure and mind altering orgasms. They crash around me and I am helpless within the tide of release surging through me. I can feel the tension growing in your cock as my orgasms strengthen you become harder and harder then you tell me you are going to cum inside me, the hot rush of it, the moment of stillness as your cum enters me filling me with more heat. The waves continue, surging, then slowing as our heart rates calm and we return to ourselves from the merging of our bodies.